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June 29, 2010


My apology to Mr. Vonnegut... Kurt Vonnegut, the writer... for getting to him so late. I'm just getting around to acknowledge him, and the profound influence his novels had on me during my 20's, the 1970's... Hesse too.

I remember "Ice Nine" in particular, A story within the novel, "Cat's Cradle". The whole world turns to ice, due to a "stable polymorph" introduced into water. Everything dies... within hours, or minutes. And it happens, in Cat's Cradle. Can't help but compare it to the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico - the "BP Spill".

Not exactly something to feel good about - stoned or not. In ICE NINE the world freezes completely. In the Gulf, everything turns to oil.


"Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (pronounced /ˈvɒnɨɡət/; November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007) was an American novelist who wrote works blending satire, black comedy, and science fiction, such as Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), Cat's Cradle (1963), and Breakfast of Champions (1973). He was known for his humanist beliefs as well as being honorary president of theAmerican Humanist Association. He is widely considered one of the most influential American writers of the 20th century."

Vonnegut speaking in 2004

One of the effects of Vonnegut's books are how they blend together.. I've read and reread his novels, "Slaughterhouse five", for example, a novel with a very personal view of WWII. What gets me stoned is not because I have a rush reading Vonnegut, but rather... a connection - a high from connecting and living the stories. Like an out of body experience.

My mentor during the 1970's, Professor DS,  suggested that not only should I reserve some books for when I'm older -like over 50... but reread the ones that touched you when you were younger., back then in my 20's.

I can think of one novel in particular that I saved - by Hermann Hesse' , "The Glass bead Game"... I remember only that unlike his other novels, of which I read them all, "The Glass bead game" was mathematically challenging. I wasn't able to climb that peak, back then. But, soon... I will.

Authors like Vonnegut, Hesse, can heighten awareness, influence thoughts, change behavior. It's just like getting stoned on "marijuana". The only difference is that cannabis often provides a temporary, nitrous oxide effect (laughing gas), a rush of sorts... but then these novels do much the same... providing a high, and euphoria, as well as esoteric experiences.


Hermann Hesse... maybe not what you picture for a spiritual guide... but similar to Vonegut, they're masters.

Hermann Hesse in 1927

"Hermann Hesse (July 2, 1877 – August 9, 1962)...  was aGerman-born, Swiss poet, novelist, and painter. In 1946, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature. His best-known works include 'Steppenwolf', 'Siddhartha', 'Narcissus and Goldmund', and 'The Glass Bead Game(also known as Magister Ludi)'. Each explores an individual's search for authenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality."

My own epiphany:
"What's that that makes us who we are? So elusive as to pay it no mind... you can ignore it, or embrace it. If you "embrace it", "IT has a right to BE too! You are not a god. You do not own it. If you ignore it, you ignore yourself, which in effect is taking your life for granted."

June 27, 2010

MARIJUANA OBSESSION - Autobiographical Critique

Face it old man - "you're obsessed with marijuana".

So I face it...

I look in a mirror; what do I see?

What I see is why I don't look into a mirror.

No, not anything bad, I'm really a good guy, I know that. Being obsessed with marijuana isn't what i see looking in a mirror... what I see is the challenge life has been and how fortunate I've been to have had the very unique experiences I have had, and to be able to look back on them.

But not in a mirror...

In a mirror I see a person alienated from his family, and society... for really asinine reasons. My choice at age 21, for example, to get a job as a custodian at a community college. It was my dream... but there was the disgrace it caused to my mother... and then there was sex, OMG, sex! Not a place we can go just yet... but let's consider an obsession towards knowledge, being human, fitting in, and finally, my interest in cannabis, which happened quite unexpectedly (and covered under earlier posts) actually.

My family mocked me as a "career student", since once I started using cannabis, I suddenly loved learning... and my job provided free tuition, so I could take any subjects I wanted... and I did, but alas, "the family rulebook", like the Supreme Court might rule, found that "career student" was an unacceptable use of my life.

Like Sarah Silverman, I just wouldn't "grow-up"!

I am, therefore, pretty much in self-exile from my family... in the 1970's we were expected to go to college, get a good paying job, get married, buy a house, have children, and grand-children, and die. College was but a stepping stone - one not designed or established so one would really learn, but an extension of high school, where you furthered your "prescribed" implant of information to go to the next square.

I blame a book my Aunt Helen gave me, Christmas, when I was 8yo, by Ray Bradbury - "R Is For Rocket", for making me different. Not cannabis or marijuana as many like to call it. Cannabis simply opened my eyes to the obvious... or what should have been obvious in my opinion... that education was and could be much more than the next square.

Having uncovered that secret however made me an outcast - yeah maybe in my own mind, but think about it - how many persons really look at college as a place of enlightenment, a place to learn, a place to become all you can? A place to research your most intimate interest, a place to socialize and find you're not so bad after-all...

