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January 31, 2010


There are victims and there are victim's advocates. We come in many types and styles. Prior to the availability of the internet, the best a person could do was write an editorial in a newspaper. Nothing much would happen - if he really knew something 9she didn't dial 911, either because (s)he figured what he knew wasn't really that important, or it didn't exist. Perhaps, that's the way it should have stayed that way... but it didn't. So now, there are advocates for many issues. Mine is for the victim.


I've been a voracious reader my whole life... sci-fi, murder mysteries, true-crime, etc... But to be honest, it took several self-death defying moments, personally, before I could get involved, that and the fact that the WWW was now at my fingertips.

I first suggested this topic, "victim's advocate"  to my fellow blogger, Slam Dunks, available HERE, when I was a "guest writer" on his series about Brianna Maitland, FBI Link.  Brianna Maitland, 17, disappeared the night of March 19, 2004, in Montgomery VT. She has not been found, her disappearance remains a mystery. Slam and I discussed it, as a topic, and it was obvious it wasn't one of those usual topics. Meaning, it went into the cupboard.

Link to Slam Dunk's first post for Brianna is: HERE. I was invited to be a guest writer somewhere around Post 14 after I wrote to him, and volunteered. I had become involved in late 2004, by then, Brianna had been missing 5 years. 

The question I get a lot, is "what's it to me?" "Why get involved?" The answer is, I'm already involved. The "why"... well, that's fate. I called her parents and offered to find her "missing car keys" with my metal detector. One thing led to another.

The basic facts are that I read about her disappearance in the news, online. I read that she was considered to be of "questionable character", in that drug abuse was suspected. It was likely, the news-papers reported, that she "ran away, to escape a drug debt". A month earlier another young woman, Maura Murray, disappeared in Haverhill NH, 90 min. SE of there. Coincidence? I expect, the answer is yes. The cases were different, then, but the Brianna case bothered me. The Murray case too, but for different reasons. With Brianna the case rested on her alleged "character". And I had to really wonder what the press was alluding to when it reported that police were suspicious of her disappearance as a "drug-related problem", and not something worse.

When it comes to "black and white" thinking I get annoyed. When it comes to "drugs", I always am left wondering, what drugs? They, the free press, don't mean alcohol... if they did, and they love that topic too, they would say it - alcohol. But in this case, a 17 year old woman disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and the hairs on my head stood up because there was an alleged "drug problem" with her disappearance, and to me, something didn't seem right. There was something rotten... and it wasn't in Denmark!

In my next post I will continue with my experiences. This is just an introduction.


Until next time, my favorite quote from the:

Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

We are all unique, we are all the same... quite the paradox then... little surprise to me that I stand up for someone less fortunate than myself. It's my friends that are perplexed... "why get involved?"

Why? Because I got screwed by the system too! And I have a voice... where others don't.

January 26, 2010

Men from Mars, Women from Venus, and me??? Part 3

ARTIST'S GALLERY (Image Source):

I've been thinking. Yes, I know... But I think I bit off more than I can chew on this topic. At one time, I could clearly see what it was that I wanted to say. But now... things aren't as clear and memorable as then, they're more murky and faded.

In my last post, I ended with "Family", "blood thicker than water...". I described "dumping" a girlfriend named Diane. Quitting college, selling my car. Moving upstairs into apartments built over an old horse-barn. I was 18, and on my own for the first time. In a future post I'm considering, I'll tell the story.

Now, my goal is to explore men and women... and where do I fit in?

Where do any of us "fit in"?

The story of humankind, and our gift of consciousness, which to many may feel like a curse. How do we live our lives - truly live our lives? Are we free? Are we really free to choose our own life? What would a hedonistic society look like?

Just thoughts I have. We are not completely free, yet we can make personal choices, and we can get involved in peaceable ways. That gives us a chance, and that gives us hope. Obviously, human interactions from the most intimate to the most global, how we communicate, or love, or assist, or destroy, depends upon may things. We have many ways we join together, and many ways we don't. In many religions for example women are subservient to men, and follow or subject to strict codes of conduct .

Women are people - humans just like men. I learned that by 5 year's old. Why can't civilized societies recognize that?

I came of age during a most interesting time - the mid- 1970's. Hippies were gone, except strongly in spirit. Yet what they opened, Pandora's box, or Cleopatra's, it doesn't matter... what they experienced was passed down to us...

Yes, I did quit college. Yes, I sold my car. Yes, I got a job as a custodian at the community college. Yes, I was in my early 20's and after 8 years of feeling like I was in prison, bullied daily to the extreme to where I was really scared to go to school. But the 70's...

I used the word "dumped" purposely to to make a point. I think it's aninappropriate, derogatory word, a word used by both men and women quite loosely. I think Diane was the last woman I "dumped", at 18...  there was nothing there, no real friendship, no chemistry, no affection. We didn't communicate well... and I decided it wouldn't work. I should have never let it go on as long as it did... but I was a late bloomer, and I had things to do.... and ironically, nothing did, go on.

