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September 26, 2012


Fiona Apple, the singer/songwriter; musician was busted on her tour bus in Hudspeth County, TX, for possession of  3 to 4 grams of hashish - the natural resin the cannabis plant exudes when flowering. It's not manufactured in a lab, but rather, it is a natural substance.

Source: ENTERTAINMENT TODAY/Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office

The checkpoint she was stopped at is well known for getting celebrities arrested; Willie Nelson being an example at the same border patrol check-point. You'd thing the celebrity; agents would know not to let their client go through there... if they had a lick of sense and awareness.

The law is the law... here being possession of any amount of hashish beings a 3RD degree felony. $10,00 fine, 2 - 10 years in prison.

The problem with that, namely is, does the; punishment fit the crime?

The crime: "Possession of Hashish", a resinous constituent of the cannabis plant.

Justification for the crime? None scientifically established. Many drug laws are based on principal, historical obsolescence and/or plain misunderstanding.

Courtesy of the following source (highlighted), here is the break-down of arrests in Texas for 3rd Degree Felonies:

(1) Drug abuse violations 1,841,182 (2) Driving while Intoxicated 1,427,494 (aka; Felony DUI);(3) Property crime 1,610,088 (includes burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.)(4) Larceny-theft 1,172,762;(5) Assault 1,305,693;(6) Disorderly conduct 709,105;(7) Liquor laws 633,654;(8) Violent crime 597,447 (including murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault. (9) Drunkenness 589,402;(10) Aggravated assault 433,945 (11) Burglary 303,853;(12) Vandalism 291,575 (13) Fraud 252,873 (14) Weapons violations (carrying or possession) 188,891 (15) Curfew and loitering 143,002 (16) Robbery 126,715;(17) Offenses against family and children 122,812;(18) Stolen property (buying, receiving, possession) 122,061;(19) Motor vehicle theft 118,231;(20) Forgery and counterfeiting 103,448;

NOTE: There is zero discussion of drug violations, yet they make up the majority of felony arrests. Why is that?

Possession of marijuana, cannabis or hashish as a violation of human law is not a legitimate crime. It is clear in the Holy Bible that use of plants provided by God is legitimate. This is laid out in Genesis.

There is enough scientific fact to rescind all drug laws, as out-dated and ineffective at providing for public safety, as the laws themselves promote more harm than the plant being prohibited.

A pipe-dream perhaps...

The good news, I can hope for is Fiona Apple has the money for a very good defense team... and will fight this to the end... she broke the law, granted, but what good is a law that is not based on science? That is based on fantasy and principal. No justification has ever been provided as proof for cannabis prohibition  in fact, the opposite occurs. Beginning with: On March 22, 1972, the Commission's chairman, Raymond P. Shafer, presented a report to Congress and the public entitled "Marijuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding," which favored ending marijuana prohibition...

Yet here we are 40 years later still putting people in prison and harassing them for use of a plant ... for shame.

Prisons are for criminals who hurt people, not people who possess a plant. 

This country prints "In God We Trust" on the back of all our money. It has been so since the late 1950's. A genius President decided "We The People" trusted in God... yet years on, it's not the atheists causing the problems, it's the evangelicals themselves, tripping over their own convictions.

God gave humans the plants of the earth in Genesis. Cannabis included. No man-made law cannot trump that. Fiona Apple is innocent under God's law, and we live in a country that abides by "In God We Trust". If that's not true, perhaps it's time to admit it, and remove it, the motto, from our money.

In support of Fiona, I am going to buy some apples and send them to my favorite politician. Obama might be one of them. My note will say something like, "Hello from Fiona - Wake up". I don't know yet - playing with lots of ideas.. 

Fiona Apple:

Stop the Hurt!!! Stop the ignorance!!!

September 23, 2012


I had what some, especially those older than 70, would consider to be a perverse childhood, in that, as a young boy, 5 - 7 my friends were my sister and her two friends, all younger than me. I have fond memories of playing hopscotch, Simon says, and singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat..." with them, and hunting for grasshoppers in a field.

My mother wasn't to keen on it, and had grievous concerns that if it continued, I'd become gay. She arranged a situation essentially ordering me to hang out with this new neighborhood boy instead of my sister and friends. That didn't last long, but by the time I was 8 I had met other people in the area and had boys to hang out with and lead what could be construed as a normal boyhood.

But the fact is... those early memories stuck to me, and by the time I'd turned 20, I knew I really liked women, and it wasn't just a marriage thing, or a wham, bam, thank-you ma'am sort of thing - about getting laid, that is.

Some hard things to discuss, but someone's got to do it.

