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June 30, 2012


Government officials are abuzz and taking a hard, second look at relaxed marijuana laws in their states after recent news that a Florida man, who ate the face of another man, was found from toxicology tests to have had marijuana only in his system, and nothing else.

"The naked Florida man who chewed off the face of another man last month in a zombie-like cannibal attack used marijuana but not "bath salts" as police had suspected, authorities said Wednesday."

"Rudy Eugene, 31, was killed by a police officer after Eugene's 18-minute attack on a homeless man. His body didn't show "any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs," according to the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department."


Although many experts warn that any perceived link between marijuana and this unfortunate case are unlikely and down-right ludicrous, some government officials aren't too sure. One government official, who wished to remain anonymous, stated: "Any perceived link between marijuana use and zombies is one too many links for me. We all know how dangerous marijuana is, and now we have proof... just look back at the last 75 years and it's obvious what havoc marijuana use has caused society and, now this!" He gulped. "Zombies!!!"

The CDC however maintains there is no such link: CDC Denies Existence Of Zombies Despite Cannibal Incidents..." Posted: 06/01/2012 11:15 am Updated: 06/01/2012 3:50 pm

That hasn't stopped some high level officials from considering what may be "best for public safety". It's been rumored that Congress is already considering an emergency law that would canvass for all past known users of marijuana, and relocate them to a compound in Death Valley.

"If it's true", said one official, "that marijuana causes zombies, then we have to do something, and fast!"

Those warning against making a connection point out simply that finding past marijuana use in a body does not constitute being high on drugs. Past marijuana use by a person can be detected up to a month or longer after the fact. They add, "that's why prohibition of cannabis, and the current model of testing for illegal drugs, especially marijuana, is considered the "gold standard"; most other drugs vanish from one's system in less than a week.

Hakeem Jeffries, from CNN writes: "Marijuana law just creates criminals" - June 06, 2012. "More than 50,000 people in 2011 were arrested in New York City (alone), for possessing small amounts of marijuana..." he writes. Most of those arrested were tricked into violating the law, as NY decriminalized small amounts of marijuana in 1977, except when in "public view", so officers demand suspects turn out their pockets, making any marijuana a public spectacle.

"That may be a good thing", exclaimed one anonymous NY official, "that's 50,000 potential zombies that we now know about"!

After over 75 years of hard-line government prohibition and intervention into the use of marijuana, though proponents for decriminalization of marijuana cite it as "virtually harmless", anti-marijuana warriors now have found a cause for their extreme concern and, vindication for their relentless pursuit and prosecution of marijuana users. As one ONDCP official has proclaimed, "marijuana is not a harmless plant". And this is the proof!!!

Wow! Time to pack my bags and get ready to join President Obama and many other dignitaries and average people at Stalag 420...

Seriously though, after more than 75 years of treating marijuana users like potential or literal zombies, don't you think it's time to stop the madness? The truth is, cannabis had/has nothing what-so-ever to do with what motivated the man in Florida to attack the other man and victimize him. It only highlights how gullible people are in believing that marijuana is a serious danger to society; how scared people can become and stigmatized to reach out and seek psychological help if they think they may need it.

It's time to end the madness and stop the hurt. It's time to get real. Cannabis doesn't create zombies!


June 16, 2012


Honestly, I don't know what to make of President Obama? He reminds me of President Jimmy Carter, my favorite president. Ironically, Jimmy Carter is not remembered by many of us as a memorable president... after all, it was the first time I recall there being an energy crisis of huge proportions, the Iranian Hostage crisis, mile long lanes of cars waiting to fill up for gas; yet, compared to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, Carter did more to mend and stabilize this country than can or could be expected of most  presidents.

But, for some odd reason, I've read that President Obama wishes to align himself with FDR, and Ronald Reagan, both whom are Republicans. To cement his 2008 campaign promise(s) for "change" in America he's involved himself in much of the same rhetoric. Yet his message to America was anything but Reaganomics or  FDRnomics. His actions have been calculated, cool (though not kool, as in hip) and unexpected; at times he seems to hesitate, decide one thing and does another. Like his stance on respecting state's rights to legalize cannabis, then casts a blind eye to federal raids on legal cannabis businesses. Aligning himself with the president in power when cannabis/Reefer Madness was made law, that would be FDR, seems foolhardy. As you'll see, Obama is not at all like FDR.

Just recently after nearly four years as President, he's granted amnesty to illegal immigrants 18 or under in this country. I approve, but I'm sure many Americans don't. But I approve because they are a protected age group. There are many laws and regulations regarding minors in this country. And regardless of where they are from, we in this country should not assault youth with immigration laws. They don't usually have a choice in the matter. They're minors.

