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April 23, 2016


Mysteries are intriguing, aren't they? Until you get too close.

Raised on books about mysteries it's no wonder I developed an interest in true crime genre. Being a sensitive, emphatic person it's no wonder I would want to help, in any way I could. Leave it to me to be the kind of person who can talk to most anyone and have a broad experience with many different people.

I have a BA in English and consider myself a journalist. I invoke my 1st Amendment rights. A technicality :)

After an interest in several murder cases, via books, going online, I ended up reading one day where a woman had disappeared in Haverhill. Initially I was thinking Haverhill MA, which I knew somewhat about at the time. It turned out it was Haverhill NH, totally different scenario. Rural, isolated area in the White Mountains. All I knew at the time was a young woman had an accident, early evening in Haverhill NH. She had been seen, but then walked away and disappeared. Feb. 9, 2004.

A month later on March 19th another young woman would disappear under mysterious circumstances. Brianna Maitland, 17 years old.

Initially virtually nothing happened for weeks or months in either case. It was a good five days before the car Brianna was driving, which had been found smashed/backed into a house in rural Vermont, registered in her mother's name, was acted upon. 

By acted upon, that was essentially left in her father's hands, along with her mother, Bri's brother and whomever else cared. VTSP ruled it a "run-away due to the person missing as being of questionable character and history of drug abuse".

Ironically, Maura Murray who disappeared in Haverhill NH, was deemed of questionable character as "a lot of booze was found in her car" and when assistance was offered, a local resident school bus driver, she refused. That was after she ran straight into a snow-drift, that set off her air-bag and liked gave her a good head-ache.

The air bag deployed. Yet in the last image is evidence of something hitting the top of the driver's side windshield. Maura's head?

Shortly after the accident, a school bus driver was returning home - a big guy who had driven youths to a ski trip and was just returning. By his account Maura was in the car, he pulled up next to her in the school bus, opened the entry doors, Maura apparently rolled down her window, as he asked her if she was okay? He claims she had said she was fine and was calling triple A. The bus-driver, who has since passed away after moving to Florida, called the police.

The police arrived, and near as I can tell, or recall, a considerable amount of alcohol was found both contained and splattered about her car, like wine - yet the images of her car don't show that. Again, near as I can gather the police decided she was on the run. A "drunk driver who'd had an accident". Allegedly the officer and the bus driver when driving up the same road claiming to look for her. Foot prints leading from her car go just beyond the bus driver's house. Then vanish. No coordinated search for her took place for at least two weeks. 

Maura Murray is still missing. Despite assertions by then Attorney General of NH, Kelly Ayotte, that Maura Murray disappeared by her own hand", it is now among the cold cases a new branch of the NHSP have formed. Maura Murray is now considered to have fallen victim to foul play.

Consider the following video of a 72 year old woman lost for two weeks... the amount of time it took to start looking for Maura - Maura would have been far away or maybe not, by the time searches took place.

Meanwhile, it would be at least 5 days before the concerned parent's of Brianna Maitland filed a missing person's report with VTSP, and the rogue car that crashed oddly occurred into an abandoned house, would click, as the "owner of the abandoned car" was - Mom, filing the report.

That wasn't until the following Tuesday or Wed. that family and friends found out something had happened to Brianna.  

Law enforcement, based on the video I posted,  two back, admit they initially dropped the ball. 

That's also where I come in.

No, not as a super hero. 

A joker by the name of Jorge claimed responsibility almost immediately. Rumors of a crack overdose, dissolving her body in acid were common. 

VTSP believed she'd run away - owed a drug debt. But wow was that an over simplification! 

In my last post I suggested at least 6 people are in the know. I could add another 7 probably. Let's try Ryan, Debbie, Ellen, Ligia (herself murdered a month after Brianna disappeared), Darrell, Sean, Timothy and Moses.

Over time it became obvious something bad had happened to Brianna. It wasn't just the fight she was in three weeks prior, though to me, jealousy is a powerful motivation. 

Yeah, that's Brianna three weeks prior to when she disappeared. Initially attention was directed towards the woman who did that to her. At the present time it would appear that was a red herring... that bigger fish were involved. What is known is Brianna simply wanted peace and to live a life with friends and lovers.

