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February 19, 2018


Oddly, I'd never heard, or remember hearing the term, "Mercy Among Men" before.

We had an overnight snowstorm this past Sunday and I woke up to about 8 inches of snow. Although the day warmed up to about 40, I was none too happy about having to snow-blow. But around 1PM I got out there.

I had finished clearing in front of the mailbox across the street, had crossed the street to begin my driveway, a truck started to go by, then slowed and stopped. The driver backed up so I was at his door, an older man, likely my age, about 60.

He was interested in buying a house in my area, the general area of my town I live in. I have some idea of what the houses on my road are worth, as I bought mine a few years ago. He had $75,000 and needed a house yesterday. He asked if the half acre across the street with a condemned house and a long, mobile home looking like shed was for sale. I told him I doubted it - the owners were planning on building a house there in the future.

I gave him the phone number of the realtor who helped me buy my house.

At some point he pulled the truck off the road and got out to talk. I wasn't comfortable talking to this stranger but the chat so far had gone well, and was when I asked him why he needed a house now? Did he not have a home? I mean his truck was new, with a plow, and he didn't look too unwell-off, especially having $75k in cash to buy a house. I was intrigued, though nervous.

He shook his head slightly recalling things and said, "I can't stay where I live".

That took me by surprise. "Why", I asked.

"Long story", he replied. "Tourettes". 


To summarize, he claimed to have Tourettes syndrome. I asked if he meant he has sudden out-bursts of speech, as I had worked with a man with the condition. He shook his head again. "No stereotypes", he said. "It is different for everyone who has it."

He said it was caused by a brain injury, though I didn't ask for specifics. I was surprised when he said symptoms (were not necessarily blurting things) could be as mild as anxiety or depression, or as serious as being bi-polar, manic, or with schizophrenia.

He had been in a grocery store, had heard of a new diet of certain nuts and vegetables. He said he was talking with the produce manager and that before he knew it he'd gotten too excited, his brain reated and his legs fell out from under him. Firemen were shopping and next thing he knew he was in an ambulance hooked up to IV's receiving Nacann. The fire chief was present and his condition had been determined to be a drug overdose.

He claims he tried to explain his condition, but the chief wasn't going to buy it. He became angry, fueled by whatever his Tourettes was doing. He pulled off the IV's and was bound.

Needless to say, he was bitter that things had gone so poorly and felt he could not live in the area any longer and had decided he wanted to move to Maine.

I asked, but can't you work things out with the fire chief, the town? He said no, he had hoped for "mercy among men", but there was none.

Now it was my turn to shake my head, and I said, well, "mercy among men" seems to be a thing of the past". He said not at all, I can show you how easy mercy among men can be. He walked to his truck and got a new teddy bear out of it. "This is for you", he said, "a gesture of mercy among men". He asked if he could plow my drive-way as a thank-you for my help, I said sure and he left. I gave the teddy bear to my neighbor's daughter.

The whole thing, the timing was rather good, as I was struggling with a fairly long time friend who got upset with me for a minor disagreement, who wanted nothing more to do with me. Mercy among men. And it got me thinking more. Mercy among humankind - stopping the hurt.

Recently there was the shooting in Parkland Florida, at the Marjory Douglas HS. I've been thinking a lot about the mass killings for the past few years, and why. What is different now than back in the 60's when I was in high school? Then realized, countries have been committed genocide and there was Hitler, the Holocaust, and the KKK and the world seems to seeth with hate, prejudice, domination and greed.

I thought of the missing person cases I'd helped with, written about on my blog, Brianna Maitland and Maura Murray. The thought that comes to my mind is we lack the ability to show mercy, as not doing the above mentioned heinous acts shows mercy. Easy for me to say as I feel I lack the gene, if it is a gene that causes such lack of respect for others, and a show of mercy.

I strongly believe we need to learn not to be naive, or overnight start trusting strangers or stop what we're doing to make the planet safer to live in. But I think perhaps sometimes all it takes is a gift teddy bear. Listening to others and having empathy. If only someone pent on destruction or mayhem would instead buy a teddy bear and give it to whoever is in charge, and admit, I want to hurt you, but I'm giving you this teddy bear as an example of mercy among men.

January 07, 2018


As of this reading 8 states have legalized the use of marijuana for adults, age 21 or older; 30 states have some variation of legalised medical marijuana. Since this may be confusing for some people my hope is to clarify what it all entails.

First, what is marijuana, briefly what's it's history, where does it come from, is it a manufactured drug or is it a plant that grows naturally??

Marijuana is a plant. It is not manufactured despite claims otherwise. Some consider it an herb, but technically it doesn't fall within that classification; it is not Rosemary, basil or thyme. It is more like a dandelion. A weed. It has a variation that's called hemp that was used for thousands of years to make rope. During those thousands of years other strains were used for medical purposes that could include simple stress reduction. The world depended on hemp until the end of WW2. At that time synthetic ropes hit the market making hemp obsolete. Problem is, we all know the difference between organic and synthetic.

