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August 18, 2011


In my last post, Part One of this topic, I discussed an online service posted on my blog, as an AdSense member (they do that), which entices and claims to provide "you with access to another person's background; and what we would expect with this service are no results if there is no criminal history. But that is exactly what they are hoping you'll think, as you're presented with results, for virtually anyone you enter to search on.

We all want to feel SAFE. Even serial killers want to feel safe, safe as safe can be. That's not to say we actually feel safe, which many of us don't, reinforced by gruesome murders, child abductions and murders, spouse murders, suicides, kidnappings and murder(s), massacres, government massacres, like the current atrocities occurring in Syria right now and the past several months/years... disappearances, missing persons, bodies found or never found... husbands that murder wives, wives that murder husbands, parents that murder their children, friends that murder friends. Where does it stop, the murders, the deaths, the disappearances?

Why does our tax-payer $$$ fund a 1.4 trillion dollars to date War on Drugs, mostly marijuana, and next to nothing on the things I mentioned above?

Why were the Butts Family Murders, or Nikki Ladue January never given proper proceedure in bringing a predator/killer to justice?

Without a doubt we can't be too trusting these days... civilization isn't yet attained. The wild, wild west is not too far back... late 1800's, in fact. Having protection is a must. Having a gift of second nature intuition is a must.

So websites offering information with regards to a possible criminal background for that new neighbor, new employee, or potential new friend, seems wise and prudent.

There are people with criminal brains. People that make no sense to the majority of people. Igor found that out in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", when sent by his master, Dr. Frankenstein, he grabbed the brain of a criminal in haste, and that is the brain Frankenstein got. The villagers massacred them all...

On that note... turn to the latest in White House Politics...

I know, it's a vast turnaround; and another one soon to come; what Congress accomplished of late is nothing next to phenomenal, how our new Tea-Party elected Republicans brought this country to the brink of economic default, and how House Majority Leader Boehner (pronounced bain-er) seems to have come away unscathed, while Pres. Obama takes the heat. As well he should, as President.

I personally don't hold Obama accountable, i think he acted extremely well in the face of it. What annoys me is how preoccupied this Administration has been with issues that should not be issues.

There are REAL ISSUES to deal with...

Which brings me to the conclusion of this topic... Brains, normal brains/criminal brains...

How do you know what brain is near to you? Imagine we're all Frankenstein... now imagine the idea of a person having a "criminal brain"... the brain of a person who is a serial killer, a murderer, kidnapper, marijuana user? All bring down harsh punishments if caught, and that is why we have a government that "serves and protects us".

Who is the real Frankenstein? Please stand up.

August 06, 2011


An Advertisement on my blog got me thinking about this topic. The advertisements are to the left of my topic, under my "Followers". It's not the image/Amazon link on my topic, but rather the from the Ads added from a 3RD Party there as an AdSense member. To be able to monetize and offer up suggestions for books, different media and relevant merchandise (the Amazon links I post next to my topics), I accept this 3RD party can place ads on my blog. It's actually quite common, even with corporate and government blogs.

The particular advertisement that inspired me here, not available under the ads section right now, was about conducting a "Criminal Background Checks". How you could find out all you wanted to know about that new neighbor, employee, boss, new friend or lover... anyone.

I've actually tried several companies like this over the years. One or two I can say do what they claim, but several others are useless. Still, you never know, and not knowing about that new person can really gnaw at your neck. So, what to do? It's so easy to click the link these days...

But Be Forewarned... On the following link, CheckMate, aside from a small disclaimer when you first enter the site, nothing can prepare you for the results when you type in someone's name. And you'll get results!

Here, try it: CHECKMATE

OK, you tried it... now for around $40 dollars you get to click on the links to find out more, most likely not much more. And if you don't pay the money, you're left wondering...

When I first tried it - from a link on my own blog, multiple listings for people I typed in came up. I even typed in the state governor, and our State senator, and every time - it appeared there were "criminal records" linked to the person... but of course to find out those details I would have to pay. I didn't. I just was left to assume they were guilty of something - being politicians, and all.

What I did do was make the mistake of telling one of my housemates, a registered nurse, that several links were there about her. She freaked, burst into tears, and not because she was guilty of anything, but rather, her job demands a high level of accountability. The shear thought or indication of anything criminal or in bad judgement could cost her her job.

I was stunned and heart-broken over the fact I'd upset her with this website and it's links. What have I done, I wondered.

I wrote to a fellow blogger who happens to be ex-law enforcement. I asked him to try the site... I told him what happened. He wrote back and said:

"Yes, with the popularity of criminal justice databases online, there are several of these comprehensive background report companies selling services. It is important to remember that any agency claiming comprehensive background checks should be viewed as suspicious--since law enforcement, which has the best system, still has to search/jump through hoops using a variety of areas to conduct a criminal history (federal, state, local)".

"As you observed, this one is particularly misleading with their "supposed" criminal info once you pay the fee. They have been accused of being a scam several times online (here are two)--"

1) Complaint Review: Corporate Headquarters Instant Checkmate LLC

2) Instant Checkmate does not provide "background checks" and incompletely provides criminal records.

The secrete behind their back-ground tease? They use commonly available online data about where you have lived and currently live. That's it. Your record of where you've been sometimes goes back decades... they simply generate a record for every address you've lived at, plus some (meaning I found some errors).

Next time... Criminal Behavior... What is it, and why is it so common in our country?