She never got the chance. And based on what I have for information, what happened to her was not good. One might say the only Manson is not locked up yet. 

Graphics Rendition

The Truth Is Out There!

April 07, 2016


The latest WCAX news story paints a pretty grim picture to me. I believe at one point (see my last post) it describes VTSP as throwing up their arms in frustration. A fractured case, one that now appears to be in part, hung on law enforcement mistakes from the beginning.

There's no making up for what is in the past however.

It's what it is.

Thing is, there are people who know things. Myself included. VTSP know things, PI's know things, journalist know things - one contacted me a couple weeks ago and knew a lot about the case, fishing for more, and of course her family knows things, along with Bri's friends.

12 years have passed and for about 4 years I was actively assisting the Maitlands. In the eight years that have followed certain facts seem apparent. That at least 4-6 people know what happened to Brianna that night Friday night, March 19, 2004.

I base this on the following.

1) Jorge S. aka the Joker has bragged many times about being involved.

2) A former boyfriends friend posted a comment, on where both of us wrote about Brianna's disappearance back around 2009. The commenter insisted the ex-boyfriend was torn apart with grief knowing what had happened, and the commenter claimed no one would listen. Slam and I got her in contact with the people who could help most. He wasn't believed.

3) An alleged close compatriot of Jorge S', a Donald S., is rumored to have committed suicide after being pulled over by VTSP shortly after Bri vanished.

4) Though perhaps rumor only, several persons have heard the story of another acquaintance of Bri's who failed to commit suicide but tried and left a note implicating himself.

5) Her mother reported that Bri seemed visibly shaken after shopping at a local mall, and again rumor has it that she was given some kind of warning by a "friend" that day.

6) While with Brianna's father we sought interview one of Bri's friend only to be accosted and threatened with death, with a multitude of derogatory comments being made by a tenant of the farm where police originally excavated a manure pit.

These are but 6 examples of anecdotal or better reason to believe more than one person, and not a stranger knew what was going on. But getting much that is solid is what I suppose VTSP is experiencing.

With reward of $20,000 expiring in 2017, it appears no one at present gets the reward, and all those in the know will carry this burden to their grave.

What possible motivation is behind no one speaking up is puzzling to me. To be quit frank, though a certain tenant called her a slut and a whore Brianna was anything but. She was a woman with dreams, aspirations, a urge to bond with others and live a good life. She proved concern for others with a letter to a previous boyfriend that she was concerned about his drinking. She was a teenager who had become a woman, in an isolated area where friends meant everything. What surprises me now is how few of her friends are still there, and how perhaps 4-6 otherwise friends can say nothing.

Those 12 years found many of us older... 48 hours may have passed and even a year or two. Even 12 years. Doesn't change the fact that there are those younger, those who won't forget, that knew Bri and who will continue, won't stop.

The truth is out there and I believe if it was one person responsible,  I would give up. Stop.

How do I describe it other than if one person was responsible, there is way too much energy flowing though the area, arcing the truth.

There are several out there who know and I ask you to speak up. Please.

March 22, 2016


Another year of a Feb. 09 and March 19th have passed. With no indication to explain how two women just vanished, within a month of each other, under extremely mysterious circumstances, roughly 50 miles apart, in 2004.

Maura Murray vanished around 6:45 PM Feb. 09, 2004 in North Haverhill NH.

Brianna Maitland vanished less than a month later from Montgomery VT, around 11:45PM, Friday, March 19th, 2004.

In March of 2004 I read the story about Brianna, how she had disappeared, saw picture of "the accident" and heard the media say police believed her disappearance was likely related to drug abuse, that she was a child runaway.

Maura Murray, oddly, similar outcome. Police allegedly believe she wanted to disappear, made the plans, and carried them out. Former AG Kelly Ayotte, from the intel I have, also denounced Maura's disappearance as a crime. She gave the family back everything of Maura's they had, then abruptly turned around and took it all back, computer included, but were shy of saying they believed there was any foul play.

The only person to have seen Maura Murray that Feb. 09 was a bus driver and local nearby home-owner. He drove the school-bus, and was returning home that night, just after "the accident" happened. He spoke with her. Offered to help and says she refused.

