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May 28, 2011


Memorial Day weekend 2011:

Memorial Day; it means a lot of different things to each of us. To many, perhaps it's simply the beginning of Summer, a long weekend off from work. To others it's about remembering loved ones who have passed on. And to many others, it's about war, and soldiers lost in fighting for our freedoms.

Or fighting a war that we perceive was unjust, and the victims - soldiers; civilian casualties, wrongly placed in harm's way. The Viet-Nam War, as an example, a war that I remember well, and my place in the politics of that war... I never saw war, but I was draftable, and would have been, drafted, had not the draft ended just days before I turned 18. Then, there was a "Draft Lottery". (Based on your birthdate, your date would be put in a hat, and your number drawn. Mine was 16; sweet 16, which meant upon turning 18 I would be drafted into the Viet-Nam war.)

The French Resistance, WW2, French citizens fighting against the German occupation. I don't know why, but the French Resistance fighters of WW2 was an unforgettable history lesson in my life. I don't know if it's the war movies I grew up with in the early 60s, or reincarnation memories.

Memorial to the French Resistance:

CREDIT: Trailblazersww2

"The French Resistance refers to the many groups of French citizens who fought German occupation of France during WWII. In 1940, French soldiers were overwhelmed by Nazi forces and the government sought for peace with Germany... Charles De Gaulle, later the President of France, fled France for Britain, from where he sent radio casts urging the French to fight the occupation."

"Primarily sponsored by the British, the French Resistance first referred only to a few groups around France that fought back, usually through acts of terrorism, guerilla warfare, murder of German soldiers, or through aiding the escape of Jews and others seen as enemies of the Nazis."

CREDIT: FLICKR_French Resistance

CREDIT: FLICKR_French Resistance

Viva la France!

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History: During the 1950's through the 1960's civil rights were a hot-bed topic of the hottest kind.

I remember as a kid, around 8, while enroute to a Florida vacation we stopped at a restaurant in Georgia I think. My father who traveled a lot within the US on business, told my sister and I what the etiquette is around Blacks. Our waitperson was Black, which is why the topic came up. My father was concerned if we violated the status quo.

During the same period their were those now known as "Freedom Fighters". American citizens who were defying the status quo, and the discrimination against Black people. Whites travelling on buses with Blacks who were not in assigned seats at the back, and other violations. Many times these "Freedom Fighters" were attacked by mobs and beaten, and killed.

Having lived through that period of our history as a young man, gives me a lot of insight into that mindset.

The most famous "Freedom Fighter" perhaps is James Zwerg
CREDIT: CNN; "Editor's note: This is an excerpt from John Blake's 2004 book "Children of the Movement." The PBS documentary "Freedom Riders,".

The real problem James faced after the fact wasn't the beatings he received from mobs he encountered, but from his own family. He became a "disgrace to his family", and was blamed for a heart-attack his father had.

The article related to this story relates how for many years the sense of guilt and shame were key to James' life.

In my own life, to pursue my dream I became a custodian at the local community college at age 21. I too became a disgrace to my family. I suffered several years of guilt and shame by my family because I chose a job as a custodian at the local CC.

The rule was: There Is Only One Road In Life, just One. And I wasn't on that road and neither was James Zwerg.

The consequences were a life of self-doubt, guilt and shame...



Have a Good Memorial Weekend...


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