If, like Sarah Silverman was able to do in her 2010 autobiography, I was able to do in my blog... I would not only feel very happy, but I'll bet, I could knock your socks off! The title of the book is "A View From Behind the Mop", and I've been working on it for almost 35 years... it's a story that happened by accident, when I chose the "road less traveled". What's ironic is that I didn't search for this road, it found me. As it should.

I had decisions to make for the first time in my life... and I embraced them, rather scared at first, but I did. But then, that "family rulebook" and almost daily calls from my mother, all starting out innocuous, but all leading to that rulebook, and to continued "parenting", which not only really annoyed me, but by age 21 that's an infringement.

Marijuana, happens to be a topic I've extensively researched since the 1970's... and had ample opportunity to experience first-hand. And to be quite honest, since I turned 50, like clockwork it seemed,  I haven't used cannabis very often since then, because pot is for young people. At least that's how the laws affect it's use, in my opinion. Instead, now I reflect on my life... smoke a lot of cigarettes and consume a lot of beer. Yes, and I do work 40 hours a week and commute an additional 17hours during the week. The irony - I've been told it's healthier drinking and smoking butts - Why? Marijuana is illegal, that's why.

Marijuana Prohibition is simply plain wrong. That's why i write about it... that and because my First Amendment rights permit me to. I'm also bothered by how cannabis, which was accepted in this country until 1937, suddenly became "the demon weed". If you've read my history of marijuana you'd see the term "marijuana" is directed towards Mexicans to begin with, and a prejudice... we called it ganjah, not marijuana. It became the target of immigration reform back in the 1930's... which then led to Reefer madness and the problems we have today, sorting truth from fiction.

Considering what's going on in our world, it's ironic that I find myself writing a blog that's considered "at the fringe", as I try and separate fact from lies. That the likes of people like Charles Manson and Joran van der Sloot are celebrities, getting numerous marriage proposals, and attention; that Wall Street needed us tax-payers to bail them out... hey, I could use a "bail-out" too!!!.

Marijuana is not the problem... Reefer madness is - the concept, the idea. It a comedy of tragedies... one that grows more elaborate and ludicrous every day. I need not remind my readers that on for 2010,  "legalization of marijuana" was voted the number 1 issue for reform in America.

I'm hardly alone... it turns out. Though I feel like I am.

June 26, 2010


Sarah Silverman...

Someone survived. Wow...

What I mean by that... Sarah was refreshing, sincere, genuine, smart, bright and funny... she can tell it like it is, and she knows how it is. She's a comedian who knows the truth...

I completed her 5 CD Audiobook, "The BedWetter", published by this year. I spread it out over a week during my commute home in the evening. I love her voice, so the hard-cover version would be a reference - the only way to hear Sarah's story is on the audio CD.

I highly recommend it to anyone feeling down in the dumps... if you're feeling alone, feeling oppressed, feeling this weight from your right pressing down on you to behave in an orderly fashion, or if you simply feel weirded out by all the catastrophies of late... oh, and you're not offended by four letter words... I highly recommend her book.

Now I am an addict.

I researched her on Wikipedia:

Sarah Silverman - Link from Wikipedia:

Sarah Silverman

I read on another site where one critic's view was that she "never grew up".

I can identify with that kind of criticism. Seemed number one in my family. The whole idea of "growing up" is so abstract though. What does "growing up mean?" We all grow-up. We don't all "measure up".  Is that the difference?

To measure up requires a ruler, something history teachers loved to use in high school, back in my day. Why did they have to make history so painful? I guess those in Texas will soon find out... it's because history is prescribed, not taught, in many cases.

Sarah Silverman's biography on CD reopened a person huddled in a protective cocoon. The person was essentially letting go... becoming a lemming. Experience taught him - too many games, too many expectations, too many rules... it's a sacrifice alone having to work 40 hours a week for a strange company, who pays you so you can survive, and holds it over your head. We can take solace in the fact WE bailed out the corporations that caused it the 2nd Depression... because they have few rules, or did....

Sarah Silverman is a comic with exquisite insight into what makes us tick... some of us, that is. She has no qualms with using four letter words, nor speaking openly about religion, sex, politics, and farts... and that's... why she's unique. Normally there are ways to "make people grow up". Sarah is a survivor... she's retained her humanity.

I like this picture of her, courtesy of her father, Donald Silverman, and the LINK he provided, a "thank-you, in a comment he posted to my original Sarah Silverman post.

Sarah Silverman with Pres. Bill Clinton

Yes, my Netflix cue is loading up.... I'm hooked!

And Sarah, I agree totally that "PEE" is far better than "Pee Pee". What were they thinking???

June 25, 2010

"DUDE... What's With Your Blog?"

 I have a friend - truly, I do, and I've been encouraging him to visit my blog. You know, when you want an objective opinion, if getting an opinion from a friend is objective, but you know what I mean... someone who wouldn't be afraid to tell me "it's bad", or "wow, cool site man!"