Locals believe she was determined to disappear on her own. Other's are none too sure.

A few years ago NH formed a Cold Case Division and despite Maura Murray still not being classified as foul play, was added to the division's list of cold cases, based on media reports I've read.

Well, here we are 12 years later.

Brianna Maitland Update News - WCAX

To me it reads like an epitaph. Regarding Brianna Maitland they agree there was foul play, that the drug abuse theories were a stretch, and they may never solve her case, though they're still working on it.

BS as I know there are there who know what happened to Brianna that night! I can tell you I know because as a volunteer I arranged for her father to meet a person some thought was involved; I did this through personal channels I developed. 

The meeting didn't happen, but something else did. There was a young, dar-haired, well-toned guy in the front of the house when the father and I arrived. I got out of the truck. The guy asked me "what business do you have here?" I said "We would like to talk with..." 

"About what", he asked?

"Brianna Maitland", I answered.

He had a hissy fit, damning Brianna, telling us she got what she deserved, and said to tell her father exactly that...""

Well as her father was in the truck, he acknowledged he got the message!


In a lot of ways we as humans take the easy route to satisfy ourselves. For example I just ordered a pizza, to be delivered. Why, so I don't have to leave my house. I give the driver a $5 tip and pay $20 for the large pizza. Pretty good deal it would seem.

Anything goes wrong for humans and in the short run we don't forget; in the long we might tend to let it slide.

So what was going on that day for Brianna?

She was going shopping with her mother. She had to work two jobs. She got notice she'd passed her GED in the mail - YAY! She met someone shopping who warned her about going to work that night. As she went to work instead of staying home it tells me it was easier for her to face someone than call in. She left a note for her housemate whom she didn't know was gone for a few days saying she'd be home after work that night. She wasn't. 

What's this tell? 

On the surface she was aware of a problem. Three weeks earlier she got beaten up in a fight with a friend, and had recently filed charges - had a friend Shauna with her at the time. 

We know of rumors of a man who tried to kill himself leaving a note which told of his involvement. 

We know of a man who threatened three other women that he'd make them disappear like he had Brianna. 

All these people knew each other, though they all come from very different backgrounds in relationship to Brianna. None of the 3 is a suspect. But there are plenty of those.

In the post above, Major Hall of the VTSP claims they still don't know if Brianna disappeared at the hands of a stranger or someone she knew. I'd say there's nothing mysterious about circumstance. The circumstance being how there are so many of the people she's knows claiming here and there they know what happened. That is no coincidence. 

And you've got Mr. hothead blowing a gasket when I and Brianna's father stop by to visit with one of Bri's friends. 

Stranger abduction? Unlikely as too many known players in the field. 

As it turns out there are several theories, some pretty strong like the one where she was abducted and taken to a party, where for 3 days she smoked crack until she died. Why the hell abduct someone to have a party??? Think back-woods Vermont, not Hollywood!

Dutchburn Place after Dark

Think simple... 

The revenge theory is somehow gone by the wayside, the fight with the friend 3 weeks earlier. I'm not sure I agree.

That she owed money for drugs like crack and couldn't pay up, so was murdered? Doesn't add up with uncashed paychecks in her car - two of them. Why two?? But still, she had money and punk dealers owned money would want it. 

Elaborate traps to catch her have been theorized. I mean what a perfect place to car-jack someone! A deserted old house along the main drag outside of town. But why?? Remember, this isn't Hollywood. Only those who knew her would have had an idea of what time she would be done working - 11:00 to 12 midnight. Patient bunch or person.

Again, what would they want? Worth being patient for? To abduct her to bring her to a party?? Get revenge - kill her? So why not there and then? 

Instead we find a car crashed mysteriously backwards into a house - backed up fast enough to break free a newly installed plywood panel. 

Yet we find signs of a party perhaps... a lime on the back of her car and empty drink containers. Did she plan to meet someone there? 

A warning during the day, worked two jobs, left note for housemate she'd be home... must have been pretty important meeting there at the Dutchburn place at 11:30 PM and ending up smashing the car, off it's rear wheel into the house.

Party gone bad?

Some party. Yeah!