Marijuana can be classified as 4 different plant species.

1) Cannabis sativa
2) Cannabis indica
3) Cannabis ruderalis
4) Hemp, any variation of the above, usually the male plant as the female generally contains THC 'Hyperlink to more about THC': LEAFLY.COM. The THC isn't desirable in hemp; tall, lanky and ropey plants are. So hemp is bred to grow like that.

More can be found about the above here:

It comes from nearly everywhere. It does favor certain environments, that I need not go into. It is grown in "housed structures", more on that in a bit.

Humans have used it for many purposes for thousands of years. Several of those purposes were medical use.

Technically I don't see how it can be considered a manufactured drug as it grows in the ground. There are those who say their God put it on the earth. However the US federal government has believed for at least 75 years that it is made from concrete. Meaning it comes from nothing, is nothing and is extremely dangerous. President Nixon hated the stuff and defied his own Blue Ribbon Committee he hand picked to study marijuana in the late 60's: Shafer Committee. Pres. Ronald Reagan described use of marijuana as being like "setting off a nuclear bomb in your head".  President Jimmy Carter legalised it in 1978... (look it up :) Last less than a day before the DEA filed some sort of law-suit over turning it.

Fast forward to 2017. Happy 420, because 8 states have now legalised adult use of marijuana and 30 for medical use, according to my latest updates from NORML.

Specifics of the details of the law are mixed, where some states have finalized the regulations while others are still undergoing development. I live in Maine and our governor just vetoed the regulations for 2018 approved by the House and Senate. Won't get my vote. However medical use of marijuana in Maine goes back to the early 2000's. And new conditions like PTSD get added each year it seems.

One of the more frustrating sorts of regulations is when a state legalizes medical marijuana but with strict conditions. Like you can't grow your own, can't buy the plant or buds, can't buy edibles (candy, cookies or brownies), only pen sized vaporizers. Or they legalize CBD oil, which contains no THC. For some plain CBD works well, especially for pain. But it's been found that a blend of CBD and THC actually increases the efficacy of the product.

But what if you're here, reading all this and the real question you have is "how could this happen??"

"How could marijuana be legalized or even beneficial for anything? The federal government lists it as a Schedule One drug, which dictates it has "no medical uses and it is extremely addictive. The way the federal government, the DOJ sees it is obviously the research being quoted by so many so-called professionals must be bogus and a lie!"

Ironically, the federal government secured a patent on THC for medical benefits it can provide.  patent # 6630507 - a link available HERE. If marijuana has zero medical benefit and THC is derived from it isn't that a contradiction? Doesn't that raise the spectre of hypocrisy? And what king of government governs based on hypocrisy? A dictatorship does, just like ol' England. A tyrannical government and do we really want to go there?

None of the propaganda fed to us for the past 75+ years has had any real scientific basis. It is only true that if you burn something like a cigarette or a joint that the heat from the burning ember is not good for you. It should also be noted that there is no comparison between the "tars" in tobacco, compared to the "tars" in marijuana. Their chemical make-up is completely different.

In the 15+ years that marijuana has been legal to buy and use in various states people are not jumping out of windows, eating people's faces or laughing like a total lunatic. Crime rates including major crimes like murder have gone down in states that have legalized.The black market has all but disappeared in states where it's legal.

Persons that use marijuana are not going to go berserk. Recently, in the news for the start of 2018 is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Jeff has decided to rescind the Cole Memorandum which essentially provided for the the Justice Department to accept Article 10 of the Bill of Rights and let states regulate marijuana, as they are doing, without federal interference. AG Sessions declared he intends to begin a 2nd War on Pot.

Why? The answer in perhaps another post. Will this potentially severely impact legal marijuana in this country after all this time? We may see headlines where the feds raid and seize and arrest people at a marijuana grow facility in California. But that will be it. There are far more pressing problems in this country than going after state legal marijuana facilities.

To conclude, use of marijuana does not impact intelligence, make people stupid or cause maniacal behavior. We can accept the fact that 75+ years of propaganda leading us to believe otherwise is going to take some time to accept. Those using marijuana actually are benefiting and they are using a plant to do so, not a manufactured narcotic.

March 12, 2017


I begin sadly with news that my partner, Kramer the cat, pictured at the top of my blog, a Maine Coon cat, passed away February 28, 2017. He was around 16 - 18 years of age. R.I.P. Kramer.

I have a new cat now I adopted from a local humane society. His name is Henry, 7 years old, 10.5 pounds, and although all black, looks very much like predominately Maine Coon cat too. 

Moving forwards...

Winter isn't over in Maine. Yeah, I live in Maine, same state as Stephen King. Yes, there's something strange about my town. Let's just say at present it's a good strange.