So I give President Obama credit on that... so Carter-like of him...

What I really don't understand about President Barack Obama, known by his friends as Barry, is how he can be so typically anti-drug without any policy changes when he knows intimately about recreational drug use? I'm using conventional terminology there, when what i really mean is why the heck is he acting like the War on Drugs is working? He knows it's not, he knows the harm "drug prohibition" causes, especially with regards to cannabis, aka marijuana.

How does he know? He knows because he is Barry Obama who grew up in Hawaii... according to a book just released by David Maraniss,
David Maraniss
"A staffer and Pulitzer Prize winner who’s penned some acclaimed political books, including First In His Class: A Biography of Bill Clinton." Barry Obama was a cannabis guru, as reported by numerous sources and in THE book he loved marijuana and used it often while enrolled at Punahou School in Honolulu and Occidental College in Los Angeles He was, it's said in David's book, the leader of the Choom Gang. A harmless gang of Hawaiian teens/young adults enjoying life... getting high, getting educated.

The book by David Maraniss is:

NORML first informed me with regards to this breaking story HERE: at NORML's Blog. I was aware that Obama had used cocaine a few times, but I had no idea he was a cannabis guru!

” Apparently young Barry Obama, like countless of his contemporaries, enjoyed partaking in the use of marijuana. The president even was a trendsetter amongst his peers:"

"As a member of the Choom Gang, Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends. The first was called “TA,” short for “total absorption.”"

"Along with TA, Barry popularized the concept of “roof hits”: when they were chooming in the car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling."

So how did he go from this:

To this:

OpenSource Image

Busting American citizens for cannabis and authorizing the War on Drugs that has not only led to over 50,000 deaths in Mexico, but continued a terroristic action stemming from 1937, and renewed in 1971 against peace-loving, inspired cannabis culture. Of which Barry Obama was one.

What also gets me, is, Obama promised "Science, Transparency and Change", in Washington, when he was elected. Does he not realize, if he had had the misfortune that befell me, with my pot-pipe bust, he would not be president. As a result of my reefer run-in with the law over 25 years ago, and becoming acute with the 9/11 terrorist attacks... I am now very limited with what career I can consider.   

"Transparency", maybe... change, hmm, not sure... seems the economy has taken up all his time, plus the Afghan war... and covertly, the Drug War - which is more of a corporate war on nature that politics is involved in.

I give president Obama a lot of credit, for what he's done... he has brought about some change. But overall I am still feel deeply disappointed in him. I even feel betrayed, by the way he juggles truth... not just about cannabis, though that is a big part of all of this; and why shouldn't it be? Barry Obama was a pot-head, if what David Maraniss reports is true.

What happened with the first Drug Czar's warning that "one marijuana cigarette will cripple you for life..." ?

Obviously not true.

Also not true is that use of cannabis is a "public health concern". People are nowhere dropping like flies because they use cannabis. The truth is, Reefer Madness is a myth... and it's damn well time that Washington, whoever is in charge realizes and understands, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness does not exist when WE can't use a plant God gave us - in a country that prints "In God We Trust" on it's money.

It's time for a real, genuine democracy in America... one that deals with real issues... for me, Mitt is out, and as for Obama... am I, would I be voting for Barack or Barry... the latter would get my vote, if not, I think I'll write in Ron Paul.

I'm told to "Be Myself" in life... yet I often witness where playing a lie gets yo what you want. Well, as the Rolling Stones sang: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need." And I need Truth, Justice and Liberty... the American Way!

I'd like to succeed also, in life, what's left.... and as Bob Dylan, the musician and recent awardee of the President's Medal of Freedom once sang... "Everyone must get stoned..." and I don't think Bob meant with a rock!

Stop the Hurt... Legalize Cannabis. Or at least show and prove it's a serious threat to public safety! Because I don't believe it is, and as a citizen of the United States, I challenge my government to justify it's continued belief and escalation of a war on a plant that harms very few Americans. A plant that actually helps millions in so many ways.

June 06, 2012


So how do the two candidates, President Obama and ex-Governor of MA, Mitt Romney, stack up when it comes to the "War on Drugs", cannabis reform and legalization of recreational drugs? It's a hot topic, though seriously, Americans polled have had enough of this war... enough of the whole Reefer Madness thing.

The truth be told, and I know this will be hard to believe, but Reefer Madness is a myth! Yeah, the Reefer Madness of the 1930's and all that "marijuana will make a person insane", sort of stuff, lead to harder drugs, "destroy our youth". There are far worse things out there hurting youth than marijuana! And why do I say this? Because in the upcoming Presidential election, legalization of cannabis, whether for medicinal, recreational or for both uses is a priority topic, whether the candidates know that or not, well, lol, they should. One of many, latest polls, show 56% of Americans favor legalizing cannabis. Source: LEAP (56% Approve).

