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February 28, 2012


NOTE: Final Edit: March 4, 9AM:
This topic is perhaps, the topic I was most meant to write. It's very hard to do, or prove, as it seems the definition of say a journalist, a reporter, a "special report", has all but exploded and created a false sense of what is truth, vital news, objective analysis. In other words, we're inundated with truth these days, so to make my case is a phenomenal undertaking.
I'm fortunate I have a younger brother who was a newspaper reporter for almost 20 years. He knows the rules of proper journalism, helped me write/edit an important contribution to a missing person's case I got involved in, the Brianna Maitland, missing person's case in Vermont, Mar. 19, 2004. I wrote, with my brother's assistance, a "Profile of Brianna prior to her disappearance", that was "pinned" to the Maitland family /Brianna website until the site was taken down around 2008. (Profile available per Request).
One needs to keep in mind that her disappearance was initially categorized as a "Low-Priority Event"; that she was simply considered a "Person of Questionable Character" and in all likelihood a victim of her own bad habits or a runaway. Initially that's essentially where law enforcement placed Brianna's disappearance... she was a known marijuana user, as were the people she associated with, namely most of her peers, most of the people she grew up with. What we don't accept is that Brianna was doing nothing wrong, nothing different than her peers, or the families of her peers.
We're taught to believe "drug use" is so rare it's a scandal when it's discovered; yet we're told/convinced it's so common that it's an epidemic. The tragedy is, we don't know the truth anymore... we don't know what the difference is between personal use, drug use, drug abuse, addiction, and acceptable use. We don't know the truth and have been doped for too many years by untruths, lies and propaganda.
The fact is, there is a "drug problem" in this country; yeah there is. But the truth is, as several recent celebrity deaths have proven; it's more complicated than simply demonizing a plant or a substance or a "drug"... in many cases death is the result of prescription drugs and alcohol, not cannabis. Yet, substance use in this countryis being addressed by our government as a crime! Has been a crime for 100 years... and the cost in human rights, freedom and those harmed is enormous.
So the fact that Brianna Maitland was known to be a marijuana user, and may have used other substances occurred in tandem with the reality that we - our elected law-makers have made, putting Brianna, and other persons in jeopardy; based on flawed logic, narrow-minded attitudes, capitalism and it's price. Anyone wonder how the tobacco industry has survived so long, given the proof that tobacco use causes harm and slow death? Yet cannabis use shows nothing even remotely as damaging as tobacco use?
Her story, with additional guest posts by myself, are here:
Slam Dunk - Brianna Maitland. And the most recent Post here:
That it was initially believed that Brianna "deserved what happened to her" - that she was responsible for the criminal actions of others, because she used marijuana, this is the sort of assumption a doped society makes, believing without question that "her dress incited the crime". Fortunately, many are not duped, and know the truth, and it didn't take long before Brianna's case was given the proper attention and recognition, albeit, too late to help her.
I truly believe as a society we've been duped, and lied to. It should come as no surprise to us boomers that the "conspiracy theories" of the 1970's bore actual fruit, but what surprizes me is how many boomers in Congress are so doped up on something, that they've forgotten their roots.
The tragedy is that people are hurt hundreds of times if not thousands of times daily by these untruths. People are HURT!!!
Being in a state of "doped" means being incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality, something our current Congress, especially, has made abundantly clear and obvious, over the past several years, with a (very) few exceptions.
I think maybe, we can all agree, simply using marijuana does not make a citizen a criminal, nor doped. The meaning of doped far exceeds simply the use of a plant...
Your first assignment, should you chose to accept it is, to peruse the following link:
My goal? Provide proof to all of you that Things are Not Always as they seem, and one cannot simply accept truth at face-value, or what we're told is the "truth". It's unfortunate, but that's where we're at as a society. It's easy to twist the truth, create lies that sound truthful. The question is, does a government approved education provide the means to distinguish truth and lies? If not, what good is an education?
The recent events with the "Arab Spring" provide poignant examples of how the truth has been altered, only to be called out and challenged. Much the same is happening right now in the United States. Actually, has been for many generations... the real question is, are Americans able to recognize "truth" for what it is still today, or have we been duped for so long, we are helpless to see the forest through the trees anymore?
NEXT: "Part One: The Doping of America..." continues...