Winter storm Stella is more than a storm, it's a blizzard. From what I have found out, it is centered over MA, DC, NH, much of PA NY, and ME. It's 6PM and there's probably about 15"  with drifts as high as 3 feet or more. It's supposed to continue throughout the night, into tomorrow.

My whole office of 20 worked from home today. Works for me and the company.

My friend down the road, if there is a road, went out to snow-blow. The temperature is 26 degrees, humidity 99%. Winds around 40mph and higher. Not the day to work on a snow-blower. He'd made it through 3 major storms this winter, and now this.

Another friend, a member of a FaceBook club, espied a found relic, dog-tags from the civil war, in the form of a coin. A quote from my other friend, identifies the Civil War soldier: "William W. McClary served in the New Hampshire Volenteer Militia in the Civil War , Died in 1864 at 17 years 1 month , he is buried in Alexandria , NH ..." Which just happens to be a stones throw from my friend's house. It's going up for bid on E-Bay -starting bid, $999. My friend is upset as he believes it should be donated to the Historic society. Anyone who buys is encouraged to donate it to the Alexandria Historic Society in NH.

My new cat must be part vampire, and the rest is Maine Coon cat. That would explain him sleeping all day, and here it is, 6:20, still not up. Waiting for me to feed him. And rolls around at night chasing his pet mice.

Oh, and marijuana is legal for adults in Maine now. Then again, there's so much more... 

February 19, 2017


Brianna Maitland lived west of Montgomery VT. Her parents owned a modest home far into the woods. Very secluded. Brianna's parents learned from their parents... off the grid.

That they were, and for Brianna at 17, she had complained about feeling isolated from everyone and everything.

The Christmas of 2015 was an example. Her father, Bruce, moved out of the house. That left her and her mother, Kelly alone and together - and she didn't get along with her mother.

She begged her father to let her move in with him. He said "no". Her mother left, for Christmas and, visited her mother. Brianna was left on her own with her brother.

It looked like the family was over.

Brianna was seeing a guy at the time, Shawn, if I recall correctly; but he drank too much alcohol. She wrote him a letter but never gave it to him. She wrote that "...he drank too much and this isn't going to work". The letter was discovered later by her parents.

During the Christmas of 2015 there was a lot of crack available. Dealers needed a market and the NW Kingdom of VT was a perfect place to set up shop. For Brianna this was secondary... she had plans for herself. True, she liked pot/marijuana, how happy she would be today to discover in VT, ME, MA it's legal for adult use. [Well, maybe not totally for VT].

Perfect place to set up shop and push crack. And from what I learned, Brianna tried it several times. Where things get fuzzy is how much did she need it? Did she?

Based on interviews with her then housemate, Jillian, she was seeing an alleged crack dealer up from NYC. On the night of her "abduction" I was told he got a phone call, visibly upset from it, according to his then girlfriend Stephanie, he stormed out of the house. This was, if I understood it correctly, about 8 PM, March 19, 2004.

Earlier in the day she was shopping at the mall with her mother, a friend approached her...
I know who, but can't share it. He warned her based on what another person said. He warned her, "...don't go to work tonight".

Brianna finished shopping with her mother and met her in the car. Brianna was to Kelly, her mother, she visibly shaken. But Bri said nothing - everything was fine.

She wouldn't miss work. She wouldn't call in sick. She left her housemate a note clearly stating she would be home that night after work. She never returned. Due to bumbling by VSP the family didn't know until Tuesday of the following week that she was missing. That's when they suspected something might be wrong, and filed a missing person's report.

An officer happened to be there and overheard the proceedings. He said, are you asking about an old green Oldsmobile? They were - a car that was registered to Brianna's mother... who was never notified that it was discovered that past Saturday - empty and crashed into the side of a farm-house.

Except for the fore-sight that the World Travelers had in photographing the scene of the "accident", Brianna would have vanished completely. Fact is she hasn't.

Based on recent analysis it's estimated upwards of 15 people know something or were involved in her disappearance. It is likely it was drug related, but not because she owed money, but rather because she wanted out and away from it all - kind of hard to do when you like pot, and the pot dealers push crack.

Brianna was ambitious, and was able to adapt. She got her GED the day she disappeared. She quit High School, frustrated with petty bullying. She attended courses instead a a community college.

Opinions differ... some believing she was living an end-game on crack, while others believe it was a phase that she was trying to extract herself from. I'm in with the latter.

Biggest mistake yet by anyone in the know, in my opinion, was when we (Brianna's father and I) were to meet with the person who warned her not to go to work. It was at the same farm where VSP searched a manure pit for her remains. I had arranged to speak with this person, who wasn't there, but a puffer fish was... John-Boy, who threatened my life and Brianna's father's life, who said "Brianna deserved what she got!" I filed the threat with the VSP.

Looking for the weakest link in a chain of people who have knowledge of a serious crime. I'd say I just told you about two of them; the guy who warned her and the guy who threatened my life, and clearly had knowledge of a crime.