So my friend goes to my blog and he writes back... "way too dark man, I can't read it".

Hmmm, I wonder... is his monitor brightness turned down, or what?

The next time I saw him I asked him to clarify, please.

"It's the green text... too dark."

I'd already figured that would be his answer, when I looked at my blog with an objective eye and I changed the green to an off-white. (He still think "black on white", but I'm firm on white on black).

So I asked him to look again.

He said, "Dude, your background, it gives me a head-ache."

"What?" I ask, honestly perplexed and now wondering why my friend is feeling the way he is. I like my blog, so what's up?

He told me, "I sent you an e-mail of your blog so you can see what I see... it's just too busy; can't read half the stuff, and your background... honestly, it's not good."

Well now I was hurt, and discouraged. Until I saw the picture he sent!

OMG... I was dumbfounded! "It doesn't look like that", I told him... it looks like this:

He was surprised! 

There's a logical explanation... one that plagues many web designers... making your blog compatible with different browsers. I use Google Chrome and Firefox... my friend uses Firefox. A really old version. I just now looked at my blog in my up to date Firefox and it looked good. Explanation... his browser is too old a version to support the template I'm using.

I asked him, "were you able to read any of my posts?"

"Obsessed", he answered. "Yes, a few of them".

"Obsessed by what", I asked?

He laughed.

"You mean pot?"


Interesting I thought. "Well, you know", I told him, "I learned one must chose their battles wisely." I honestly believe cannabis prohibition is very bad policy, and it harms people in many ways, and compared to use of it, the punishments and hassles do not fit the perceived crime. American citizens are made victims by the very laws that simply don't make sense, in any way, to me. Yeah, so maybe I'm obsessed... but the simple (harmful) fact that cannabis is illegal means many law makers are equally obsessed. 

I asked my friend to update his Mozilla Firefox. I ask law makers to update the laws... stop making criminals out of people who enjoy cannabis... need I add - it is far safer than alcohol or tobacco. Regulate and Tax instead!!!

June 20, 2010


Towards the end of 2009, I promised my readers, a "History of Marijuana" and this is it. 

This is currently, a WORK IN PROGRESS. There is a vast amount of information/data to consider and  it's been my pet project of mine since the early 1970's. Sinced I worked at colleges, I had access to research and history i'd have never found had i simply been going to to library back then to look things up. I knew educators who were cool, and i learned from them too. I have books, photocopies of articles, and references everywhere, but unfortunately, they are hidden in boxes for now, for the most part.  

Most people alive today never knew cannabis was legal until 1937. But it was. Not only was it legal, it was sold like tobacco is sold, and it appears, didn't cause a whisper of concern, as other "drugs" did, like morphine, opium and alcohol... those were the Big 3.

I present this history because I believe the true history of "marijuana" betrays the true "madness" associated with the plant's use today, both as a medicine and for spiritual or recreational use. I strongly believe that the use of  cannabis is essentially safe to use and mostly beneficial. I don't believe there ever has been a proven scientific basis for the "dangers of marijuana", the "Gateway Theory", or that stoners are demons and dangerous. In fact, I am convinced none of that is true, and quite untrue.

To prohibit the use of cannabis today, under whatever slang-name one might choose, is not only unfortunate, but also the cause of much human suffering. The person-hours, money, and brain-power used to "combat" an essentially harmless commodity doesn't make sense to me. We have legal intoxicants and stimulants, to buy without question, as long as you're 18 or 21, that are scientifically shown to be far more dangerous, yet we tolerate it. We do so under the mantra - "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Freedom of Choice". The truth however we have a booming set of industries, and many addicted victims.

Cannabis is not perfect... and I'll get to that topic too. But it has far less a personal or health issues than the legal alternatives. 


The History of Marijuana is rather brief... in that, until Aug 02, 1937, it was known as . It'd been vital and in use for thousands of years, and no evidence of any problems associated with it.

Marijuana was literally created overnight. The same year the infamous McCarthy Era began, with the founding of the HUAC or "The Un-American Activities Committee" . Many of us recall it from when, Joseph McCarthy, a senator from Wisconsin, gave a speech... that rocked the US, and soon after I was born.

America was recovering from the Great Depression; alcohol prohibition; memories of a World War....

Sadly, due in large part to an in the south, and a few  questionably crafty politicians, a frenzied, racist media mogul, and a company/corporation that literally owned a BIG stake in seeing the  cannabis commodity burn; who by the way, actually owned the State of Delaware; prior to, the enactment of Anti-Trust Laws. You can read about it all in Jack Herer's, "The Emperor wears No Clothes". (Listed in my Media Recommendations).

And not to over-look; a tired, touchy, gullible public - think "War of The Worlds" hearing horror stories of children, young adults "jumping out of windows", "raping women", committing devious crimes.

