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November 23, 2013


When I speak of "The Doctor", I would normally be referring to the popular decades long Dr. Who series from the BBC.

But in this case, the "doctor" is Dr. X...

Dr. X works for the federal government. He advises the DEA. He has subjected "subjects" to tests including putting a monkey into an environment where the air they breathe is marijuana smoke only. The envi lacks oxygen, the subject dies. Who the hell knows what the federal government has done to prove the following:

Screen Capture from ONDCP/White House - "Petition the White House", where citizens could petition President Obama and the government for reform. This particular petition netted many thousands of signatures, yet was brushed off when passed on to the ONDCP.  Many thousands of people petitioned the WH for a sane approach/ reversal of laws against and an answer to exactly why marijuana use is considered dangerous to public health? 

The response from the Office of Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) was essentially: Federal law prohibits consumption, distribution and possession of Schedule One controlled substances. Period!. 

Here is the full WH response: 

The purpose of this post isn't simply to disclose how set against legalization of marijuana is to the federal government, but rather, to suggest a disconnect between "We The People" and the government that is elected to ensure public safety. And they're not doing that. 

Not only does the federal government have a patent filed for medical uses of marijuana, but they have yet, in 75+ years provided proof that marijuana is the dangerous substance they claim it is. 

"Marijuana is a Drug".

Who says?

We said.

Is coffee and the caffeine in it a drug?


Is tobacco and the nicotine within it considered a drug?


Is alcohol, present in all liquors and beers considered a drug?


Then why is marijuana considered a drug?

Because we say so and we don't have to provide proof.  

A danger to society/public health!???

The reason for this post is the recent raids by the DEA in Colorado... 

"DEA Raids Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Washington, 'Humiliating' Shop Owners", Huffington Post
Or here if you prefer NBC:

DEA, IRS raid Denver area pot businesses

It motivates me to ask, what IS the federal government doing to promote and protect the public? You've got heavily armed police raiding establishments that by state law are legal. They are seizing produce. They are offering no explanation. They don't have to. Not these days. Our government is autonomous. Not dribble like "For the People, By the People."

The raids will continue... all paid for by US tax-payers. With over 60% of Americans in support of legalization of marijuana why are we footing the bill for these raids on legal businesses? 

Legalize it, Tax it if you must, but 

Please, Stop the Hurt...

Happy Gobbler Day... looking forwards to the day HempFest is a national holiday also! 

Staten Island NY has an odd problem... they're over-run by wild turkeys...