Oh I was horny all right at that age. And a late bloomer. I had a girlfriend for a week in the 8th grade, a very long week that we went steady, kissed one day, talked on the phone for hours and flirted in school. One week, then we broke up.

Around age 18 I went with friends to camp at a state park... others camped in the park, and others included women, and women we found and that's when I lost my virginity. I had a girlfriend at the time too... someone I'd been with for over two years... She had french-kissed with her first boyfriend, who'd broken up with her, so she refused to french-kiss with me because of that. I remember laying on her couch kissing closed mouth, feeling her breasts through her sweater, and that was our relationship for over two years.

Something had to give, or change.My parents of course were waiting for the big marriage announcement. I am the oldest of 4, so of course, after I turned 18, that was the next step in life.

Sorry to disappoint...

My first real girlfriend, was looking back a friend. A very close friend. Not knowing any different, we did "date", so to speak... I had met her at a wild party, gave her a ride home, didn't get her phone #, so had to call around for it, remember a night walking 30 miles in the rain to see her at her home, and getting a ride back later from a friend. I remember we went camping once, and I remember we moved in together and we had a life. We had sex often. And ultimately nothing about our relationship was permanent or to be construed as courtship. We were friends, exchanging benefits.

As the years transpired for me, I had other relationships, and now looking back, in each and every relationship I treated her as a friend, and seemed to get the same in return. None of the relationships lasted, for over 3 years, as many went on to become married and have children, which in my case, the very idea of getting married or having children was something that on a tri-weekly basis I was pestered about from my dear old mother.

Most of my girlfriends would say that things between us seemed so comfortable and intimate. That sex was more sensual and warm. All platitudes, as none of them lasted, long enough to propose. Which I really would have wanted to do, but the women were everywhere, and working at a college at the time, I had plenty of friends... and plenty of criticism to keep me running, dodging, ducking...  oh, yes... the tri-weekly phone calls were quite abrasive... with questions like: "When are you going to grow up?"; "When are you going to get married?"; "When are you going to get serious about life - you'll be in your 50's before you know it!?"; When are you going to stop kidding yourself about the whores you hang out with?".

By age 30 I'd had sex with around 30 women, with another 30 I'd been naked with and kissing... and every single one was a friend. Things rather slowed up after that... my point is I may be guilty of seduction, in many of these liaisons, but every single engagement was through communication. Talk. Honest, "...would you like to have sex?" I never did learn the art of deceitful seduction... for me it was always straightforwards.

So, I've been called out, so to speak, to enlighten us on the concept of Friends with Benefits. As apparently, good, old-fashioned courtship and intimacy without emotion or attachment, is being questioned, and many want to know what else there is? Attachment doesn't happen simply because you become married, which is a joke, really, as many marriages are simply a facade for the act of matrimony, and not real attachment. The marriages that work, I guarantee they are friends. Or have a rigid game-plan they go by.

Men and women can be friends. I know among some of you this is impossible, especially adding sex into the mix. But it's not really.

There's the recent movie, "Friends with Benefits", starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.  It's helped bring the reality that there is such a thing into the public arena.

Within friendship there can be extraordinary trust and openness. And this can logically morph into a sexual relationship. And why not? Sex is physical and it feels good, does the body good. It doesn't have to be about social mores, or involve thoughts of marriage. Friendship involves trust, caring and sharing. 

In the old days... 1700's for example, it wasn't uncommon for a man of status to have a wife and a concubine. Historically, the relationship involved a man in a higher status position, usually with a legally sanctioned wife, who maintains a second household with the lesser "wife". The woman in such as a relationship is referred to as a concubine. In essence, marriage was the status quo, but men had friends, and those friends had a friend. It's not uncommon in the old cemeteries to find a man, usually a governor, a sea-captain, or a preacher, buried with his wife and concubine.

I have a lot of regrets in life... how I didn't know who my friends were, and was so slaughtered by what mores society expected me to abide by, which I didn't, and so was always on the run.

It makes me think, and this is fodder for politicians who are not only our law-makers, but the epitome of what just and moral... I suggest a new law making sex without a license illegal. It makes perfect sense. It is pretty much understood, and taught in our schools that sexual abstinence is good. That sex is like a drug, which makes it bad. That sex should be between husband and wife. That to have sex outside of marriage is bad, and often leads to a crisis, a public health issue, and therefore, should be illegal.

This would effectively block the whole Friends With Benefits idea... and put much more control of peoples rights and sex-lives into the hands of law-makers. We can't smoke marijuana, so why let us have sex outside of marriage. Makes no sense... with all the diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and rapes occurring, make sex illegal without a license.

