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November 23, 2016


The following article fortunately is over as the person returned home okay.

A woman local to me here in Maine asked me to post this Missing Person post - the woman is a volunteer who helps relocate teens living in abusive families. She asked me to share her post from FaceBook.

Okay my friends....
This is my friend Kelly Bauer Snow....
She is one of "MY" girls, once living here in Seabrook, NH and now living in Indianapolis, Indiana.
I last heard from Kelley on Friday night, 11/18/16. She was distraught over several things in her life and asking for help. I offered to help her get somewhere safe for a bit, and she was to call me after a meeting with another friend of hers.
Kelley never went to the meeting, and she never arrived home that evening, leaving her beloved dog, Reggie, alone, locked in her apartment with no food or water, (100% not like Kelley).
Please note Kelley was last known to be in her vehicle, a Red Hyundai, with Indy plates "JAZZY74". (car in photos below).
Please note that Kelley has red streaks in her hair, a nose ring, and large tattoos on her right forearm....
A Missing Persons Report has been placed with the Indy PD by her sister, and many people are out searching for Kelley.
If you see Kelley Bauer Snow, please contact me, her sister Melissa Bauer Peterson, her best friend Brian Hoffmeyer or Detective Gold with the Indianapolis PD at (317)-327-6917.
Please call with ANY sighting. We are all very worried about Kelley at this time and we just want to know she is safe.
Thank You.

Please NOTE(today's date is Nov. 29, but sometime after Nov. 20th): Kelly has returned safely. She is okay.