February 17, 2012


*** Update regarding the imprisonment of "drug-Dealer" Patricia Spottedcrow of Oklahoma. I have previous posts HERE... May, 2011 - "TAKEDOWN OF PATRICIA SPOTTEDCROW".
Ms. Spottedcrow - a mother of two living with her own mother, was arrested for selling $31 of marijuana to a (police informant) narc. She lives in Oklahoma and "drug laws" are pretty severe in that state.
She was found guilty of selling a "dangerous drug", with her mother as an accomplice. $31 worth!
Would have to be a seriously "dangerous drug" to get Ms. Spottedcrow 14 years in prison, and her mother 30 years, suspended (to care for the two children).
The "dangerous drug" was, (marijuana) a joint one day, and another joint several months later. [a "joint" is when cannabis herb is ground up, similar to tobacco, then rolled up into a "cigarette shape" which is usually twisted at each end.] A joint generally is half the size or smaller than that of a commercial cigarette. The size of a joint has grown smaller since the 1960's - 70's.
The court was lenient at the time of sentencing, to suspend Ms. Spottedcrow's mother from prison too. Prosecutors argued that there was a "major drug sale operation" - their evidence, two "marijuana cigarettes".
So many more serious crimes occur that I'm hesitant to even speak it: manslaughter, deaths from DUI, assault, domestic abuse (often triggered by alcohol abuse), sexual assault, rape, theft, child abuse... the list goes on. The penalties for these crimes often far less than the crime of selling two joints.
Constitutional Violation? Yeah... Big-Time!!!
Recently a judge granted her a 4 year reduction in her sentence, bringing it down to 8 years. And more recently, according to an update courtesy of Jack, a parole board has agreed to hear her case early, and decide whether she is worthy of , well, parole.
There's much in the way of epidemics and deaths due to particular dangers... never have I read cannabis is the cause. How many celebrities of late for example have died as a result of cannabis?
None... Nada.
Best wishes to Ms. Spottedcrow during her upcoming hearing.
Nowhere has it been more obvious that a punishment doesn't fit the crime as in her case.

February 11, 2012


Concluding the previous three posts titled "Life Sucks, Then You Die..."
I will not even begin to try to understand people who commit suicide and take down others in the act. It makes no sense to me. The act of a suicide is tragedy enough.
There is an element to life that does appear to cry out, that "life sucks, then you die...", but it is but one of an infinite number of variables when it comes to our choices in life.
Life is like a dream within a dream. Some dreams are lucid and quite clear... memorable, other dreams are nightmares, impossible to detach from, or vague, maybe not even remembered.
Who hasn't looked back 5 years and realized nothing had changed...? Or that everything had changed?
Such is life.
Edgar Allen Poe had it correct when he wrote "A Dream Within A Dream...":
We are the dream, living in a dream. That is a fact. It is also a fact that our actions affect the dream, and those in it, just as those in our dreams affects us.
The irony is, with dreams, it's so personal. We cherish our dream(s). We cherish who we are, who we are, within the dream. I call this our dream atmosphere; the dream we live in, the society and politics of the external dream; our heritage, family traditions, the morals and mores we learn and accept, all become part of the dream atmosphere.
Whether your dreams are nightmares or a form of heaven, mundane or confused, however you perceive them, we are all one, we all live them, and no one is a rock, unchanged over time.
Living your dream...and the only question I have is, are you hurting others or yourself? I would hope not. But the answer is what makes or breaks a crime. How obsessed we are with crimes, and how numerous those crimes. One would think being human is a matter of commonsense... the acts of being kind and respectful of life and others. It's no wonder so many of us shake our heads daily with the latest news of hurt.
There is no need for governments, for example, to enact a nightmare on the public. Such actions would only backfire... but it happens all the time. To the extent that we ask ourselves exactly who does government serve?
"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living." Anais Nin
To whomever is living a nightmare... there is no need. Reality is subjective; and provides for choices in any dream.
It's something of an irony that around age 6, I remember being with my sister and her friend singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat..." an irony in, here I am at 57 singing the same old song...
Life is..."But A Dream."
Live long, be kind, and prosper...