"REEFER MADNESS" was born, and there's been no going back. Marijuana, was Mexican slang for cannabis, and would replace the time honored Ameri-European slang/name ganja.

Cannabis, and even it's THC free cousin, hemp, would be banned, more completely than alcohol could have ever been. It began with a tax, like the one that made owning a machine-gun illegal, or impossible to procure. The fact that ganja had no connection whatsoever to owning or using a machine gun, was lost on the American public. The fact that it was ultimately found unconstitutional to require a tax-stamp for marijuana while in possession of it, which was illegal, and thus, impossible to buy without being arrested became hugely popular among law enforcement and do-gooder politicians. It also became the number one illegal obsession which further fueled it's newfound notoriety. It also helped fuel the idiocy that alcohol and tobacco were okay, and therefore safe, because they were legal, and the notion that ganja was not okay or safe because it was illegal.

It was to me, the biggest blow to democracy as a whole, and a victory to propaganda in the guise of misleading the American public. People were downright terrified or marijuana and/or exceedingly interested in "trying it". Until 1930, as you'll see, ganja was simply "smoked like tobacco", and when ganja became a demon, it also became the seed to the future - to the "Beat Generation" of authors and writers, musicians, "love-children of the 60's, hippies, and me, in the 1970's... in hindsight, it created a demon worst than Hitler and the Third Reich, although, a much more mellow reality, it inspired armies of anti-drug, right-wing laws and the means to ruin countless lives of otherwise law-abiding citizens, and it continues to today.

To find out how ganja became marijuana, listed in my "Media Recommendations", I suggest you watch the following:

"HOOKED: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way" (2000);


The term marijuana, or marihuana - as Congress understood it, is of Mexican origin. It's slang Mexicans used for cannabis. It was commonly used in the United States, both as an essential medicine listed in the U.S. Pharmacopedia until the 1940's, as well as recreationally, without much thought. In medicine it was called "cannabis"; in public it was called, "ganjah, or ganja".

The following references document these facts:

The American Agriculturist Family Cyclopaedia, 1888

Note: the word "marijuana" is not included in the reference below, in 1888. Nor in other references I've ever seen, prior to the 1930's:

However, note the use of the term "ganjah" here in the same reference:

Close-up view:

"It is sold like tobacco..."


In 1862, and 1863 President Abraham Lincoln issued two executive orders, known together as the "Emancipation Proclamation", entered into the US Constitution under Article II, Section 2.

 Note in the following image the cannabis leaves underneath Lincoln:



Documented evidence exists that as of 1888, and even 1921, cannabis use was not perceived as a crime, nor a contributing factor towards any public problems. The following references are included to provide insight into what the genuine concerns, problems,  like, drug problems there were. 

WIKIPEDIA: "In May of 1657, the General Court of Massachusetts made illegal the sale of strong liquor “whether known by the name of rumme, strong water, wine, brandy, etc.”
In general, informal social controls in the home and community helped maintain the expectation that the abuse of alcohol was unacceptable. "Drunkenness was condemned and punished, but only as an abuse of a God-given gift. Drink itself was not looked upon as culpable, any more than food deserved blame for the sin of gluttony. Excess was a personal indiscretion." When informal controls failed, there were always legal ones.
One of the foremost physicians of the late 18th century, Benjamin Rush, argued in 1784 that the excessive use of alcohol was injurious to physical and psychological health (he believed in moderation rather than prohibition). Apparently influenced by Rush's widely discussed belief, about 200 farmers in a Connecticut community formed a temperance association in 1789. Similar associations were formed in Virginia in 1800 and New York in 1808. Within the next decade, other temperance organizations were formed in eight states, some being statewide organizations.
In 1830, the average American consumed 1.7 bottles of hard liquor per week, three times the amount currently consumed in 2010."

WIKIPEDIA: "The purpose was to combat the influence of alcohol on families and society. The first president was Annie Wittenmyer. Frances Willard, a noted feminist, was its second president, and made the greatest leaps for the group. They were inspired by the Greek writer Xenophon who defined temperance as "moderation in all things healthful; total abstinence from all things harmful." In other words, should something be good, it should not be indulged in to excess. Should something be bad for you, it should be avoided altogether; thus their attempts to rid their surroundings of what they saw (and still see) as the dangers of alcohol. The WCTU perceived alcoholism as a consequence of larger social problems rather than as a personal weakness or failing."

WIKIPEDIA: "In April 1865, Pemberton was wounded in the Battle of Columbus, Georgia, and like many wounded veterans he became addicted to morphine. After the war Pemberton knew he had a problem so he became a pharmacist at the Eagle Drug & Chemical Company in Columbus. Searching for a cure for this addiction, he began experimenting with coca and coca wines, eventually creating his own version of Vin Mariani, containing kola nut and damiana, which he called Pemberton's French Wine Coca."

