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June 14, 2014


Although the federal government has a patent on THC*, the active psychotropic drug found in cannabis, for medicinal use, the federal government maintains that cannabis remains a Schedule One drug on par with heroin, in that it, marijuana, has no medicinal uses or use is extremely addictive.

Quite the contradiction, especially when one considers that the branch of the federal government that did the research and filed for the patent is forbidden by federal law to conduct any research into beneficial therapeutic uses of an S1 drug. The logic goes that if it is a Schedule One drug, no research into medicinal use is valid. That's why research by the federal government, the NIH, the DEA, or anyone receiving federal grants are forbidden from exploring positive uses for cannabis. To be a Schedule One drug is akin to being on death row.

*PATENT #: 6630507, which states in part: "The U.S. Patent Office issued patent #6630507 to the U.S.Health and Human Services filed on 2/2/2001. The patent lists the use of certain cannabinoids found within the cannabis sativa plant as useful in certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and HIV dementia."
Why the contradiction? How did the federal government secure the patent? Why has the federal government under President Obama continued this contradiction of maintaining marijuana as a S1 drug, yet look the other way? Is that something we should be thankful for? I think not. The federal government which represents the PEOPLE needs to address the marijuana use issue. It needs to be removed completely from drug scheduling and placed on par with coffee, alcohol and tobacco.

Two states, CO and WA state have legalized recreational use of cannabis. 21 states have legalized cannabis for a variety of medical problems. The odd thing about this is that cannabis is a plant. A native plant. It was legal and used for millennia, but was made illegal in 1937. Most know the means to this end was dubious at the very least, and downright absurd to those who know the whole truth. Yet Tricky Dick President Nixon turned this country upside down by ignoring his own specially selected blue ribbon task force to study the effects and evidence regarding marijuana use. The Shafer Committee recommended legalization.

"The harm to society is negligent..."

Nixon made marijuana more the demon weed than even it was in Reefer Madness during the 1930's. He saw to it marijuana was not legalized and using his power as President had it placed permanently into Schedule One status, and created the multi-billion dollar's covert ops dept of the DEA.

Nevertheless, the 1970's were the best of times.

So can marijuana users live productive lives? What makes you think they can't?  Of course they can... 1/4 of society has used cannabis and many that use it are very productive members of society. The suggestion that marijuana users are drugged is bogus. A myth. A fabrication. A lie.

The laws generally equate marijuana users in with homicides, rapes and burglary. The sentences are very similar. Whatever happened to common sense and the amendment that guarantees the punishment shall be equal to the crime? So you smoke a joint of marijuana... the punishment should be, smoking a joint of marijuana. Just as in if you rape someone, you should be raped too. An eye for an eye...

Not that I literally believe such nonsense... but the fact is, marijuana use and possession should in no way be a crime.

UPDATE: JUNE 18, 2014

I realize now I didn't answer the question most skeptics would have. "Does marijuana impede the judgement of an individual while using it"?

"Impede" is an interesting word, sorry, but to ask that question implies a suspicion, based on what?

I see three scenarios here, 1) a user at home or with friends in a safe place; 2) a user at work; 3) driving a car.

How's that?

#1. WTF! It's a free country, is it not? Is anyone getting hurt? I mean like a person sitting at a bar or a group sitting around a campfire? How is it different than drinking alcohol? Current laws would suggest the person is beating the crap out of someone, but the truth is much different. No one is getting hurt. So butt out unless you're invited.

#2 Seems to me it depends upon the job. As much as cannabis is linked to alcohol, they're seriously, very different. Using alcohol on the job is one thing, and often not positive; using cannabis, that depends as cannabis has been linked to many positive improvements to bodily functions, due to the fact our own bodies manufacture cnannibinoids. Marijuana has what the body can use as endocannabinoids, meaning provide from a plant or other source. It's no different than taking a prescibed drug. You need to concern yourself with realistic concerns.

#3. I know there are those who say driving a car while stoned is best, that is crap. Marijuana does have a sensory insertive whereby it will affect your driving a car. You may drive slower, or more carefully, but you're not all there.

So what do I gather from all this? Heck! Common-sense! And if you're home alone... hope the stalkers outside aren't a SWAT team or from DIVISION...

Most marijuana users adjust to a dosage their bodies set. Some do appear to be addicted, but it'd not physical. Most find it beneficial if they decide to use it long-term. In the majority of cases it appears if you think about a pack  day tobaco smoker, the marijuana user had a cigarette. Maybe more, maybe less. But there's no comparison and I'm done making them.

"Treating Marijuana Like Alcohol" may have worked in Colorado, but it's a dumb idea, It's dumb because the truth is being with-held. Marijuana isn't the problem. I recently posted the feds have a pattent on cannabinoids, since 2001. It is for medicinal benefits discovered by the NIH. The fact that it is against the law doesn't seem to bother the Justice department, like online Texas Hold'em does. Or the "Scorpian Intrusivity Device" law enfocement has access to intercept all cell-phone traffic. Yes, that means if you buy your marijuana using a cell phone you could be a suspect and get busted.

Oh, hey, considering a career change? Doing very well in your current job but it's time for a change? Although the marijuana is improving your life, you need to stop using fo at least 30 days so as not to fail a piss test. Marijuana is the only "drug" that stays in your system that long - because our fat cells are designed to hoard the stuff, and it's shedded slowly as a metapolite, which is what the drug test are designed to test for. So you can use heroin, meth, cocaine, alcohola virtually within 24 hours prior and pass the test, but use cannabis, you're dead.