The basic question is, why is cannabis illegal when compared to alcohol and tobacco which can be or are seriously harmful, legal, and cannabis is not, and people don't die from it's effects? Why would the government continue to criminalize a plant like cannabis? Why would the government lie? What truth is there in cannabis being a threat to public health. As I said before, there's far worse out there and meanwhile people are being locked up, or charged with a misdemeanor or worse for possession of a plant.

And of course the age old argument, if cannabis/marijuana has no medical benefits, then how is it possible to have synthetic versions of cannabis marketed as beneficial drugs? And to add sand in one's face, the ONDCP recently released a statement that cannabis research is ongoing, and when new drugs are found they will be properly handled... What??? Cannabis is a Schedule One drug, no research into potential benefits is permitted by law. Look it up.

Obviously something doesn't add up, and hasn't for quite some time. So...

Let's take a look at the two Presidential prize-fighters dueling it out in the ring?

Mr. Mitt Romney and current US President, Barack Obama. Their positions on legalizing cannabis. Their knowledge of the subject. Past histories with regards to personal experience.

I'll begin with Mitt Romney, ex-governor of Massachusetts - I used to live in MA., so feel roots, though he wasn't governor then, I should note. He passed health care reform in MA, I know that... and though it seems to be working, Mitt distances himself from that decision. That troubles me. He is opposed to Obama's health care law, modeled in part on his own, in fact I'm finding he has a way of distancing himself from whatever her doesn't want to deal with. Like the boating incident where Mitt was about to put his boat in the water, but a law officer saw a violation, and requested Mitt fix it before putting the boat in the water. Mitt, stubborn as he is, decided to ignore the officer, and was not only fined but charged with misdemeanor refusing the orders of... of course Mitt fought the charges in court and had them dismissed.

Fact remains, he doesn't seem decent, even by basic standards. Can't respect the cops and fix your boat???

Well, Mitt is running on the Republican ticket for President of the US, 2012 - 2016.

Mitt Romney's position on "marijuana" is quite clear. He is completely ignorant of cannabis reform, benefits, and the harm prohibition is doing to our country. At a town-hall meeting in response to a question about marijuana, Mr. Romney replied:

“People talk about medicinal marijuana. And you know, you hear that story that people who are sick need medicinal marijuana. But marijuana is the entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs. I don't want medicinal marijuana; there are synthetic forms of marijuana that are available for people who need it for prescription. Don't open the doorway to medicinal marijuana.” July 25, 2007, Romney speaking at a town hall meeting in Bedford, New Hampshire

He doesn't have a clue! I think, a Thomas Jefferson wannabe, without the brain but with a lot of arrogance and self-confidence - the latter we like, but the rest of the story, well, makes me cringe.  

For the record, there is no indication Mitt Romney ever used marijuana, nor had any friends that used marijuana, nor knew much about marijuana, medically or otherwise. Which means, to me, he has limited knowledge of history, though who doesn't?, however cannabis was used both as a common/popular and safe medicine until about 1940, as well as recreationally, called ganja. It listed in the US Pharmacopea (The MD's bible) until 1940.

Then there's his claim that "synthetic forms of marijuana are available". As President, let's think about that. "Marijuana" is classified as a federal, Schedule One narcotic... absolutely no medicinal value, and being as it's a S1, it's a violation of federal law to spend any money on research into anything Schedule One. That's Death Row... nothing gets out, ever!

Yet recently I read, and probably posted, ONDCP's Gil Kerlikowski, the Drug Czar, claims the NIH - National Institute of Heath and others are actively researching potential uses (as in pharmaceutics}, and safer ways of administration of marijuana, as in, pharmaceutics. The federal government is steering cannabis in the direction of being as tightly controlled as morphine. It loves the fact it can lie about the dangers of pot and steer all the lemmings towards the cliff.

Fact: Pharmaceutics Are Drugs. Plants are Not. 

Regardless, since it's illegal to spent federal money on a plant listed as Schedule One, either Gil is lying, or the feds are again, breaking the law.

Mitt Romney knows little if any of that, or about drugs. His "wisdom" is based on myths. Yet he appeals to a lot of people right now. People who I think, will be ultimately very disappointed. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very well informed, knowledgeable about the Constitution and law; Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for all Americans; I give mitt Romney a 2.

In PART TWO: President Obama/Barry Obama, and the Choom Gang. So why is President Obama still waging a War on Drugs? Excellent question.