With public concern about drug addiction, depression and alcoholism among veterans, and 'neurasthenia' among 'highly-strung' Southern women, his medicinal concoction was advertised as being particularly beneficial for "ladies, and all those whose sedentary employment causes nervous prostration, irregularities of the stomach, bowels and kidneys, who require a nerve tonic and a pure, delightful diffusable stimulant".

It should be noted that Mr. Pemberton, for all best intentions, died in 1888 from a combination of morphine addiction and cocaine.

The over-whelming fact is that alcohol use was then and still is a major public concern, and that Mr. Pemberton, like the Women's Temperance Movement, were dedicated to find an alternative to alcohol use, or for total prohibition of it's use. 

Another alternative at the time was ganja, however, ganja, sadly, did not have the addictive comparison, nor potency required to be a substitute towards the use of alcohol, which is why Coca-Cola was born...

During the American Civil War, the WTM suffered severe setbacks, due to the lack of attention to the problems associated with alcohol, and a military need to use alcohol on the battlefield.

It wasn't until the 18TH Amendment to the US Constitution, that alcohol was finally prohibited on a national scale. The act resulted in widespread violence and opposition, understandably, considering it's right-wing origins. The resulting violence and loss to public tax coffers led to early repeal of the amendment by 1933.


Prior to the 18TH Amendment, Other drugs got targeting and regulated. First in 1906, then again in 1914, two acts that would forever change America, since until that time, anything medinal, herbal or with spirit confidence was legal, and not given a second thought. 

Subject to federal regulation under two new acts adopted by the US Congress:

and the:

These acts regulated and/or prohibited the public consumption of drugs such as cocaine, opium and morphine, but notably did not include cannabis, as stated previously, called ganja. The "Acts" were highly controversial at the time, as the public perceived such prohibitive acts as a violation of personal rights and individual freedom. It also placed a burden on the medical establishment, which routinely used such drugs. But the acts held firm.



 Webster's "New International Dictionary" if you'd like a close-up let me know:

Cannabis is still listed as "ganja", though it dropped the "h".:

And it's still listed as... "smoked like tobacco." , marijuana is still absent, an still an unknown in a Webster's World Dictionary!

No marijuana or marihuana

What I'd really like to know, is why, if this cannabis plant was as dangerous as it appeared in 1937,  why didn't my greater grand-parents know about this? They knew by 1914 what was dangerous and addictive. Yet, cannabis wasn't included in this list.  

To the American public, cannabis use never was an issue. But now,  looking back from 2010, it's obvious cannabis became the perfect scapegoat... not only for stopping illegal aliens from Mexico, but also as the kingpin of "illegal drug use"; and the ultimate gateway to hell.


Organic Eggs

"hack, .,., cough,... wow, good stuff... hey, where'd everybody go? All I see are eggs... hey! Is that my brain???

Wow... nice eggs! And I'm still stoned on Sarah Silverman!!!

June 16, 2010


Sarah Silverman, the comedian... wow, what a rush!

Now before you jump to the conclusion that I'm feeling lustful, lecherous and having the time of my life, which except for the latter, I am. Consider that I've been avoiding Sarah Silverman, because of the former. It was only two or three years ago that I'd heard of her, and that was online... and I watched a short video with her and some other guy in a skit... it was hilarious, but she, Sarah, was so attractive, I immediately felt my mother's virtual, ghostly breath at the back of my neck.

"I can't go there," I told myself... "it's too much for this old man." Long ago I'd developed depression for the reason to cope with all those healthy feelings, like lust, and openness... I'd developed anxiety and PTSD to ward off all opportunity that may come my way...

But along comes Sarah Silverman... whom I knew I needed to avoid... but ultimately couldn't. I wish now there had been a law against Sarah. If there had been, I may have been able to avoid her, or find her sooner.

The moment I thought would never happen, happened on the way home from work a couple weeks ago... listening to NHPR, like is my usual routine. Suddenly, a piece about Sarah, and her new book...

You can see I couldn't resist the urge... I bought the CD set of her book. Rather shameful, I know. And now I'm addicted... I have listened to the first two CD's... one CD takes up almost the hour and a half coming home from work. Today and yesterday, I drove stoned, high on Sarah Silverman's - "The BedWetter". (Note to law enforcement - Sarah is not illegal, and I know if she makes me high I shouldn't drive, but other than Sarah, no real illegal drugs were involved).

Oh my god, I now know I am truly a sick puppy! Her voice is so very good, god I love her voice. And she uses every "dirty word" ever conceived of in the story... she is so unabashed... and oddly, naked, as she tells the story through my car speakers... but I don't laugh at her jokes... that is why i know I'm a "sick puppy". I am mesmerized... truly taking in her every word, every bit of her voice, and the image of herself that she tells. I simply can't believe in the high I get listening to her. And the feeling that everything, or most everything I've posted on this blog until now, has been withdrawal, and suddenly, I'm feeling high again.