Followed from work and run off the road, forced to put the car in reverse with dire consequences, sign of a struggle outside the car... 

Two checks left uncashed tells me it wasn't for money. Invite to a party? Doubtful... in VT people aren't kidnapped to parties. 

So what??

Well of the several months I sent helping the family the encounter with the blow-fish keeps me coming back. Mr. Hothead that gave myself and Brianna's father a load of his opinion. And what do you know... I find out through sources Mr. Blowfish was there the night Brianna was abducted and it wasn't for a party.

Appears brianna set herself up as independent and set her own terms. That didn't make someone happy. There is plenty of history of murders occurring for less... several pertaining to jealousy. 

But regardless... sit Mr. Blowfish down and I'm fairly convinced he'll tell you what happened to her. I filed a complaint that day to VTSP through Brianna's father - how we were threatened with bodily harm. 

Two of the major suspects in my mind are gone from the area, for good it would appear, and yet the coverup continues. One of Brianna's ex-boyfriends confessed to knowing everything, and where she's buried. This was passed on to VTSP. 

The reward money to find Brianna runs out 2017... didn't know reward money did that, but it will. Before that happens talk to the lil' Blowfish - or his ex-wife. Have a sense that he can tell you all you need to know.

My condolences to her parents, brother, family and friends.  

March 16, 2016

BobKat's User Guide for Using Chantix to Quit Tobacco

PfizerLabs, the makers of the drug, Chantix, isn't paying me for this. This is from personal experience. A check from Pfizer for $100,000, in gratitude for this post to clarify their product would be nice :)  Just saying.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or licensed to practice medicine.  The following is not intended in any way to assist a person using Chantix. It is posted primarily as personal experience and to share what i personally learned and experienced.

I started smoking tobacco cigarettes when I was 15. I'm 61 now. Of the possible 46 years smoking I was a non-smoker for 8 - 12 years. I've quit tobacco many times, sometimes for a month, up to 3 years.

I have quit "cold-turkey", and it can work, but I was younger then. I have used the gums, the patches, etc. Thing is I really don't want to smoke tobacco. Hate it!!

Getting off from it for most people is a terrible nightmare that can last for months. That's where the gum, patch and such are the solution. They provide nicotine to your body that curbs nicotine withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking.

However, you quit now!

That's correct. When using the gums, patches, etc. you don't want to smoke. You set a date and adhere to it.

Eventually after hundreds of $$'s you ween yourself off cigarettes. If it doesn't work you're out the $$ for the gums, patches, etc. and subscribing $7 a day to smoking when it could go to much more important goals.

Enter Chantix, made by Pfizer.

Of late I was starting to get to 2 packs a day. I have a new doctor and he was concerned about my smoking. Understandable. He recommended Chantix a year ago and I ignored it. Him.

20 days ago I took him up on the offer. I had nothing to lose, but my tobacco habit!

Chantix is apparently a very strong drug. The packaging is precise, made so you know which day you're taking what. Like for example you start out very slow with a min dose and escalate to the desired dose.

You can continue to smoke, if fact for the first few days it's encouraged... I went to day 8 before I quit.

Here's where the lack of education and plurred facts occur.

There are two "complaints" about Chantix that come to mind:

1) When to quit??
2) Does it affect the use of cannabis (in the free states, of course)?

RE: Question 2, cannabis users,  CB1 and CB2 receptors are not affected from what I've read. What limited experience I can share, no problem..

RE: When to quit??  Yeah this is a question I didn't have an answer to for days. I recalled my doctor said "you can smoke using it". But what he didn't say is when to quit.

So I was flummoxed.  When to quit?

Again, Chantix must be pretty powerful considering the care in which taking it is represented. I call it a non-opioid opiate...

You quit any time!! I'd suggest the 8th day or longer. Is it expensive? My insurance covers it 100% for 180 days. I pay nothing. I'm around Day 20.

Chantix is quite simple. Understanding what it does is essential to quitting tobacco and I'm surprised with so much confusion.

The reason tobacco users love it is nicotine, and receptors in our brain that let the nicotine attach, and dopamine is released into out body making us feel good, for a moment. We spent approximately 10 minutes smoking, and that's 10 minutes of a dopamine/good feeling. Then we go back to work and enter withdrawal. That can make us depressed, anxious, unfocused.