This is our Justice System. Do you agree this is justice?

No, don't check agree below as that would suggest you disagree.

Post a comment. Get involved. Speak your mind.

June 08, 2014


I'm still working on my 2004 Subaru Outback, this time attempting to change the engine temperature sensor. You'd think it'd be a simple job, it isn't.

You may want to refer back a couple posts to where I pull the engine and replace the head-gaskets, timing belt and components and the clutch. There are followup additions as initially the new rear main seal began to leak and I had to pull the engine again and replace it. It's not leaking now and the car is running fine.

However; Every 400 miles or so an engine warning light trips and the error relates to the O2 sensors, bank one, catalyst below efficiency. This happened before the rebuilt only then it was within 100 miles or so after resetting the computer.

I read where a faulty temperature sensor could cause this problem, along with leaking heads... well the heads are fixed, they are no longer leaking after replacing the gaskets.

So I bought a new temperature sensor for the engine. It's a Well's SU4300. This actually goes back to my original post where I begin to replace the head-gaskets, as one of the first things I did was to replace the temperature sensor, then I did the heavy work that followed.

It took me roughly a week previously to do all the work - so imagine my shock and awe when I'm finished with the big-job and I start the car for the first time? It started right up and ran well. But after a short drive I noticed the temperature gauge was in the red and rising. I scooted home.

The engine didn't act like it was over-heating. The lower hose from the engine was cold, indicating the thermostat which was new hadn't opened yet. I worried some about a vacuum block, in the coolant, but given the obvious I decided against that idea. I revved the engine a a few times, and waited. The lower hose finally got hot, pretty much when I expected and the cooling fans came on when expected also, lasting less then a minute which is normal.

The engine temperature was normal therefore despite what the gauge read. So the only thing I did was put the old sensor back in. And the temperature was back to normal (I waited several hours since the coolant was hot).

Recently I bought another temperature sensor from another company after getting a refund from the first. It was the same model sensor, a Well's SU4300. I noticed after installing this one the temperature of the engine read normal operating temperature and mid-range even before starting starting the car. The engine was stone-cold, it should not have a reading already. Again, after starting and running for ten minutes the gauge went above the red-line, indicating over-heating.

This is a picture of both the old and new sensors:

A slight difference in design is to be expected.

So now I have a dilemma. Two new sensors, from different parts stores both defective??? Same manufacturer. But a reputable one. Same part #. Yet the old part is the only one that works and reads the correct temperature. You'll be told to buy OE parts from the dealer, and in some cases that's the only place you'll find the part, but for something like a temperature sensor it is very unlikely only a Subaru replacement will work. The auto-parts stores would go out of business if such poor and defective parts were being sold.

So, since I don't have the answer to this mystery, and the clerk at the parts store doesn't, I signed up for a free-3 Day subscription to JustAnswer,com, with a Subaru Expert apparently standing by. I have not yet received my answer. When I do I'll add it onto this post.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE June 10, 2014

I learned that when you ask a question don't merge two questions into one. The tech who answered my question was sharp though. The two questions I asked of which this one he answered really wasn't posed as a question, was, that I was changing the temp sensor in hopes of resolving a "Catalyst below efficiency" error. The real question was why do two new sensors, the only one (I found a different one, an OES which, the last time I ordered an OES part it was a genuine part, a Toyota part.) sold, as I was saying, wig out both times? What he did answer was the exact P0420 code, that I hadn't mentioned. He said 95% of the time that means a bad CAT... being BobKat, I'm focused on the 5% as the CAT is just over a year old, installed by a reputable technician. And I suddenly found a picture of my exhaust system indicating the 5 O2 sensors, of which I change the very front - 2, and the very rear - 1. I didn't change the center ones after the primary CAT, and that I found out is Bank 1. That's what the code says is in error.

These cars though - confusing??? I have either an EJ 253 (of which most of my parts were - including the head-gaskets which are holding up really well) or the EJ259. Not only is it hard to find enough information to know for sure but the EJ259 is the PZEV - High Efficiency engine, but no where does mine say that, though I know it's CA emissions. If I do have a EJ259 I may have installed the wrong head gaskets but I carefully compared it and the holes to the old one, and found no differences other than a better design.

And oh yes, I found an OES brand temperature sensor - another $20, last time. And plan on replacing those center O2 sensor when I can. I'll bet a new CAT is around 2 grand. I don't dare look!

UPDATE: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Success!!! AutoPartsWarehouse had the temperature sensor I needed. I ordered it Wednesday night - the text listed said there would be a 3 - 4 day delay, but I received it that Friday! They label it as OES, but as you can see from the packaging, it is a Subaru part:

And it did the trick. I installed and let the engine warm up and it registers perfectly the coolant temp, actually a bit lower than the sensor that had been in there.

Lesson to learn... the Wells SU4300 may look like the right part, but it's not. I base that on the fact I installed two of them from different retail sources, and neither worked. Only the OES part worked.

UPDATE: The P0420 Engine codes were a result of one of two bad O2 sensors in the central part of the CAT. One side had been changed, the other (bad side) hadn't.