Thank-you Sarah Silverman :) Now, at 55, I'm suppose to lighten up after years of staying in the shadows? I'm to believe that I can tell the story that is my life and I won't get arrested? But, then that's the whole problem... the air of censorship... the ideal of decency... the expectation, that we'll all just shut-up! Let the governments and the enclosed politicians do there job, and we like sheep can graze on what's provided. "Abide by the rules and prosper", is what we're told... but I believe the "Great Recession" has taught us those who are "too big to fail" are the winners, and they are the ones who know how to get around in the "system". To take advantages...

Having gotten stoned on Sarah Silverman, and with three more CD's to listen to, I'm scared. I haven't been this high in years!

Fact is, I feel I haven't been myself on my blog, have been afraid to open up, and then I hear Sarah Silverman telling it like it is! It's non-fiction, she said.

What did I become? Who am I becoming?

June 13, 2010

BLOGGER USERS: ALERT - Use Caution Using New Blogger "DESIGNER TOOLS">>>

I THOUGHT MY BLOG WAS RUINED!!! But, thanks to a blogger FRIEND I have resurrected most of it, with a few interesting improvements... but it's not how I wanted to start my day. I only wished to work on a post... saw the new designer tool on Blogger was available - clicked on it... and wish I hadn't!

Thank-You to ANN T...

As for Google... and blogger support - at least to warn a user that the "advanced tools should not be clicked on if you don't want to spend your day redesigning your blog," would have been nice...

June 06, 2010

DIRTY BOOKS, GRASS AND CRIME - (last edit June 15, 2010)

It's time to accept the fact that not all illegal activities are unlawful or prohibitive by nature. The fact is, there are "victim-less crimes". It's not a myth. Attitudes and changes in the public laws change the nature of these crimes, whether they are lawful or not... and they often do change, with time. This is in contrast to laws that are unquestionablt illegal, in that they involve victims, by the act itself. I say the act itself since current laws against cannabis cause more harm in my opinion than the use of the plant in most situations.

Sir Walter Raleigh, for example was found guilty of possession of tomatoes... whether true or not, it is true that during the 16th C, tomatoes, being red, were considered the "fruit of the devil". And then there are apples, also red perhaps, and it would seem there was a particular apple tree in Christian history, in the Garden of Eden, and you know it - "don't eat the apples! Or be damned..." and Eve was damned for consuming it, and sharing with Adam.

I often wondered why God would forbid humans from knowing the "truth...", but still today, we are driven to believe some truths are okay and others are not. Truth is truth... even if you put two eggs in a fry-pan and call it my brain, "on drugs", if I use ganja, I know the truth is, my brain is not a couple of eggs! Frying in a pan If there was one lesson that quickly tuned me into reality, it was propaganda like that that made me realize, society has truths it accepts, and those it doesn't... seems to depend on who is president, which is a laugh - not that the President doesn't have a vital and important job, but that a democracy follows a "leader". It doesn't. But politics are everywhere, and mores, defining what's right and wrong, encouraging a search for truth, but then judging which truths are okay/not okay.

Classic example: Laws designed to restrict what we read. Mostly invisible today, but in the past, not too long ago, one could be arrested and jailed for possession of banned books - much like cannabis users and dealers today are. . laws against certain books by famous authors (one which we'll visit shortly) were commonplace, around the world. It took time to change/amend those laws which dominated much of the late 1800's and the 1900's... until the early 1960's. Prior to the 1800's, books were rare, and it was a different world, one we can probably never return to.

Those of you who are younger than 30 may be wondering 'what am I talking about?' Books like  "The Catcher In The Rye" by  J.D. Salinger (1951), banned from school libraries, so what... read them anyways. Free Country, "Free Speech" issue, nothing new. It's much bigger a topic than you may be aware.

What I'm saying is it wasn't that way for many decades. When books became as much a part of society as computers today. The invention of the printing press and the creation of publishing companies. 18th - 20th century. And along came the Victorian Age; then the "Roaring Twenties", The Great Depression, Alcohol Prohibition and there began this artistic/ literary talent explosion, literary geniuses walking alongside the bums and hobo's - the expatriot generation.  Henry Miller is classic:

Henry V. Miller

 Source: Henry Miller - Wikipedia"

His novel "Tropic of Cancer", (1934) shook the world. Until 1961, when Henry Miller faced the US Supreme Court. All his books were treated as contraband, hazardous material... were sold in brown paper bags, in the shadows. Possession or sale was treated as a serious crime. Other notable books written by Henry Miller include "Black Spring", "Tropic of Capricorn", The Rosy Crucification" series. Other authors subjected to the same criminal harassment include, Henry James; Norman Mailer; Anais Nin; Jack Kerouac; Orson Wells; D. H. Lawrence; to name but a few.