Chantix blocks the nicotine from attaching to the nicotine receptors. Further releasing a lower amount of dopamine than the nicotine. Still, it's dopamine - the feel good hormone.

So, once you feel the Chantix is in effect you can quit tobacco. You can cheat to as none of the nicotine gets to your brain. All you may satisfy by "cheating" is a temporary psychological satisfaction, at best.

My insurance covers this drug for 180 days. I'll not be a smoker after that and likely well before.

There is still the psychological withdrawal to go through - the need to smoke. But seriously, if you do it does very little. Except perhaps kill you with toxins, give you a head-ache, make you nauseous.

RE: Nightmares while using Chantix:

I trained myself over many years to have lucid dreams, so perhaps I am better prepared - yes, my dreams are more lucid after starting Chantix, and seriously it could be that I stopped smoking - cold turkey. The effects of Chantix on my dreams hasn't been significant. I am able to better remember them however.

The benefit of using Chantix for me was I could smoke and stop when I felt ready to do it. Totally up to me. And when I did stop, I experienced hardly any of the nasty physical withdrawal effects I remember from the past.

Good Fortune :)

Update, Mar. 18:

I'm somewhere around Week 4... I have bought one pack of cigarettes and smoked them in two days. They were to quell the psychological need, but did nothing to help. 3 days later I am home sick, couldn't sleep and several nasty problems, Fact is I have no interest now in tobacco and I just want this physical torment to end. The torment comes not from nicotine, but from the cigattes. My opinion, the tobacco industry adds addictive chemicals. As these chemicals likely do not touch upon nicotine receptors, what i did by smoking a pack was trigger other addictive receptors. So, today and for the past several days I've felt no withdrawal from nicotine, but I've felt like I had a cold - sinus problems, been nauseous, and even vomited two days ago, after awakening and drinking my coffee. I had taken my pills, including Chantix 15 minutes earlier. Sudden nausea and vomit on the floor.

So the good news is I'm off tobacco for good. The bad news is I feel terrible 4 weeks in. And this stuff - tobacco is legal and cannabis is not. Makes no sense!!

Update, Mar.27:

The psychological anxiety has become too much several times. Meaning I've bout 4 pacts and smoked them in some 45 days.

But I think I'm beginning to see, do see how it can work. It's a head-drug. It will change how a lot of things we imbibe in will work. They still work, but let me cut to the chase...

Chantix works by blocking the nicotine from attaching to my nicotine receptors. My doctor told me I could smoke. Why? Because while on Chantix it's not the nicotine you deal with when you stop. It's the psychological.

I now believe setting a date and time can work, but it's not necessarily the best approach. The cigarettes I smoke do nothing for me, except to sooth my habitual tendency.

My doctor was actually surprised when I called and asked him exactly how does one stop taking Chantix? Is it a step-down or does one just stop? I explained I was thinking I might be ready to stop taking it. I told him he had mentioned people taking it for a couple months. Stopping.

What he answered was sobering. You can smoke on Chantix because I have this habit. A habit that is not providing benefits. One that has been hurting me.

So now, yes, I'm still smoking, but learning to feel the smoke as undesirable. Like would I want an addiction to Spam? No offense to Hormel, love Spam... but do you see?

Without the nicotine what is a cigarette?

You might likely expect this process of smoking and finding it both rewarding and lacking difficult. There are other addictive chemicals in cigarettes. Short lived however. But for me these caused fatigue, hot flashes, confusion. As time goes on the symptoms are diminishing.

I'm fairly certain the effects on dreaming come from the Chantix. My doctor told me three studies found it was nicotine withdrawal. I've quite cold turkey and never had the kind of lucidity I'm experiencing now. I don't find dream enhancement to be a bad side-effect.

One co-worker shared that the the person she knew taking said it was messing with his mind. I can see that, but a slight twist of the dial you'll let go and realize you were likely fighting it. Yeah, it can play some tricks with your head, but so does packaged cigarettes.

I'm continuing the Chantix, will smoke when I feel like it, until I get bored of inhaling noxious smoke.