Seriously, it's said that FWB is cheap, meaningless and men benefit the most. I disagree. First, men generally don't know the first thing about how to be friends with women. Second, a "one-night-stand" is not a friendship that lasted one night. We're talking friendship, not pure lust. Pure friendship I would say, where the two people have a caring connection with each other. There isn't a girlfriend/boyfriend commitment per se, as it's the friendship that keeps the two together. It's hardly cheap, and it's not possessive. It's an arrangement. A mutual understanding.

Which doesn't mean it should be legal... in our national bid to make personal freedom illegal, it's one of those human behaviors politicians should take a serious look at. It's not unlike prostitution, in that, although it be barter, an exchange is made often between the two parties. Persons in FWB relationships often benefit a lot from the arrangement. That goes against the very nature of our society in which puritanical regiments dictate our choices.

I never got married... though I wanted to. I'm sure I would have made a good husband to a woman. A good father. But it didn't happen. Today, at 58 I have to ask myself if that is such a bad thing anymore. Is it not worse that I didn't appreciate what I had when I had it? Isn't it worse that kicking myself into believing I was doing something wrong over the years only made me bitter and depressed in later life? 

I believe strongly that friends between male and female with benefits is a viable life alternative. I believe what I experienced was wholesome and good. I believe we have a flawed system of dating between the sexes. I believe men and women can be friends and can experience profound intimacy if they can just let go and enjoy. 

The best relationships begin as friendships... 

September 16, 2012


Top of the Vine:

So, Pink Play-Houses:

What little girl wouldn't want a pink playhouse?

4-year old Aubrey Rogers-Peck may lose hers... her mother is being sued by the Home Owner's Association over the color of the approved playhouse - PINK. I wonder if Baby-Blue is forbotten? Regardless, the lawsuit is serious business, and Aubrey's mom can't afford the legal fees to fight the suit brought by the HOA. The story is here:

Other Links to Pink Playhouses...

I simply can't imagine a law-suit over a pink playhouse!


KATYN MASSACRE, 1940. in the news today. I'm not sure what prompted the sudden news of the Katyn massacre, I did read about a recent plane crash, in which up to hundred Polish Govt Elite, including the President of Poland, died. Fingers are pointing toward the Russians, just as they did in 1940, 1950-51, 1990, and again now.

Yeah, so our government claims to be above board, they don't cover things up in secrecy or jeopardize public safety by methods of divination - Science rules Washington, for now anyways. So maybe we as America simply made a haphazard mistake? Or should I say the government we elected.

In 1939 - 1940 in the early stages of WWII, I believe it goes, Germany invaded Poland but didn't have much success,  and in a diplomatic move Russia acquired Poland and the Nazi's withdrew... the Russians moved in. A vast majotiy of Poles were placed in detention/concentration camps for the remainder of the war (then after behind the Iron Curtain), under the auspices of the Russian NKVD (whatever it stands for, I don't know), and in 1940, after extensive interrogations/interviews with Polish persons, a mass execution of 22,000 of Poland's elite and educated ensued.

All of these people rounded up and shot. Murdered. Executed in the Katyn Forest of Russia, and blamed on the Germans. American POW's at the same camps relayed information regarding the massacre's to Washington, and landed on the desk of the President, FDR. It became a Senate hearing event, which was heated yet swept under the rug. It wasn't until 1990 that Russia admitted to the killing of around 1,800 Poles, that word about the atrocity became public. Far fewer person's than were actually executed. The kicker is, that due to Washington's refusal to acknowledge the Katyn Massacre, Poland went behind the Iron Curtain in the late 1940's, under the control of the Soviet Union. Under the control of the very country that massacred the best of the best Poles. 

Just imagine, being arrested like that in the early stages of a world war, you and most of your friends and neighbors. You're interrogated. Your record of educational success is public knowledge. The Polish government had kept impeccable records... as does our own government, so you're bright, creative, knowledgeable, and a productive member of Polish society - bam, bam... two shots to the head. Dead.

That's what happened to 22,000 people.

And the United States of America simply ignored it. They didn't want to mess with the Soviet Union, with Stalin ...


Just like they don't want to mess with cannabis prohibition... a ludicrous crime all based on myth and fabrications... yellow journalism... in the face of the reality, about cannabis the federal government simply ignores the harm the laws are doing. 


While on the subject, so the question is raised, why don't something like 28 million regular cannabis users in America per year, not get busted and arrested? What a loss to our penal system! It's like having 28 million zombies or vampires out there, behaving themselves, but breaking the law of the land.

The following website came by me and explains precisely why:

And finally, what's it like to do various drugs? I mean if you were an artist and was curious and wanted to paint self-portraits... well, this fellow artist did just that...

Have a good week...