In 1961 the US Supreme Court drew a line between what was "obscene and what was pornographic", the latter being legalized as long as the subject matter "had educational value, and wasn't deemed unacceptable under local standards". Many literary works by the aforementioned authors are now legal, and in fact, added invaluable benefits (in many citizen's opinions) to intellectual freedom, support of 1st Amendment Rights and the public good. Though, admittedly, there are also many who suggest the ruling paved the way towards "sexual liberation and immorality", though each is uniquely independent of the other, so suffice it to say not everyone agreed the change in the law were good. But then that's a democracy.

The point is obvious... until 1961 reading "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller was deemed to be a public safety issue and as such, due to the perceived damage to the human mind of such books, illegal and prohibited. Ironically, the "Beat Movement" and much of modern 20th century art owes it's origin to the "ex-patriot"  writers and artists of the "banned expression" generation. In some ways you might say the strict Victorian era, religion and alcohol prohibition all played a part in the enlightenment we try to enjoy today.

It was ludicrous to ban novels and art simply because graphic depictions or references to sex or human private parts were included... sex is we now seem to accept, as a major part of our life - however you feel about it, marriage or not. The issue was, in fact, a matter of public morality, not public safety... and it is now obvious that the perceived criminal behavior with reading a book by an author such as Henry Miller, was not reasonable or Constitutional. Even with the Zero Tolerance mentality many claim to have today, there is a limit in a democracy how ZERO TOLERANCE is Tolerated. Public laws may be violated where there is NO VICTIM. More importantly, emphasizing these "victim-less crimes" as more dangerous than true crimes against humanity, such as murder, rape, and harm or death to children, is a serious public safety issue and a misguided use of public resources.

To fund and fight a "War on Terror", is one thing, to wage a "War on Drugs" is a serious paradox in judgement - a public safety issue. War involves guns, deaths, destruction of property, death to innocent animals and plants, and all manner of harm. Wars are fought only by extreme necessity and when no diplomatic options remain. When two very dangerous recreational drugs are legal and actually publicly advertised and encouraged - one in particular, alcohol, as a rite of passage into adulthood, something is very wrong. War is Death... and we wonder why Mexico is going through HELL???

Imagine a similar "War on Dirty Books"? It could have happened. Yes it could have, and still may happen someday... in the meantime, although President Obama has, from what I've seen, abolished the "action" of a "War". Literally. He took what President Nixon began, and said "NO". "No more war, on drugs..." Unfortunately, it's still  "a war" for many... and many are dying, for these reasons of war.. and cannabis, is still used as the centerpiece - the GATEWAY to HELL that justifies "the war".

It's fairly easy for the majority to determine what's right or wrong, and to pass laws against what they deem innapropriate. That doesn't make it right - the fact that the majority may rule. The US Constitution protects individual liberties, not majority liberties. Where we need to draw the line is where citizens may be hurt or killed. Hate crimes are a primary example of laws required based on necessity to protect an individual or group whose beliefs are contrary to the majority, yet whose believes harm no one directly.

Polygamy,  for example is not a harm to society, unless it involves individuals too young to make individual choices that may affect the rest of their lives. To force children in marriages at a time in their life where they lack sufficient experience to make  a free and logical decision is wrong... and in this case it requires laws that are enforced.

Forcing children into acts deemed adult in nature by our society are legitimate concerns, just as forcing persons into slavery.

The focus of this topic is one of one's rights, but in this case, to consume natural natural plants that can be responsibly used by adults where there isn't a victim. Just as it would be wrong to subject those wishing to read pornographic novels written by Henry Miller, there are those who wish to use plants which have positive effects, which either provide relief from pain, or provide relief from daily stress... stress, which can kill.

Currently our society "approves" of two drugs deemed "recreational"... with questionable risks to public health. Alcohol and tobacco. The latter has virtually no redeeming value; the former, at least there is variety of consumables, but the potential for abuse is high for each of them. RE: tobacco, only a small segment of society can avoid addiction - of those, they are protected by the law in the use of their particular recreational choice. Who aren't protected, and are in fact hunted down, stalked, and prosecuted far in excess of any "crime" committed, are those who use cannabis, aka marijuana.

Deemed the "Gateway Drug", cannabis, aka marijuana is considered by far as the most dangerous drug to society... at least the federal government would like us to believe this... despite the fact that unlike legal recreational drugs, no one has died from use of cannabis, nor gone "insane" as popular folklore suggests... though, like anything we may inhale or ingest, including water, there may be problems. The fears with regards to cannabis are simply madness on a federal level... fears that this "drug" will leads to harder drugs, that "dependency" is a problem. Coffee is something I sure depend on - do we want to criminalize persons dependent on java? I didn't think so...

So why ban cannabis when much harder drugs are legally available, and there's literally no limit to the amount you can purchase, as long as you're age 18 or 21? Tobacco and alcohol. Safe?

Though there is no real proof that cannabis is a "gateway drug", the prejudice persists, and it alone makes it popular to demonize it, by such names as marijuana, reefer, joints, grass... made especially popular in the 1930's by movies like "Reefer Madness":

Since then,  millions of American citizens have suffered more by the laws against it's use than by it's actual use. It is an extraordinary example of how propaganda can blind a society to something that has far more benefits than dangerous consequences.

Like reading a "dirty book" had it's evils and had been so strongly prohibited by society, personal use of cannabis took on a similar sinister taboo, becoming subject to such non-scientific claims and proclamations as to suggest that those who use cannabis are simply a brain in a frying-pan. The question is: whether legal or illegal, does cannabis leads to harder drugs. Obviously the answer is, no. It is simply a drug some chose, and like anything else, we chose what we want in life... the which came first? "The chicken or the egg?"

LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) suggests that if cannabis were legalized, less than 1% of those wishing to use cannabis would want to use harder illegal drugs. And many would chose cannabis solely, and abstain from the use of tobacco and alcohol if given the choice. Not only would legalizing cannabis have a positive influence on society in general, and not only would it provide a safer alternative to legal drugs, but it could provide a substantial tax resource, and a source of funding for those addicted to both hard legal and illegal drugs.

The cost to society in legalizing cannabis is positive... in that trillions of dollars spent so far would be unnecessary, but also, that millions of productive, sane citizens would not have to live, inhale  and feel like criminals.

 We know who the criminals in our society are - and we know cannabis users are not included... except by false association, and mis-guided intentions. Cannabis is not a "gate-way" drug, except by the fact that to buy cannabis means buying it from underground sources - which in itself puts citizens in danger.

In effect, we thrive on our society's black and white approach to determine what's right and wrong... but the fact is, a true democracy relies on fact and logic, not prejudice. But, is this just, fair and right? Is this how we promote safety in our society, based on legitimate science? Or is it popularized fantasy? Whatever it is... as I've stated before and I'll say again, "The Most Dangerous Thing About Cannabis, Are the Laws Prohibiting It!"

Like the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that BP has bought, lock, stock and BARREL... Our politicians don't know how to say "No". And there's an endless assembly of seemingly intelligent people who can't seem to see the forest in the cannabis. Like the movies above, cannabis as "marijuana" is such a great eye-catcher, that it makes the perfect poster child to represent a very serious problem in this country - Drug Abuse and Crime. It makes for the perfect storm, or has now for over 70 years.

The irony is... the majority of cannabis users commit only one crime... they use it. Like the delicious, nutritious, red apple in the garden of Eden, that God forbade Adam and Eve to eat, seems, in 1937 a new garden was created: The Garden of the Damned", but then, Eve was damned from the very beginning, so nothing new there, which gets me wondering, how far have we really evolved to become truly civilized? When a "War" is waged on the citizens of a democracy such as the USA represents, that's a extremely serious action. The federal government is not a god among men... it is "We the People..."

What really permits the Judiciary of the United States of America to permit damnation of cannabis users and growers? Further, to have the highest incarceration numbers of any other country in the world?

Cannabis IS safer than the legal alternatives... so why make these citizens the enemy???

One of the Damned, circa 1975

The moral of the story - use cannabis and be damned! On the BRIGHT SIDE, I can read Henry Miller books and not be damned or arrested!

June 01, 2010

UNDER THE RUG... A Beer After BobKat

Yeah, first day back to work... yeah I'm wonderful, feeling great, so relaxed, ambitious, and at this point I invoke Article 83 of the NH Constitution, in case my artistic endeavors here shake some ankles... if you know what I mean.

If you don't, the news of the day to me is that the US Supreme Court today decided in favor of the state, and no I don't have the link, that if you're arrested, or think maybe you're being arrested, or maybe you think you might be under threat of arrest, or maybe you have an artistic (approved or disapproved) imagination and see things flying out of control, which until the arterial break currently in the Gulf of Mexico - people might have called you paranoid, but see? BAD SHIT DOES HAPPEN TO INNOCENT PEOPLE... because the SCIENCE is either none-existent, not there, too expensive to find out, or the batteries might be dead... whatever... my point... YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO TELL AN OFFICER OF THE LAW YOU "WISH TO REMAIN SILENT", in order to invoke your Miranda Rights, as I've said... you can't actually remain silent. It 'doesn't talk, walk-the-walk, and only Sonya wrote a dissent opposing the ruling. Way to go.

... Today, silence became SILENT. And you have to say "silent" to be silent... and I so love silence. But now I have to say something...

Can things get any worse?

So yeah... hey, just back from a 10-day vacation, or is it better to say ten-day, because to be honest - what vacation? I was sick the whole time. Or was I... come to think of it - I remember silence... And then I remember birds, and chickens, and turkeys, and pigs, and the wind, and the rain, and it all began with silence, the first I can recall in 4 years!

Now I have to QUESTION whether it was truly silence that started it, or if I was just hearing things.


what's the symbol for "silence"?