Not until I met Sue. By then, a year later I was realizing what I wanted was the whole woman in a relationship... I liked women... I liked the way they thought, and the pleasant feeling when meeting a woman that was naturally good natured.

I recall in the mid 70's, leading up to the Women's Right Amendment, that the campus I worked at was very open to equality between the sexes. But here is where I get in over my head.

It all came down to Sex. I never wanted just sex, which seemed like what a lot of men wanted. I wanted the whole woman, and I wanted not to feel like I possessed her. Fortunately, my job as custodial landed me in the Fine Arts center... full of artists, writers, professors of English, and photography, to name just a few. I had the keys to the place... every door. I got to know many people... and found two professor's who became my mentors.

Doug S. and Virginia Y. This topic is for another post, on education, my reason for bringing it up, is Doug introduced me to books... and I'd always been a voracious reader, so I readily accepted the books he suggested - authors like Henry Miller.

I simply had a very bad taste in my soul for "eduction" as in "the system of...". But Doug was able to enlighten me about education, and much more...

I inquired, about how a guy is suppose to  relate to women, and there seemed to be too many games. He said "you don't need to play games... just talk to them, be friends, and if the moment seems right..."

Time I accepted the fact I was okay me, and I  liked women... and it wasn't all about sex, all the time.

Yes... I mentioned family.

Let's just say after I moved in with a woman at 20, and got the job as custodian at the college, my mother was having a break-down. I was completely "off the road". I was a disgrace... and I should I Should..., I should what???

I'm going on 21 and I can live my own life. Shouldn't I?

Oh, like it was yesterday...

 The ultimate battle, between mother and son. I don't think either of us won. But she gave me both a gift and a curse...

What I found were many friends, good sex, good times... I prospered. But I learned that roots, don't stretch too easily... A battle where in essence, my mother's road in life is - the only road in life. For me, it's  theroad less traveled. 

The custodian stint was only suppose to last 3 years... it lasted much longer, brought me to some amazing places. The original plan was to experience this "blue-collar"  job. It's something I dreamed of. And I got the job!!! A job that a good friend took over when I left... last I knew he had a wife of + years, 5 kids, and he always had ganga. A good life.

Almost exactly what my own mother wanted...

The battle lasted many years... and for awhile there, 3 - 4 years... I lived a good life. Three years... enough as it turns out that I would have to on...

So much for "thinking outside the box". What saved me, or what was left of me, were three close friends... Earl, Joni and Mary... Mary was with me. For awhile...

I'm not from Mars... I'm not!


Ever wonder why cat's sleep so much?

It's because they are good dreamers...

They see things us humans don't...


January 24, 2010

If Men are from Mars, Women Venus, then... Part Two

lovers -rajunasrefuge

In Part One I described a scenario - where within the battle between the sexes I don't fit in. That the battle itself will never really be resolved. That unlike attitudes regarding ethnicity, country of origin and religion, there will always be unsolved differences between the sexes. There is no question that men and women have physical differences. It's when we get into the psychology of the differences that we get into a complicated, complex mess.

It is simply not valid to say "all men are pigs" and women are "sugar and spice and all things nice".  That is a generaliztion, that has no basis in reality. Yet many, believe it to be true.


About Me:

My life started off exceptionally good. When I was born in 1954 my father was in the Navy. They lived in NJ, Tom's River. My dad and my mom loved me for all it was worth. And my dad's future looked quite promising... his father was president of a prestigious business located in NYC, and my father would most likely follow in his footsteps. Only he didn't... my grand-father died of a heart attack at 54, and an aunt, his wife, had no interest in my grand-father's side of the family, ie, my dad, so that quickly put to rest any hopes my father may have had.

We moved back to my mother's town. Where her mostly Swedish family lived. I'm 50% Swedish. It's my father's side where I get some interesting genes... French, Dutch, Bohemian, German...

The town I grew up in was once voted an "All American City". It had many brick paved roads, modest sized homes, quaint yards, many parks and businesses. I was fortunate!


I have a sister a year and a half younger than me. From around the age of 5, I remember hanging out with my sister and two of her friend's, Julie and Ann. They were my friends, and we had other friends in the neighborhood too. I remember singing the song "Row, row, row your boat..." playing "Mother May I", and Hop Scotch... idyllic days...

I was probably around 6 or 7 year's old when my mother became concerned. She was afraid if I continued to hang out with my sister and her friends, I would become gay. So she proceeded to manipulate my life to get me more involved with other boys in the neighborhood. Her rational was ludicrous, but the end result ultimately may have been good...  on the other hand, most likely i would have found my own way to other friends - male and female. But what stuck in my mind was the fact I was not suppose to hang out with females.


Fast forwards 14 years...

The goal of this post, this series, is to show how stereotypes, male, female are misunderstood. Somehow, as far as i can tell, I grew up with a perspective of the sexes quite different, yet right on as far as equality of the sexes was ideological. I was ahead of my time...


I moved out on my own at 18. I couldn't wait to get out, away from family rules and conditions... I move into the upstairs set of an apartments of an old Horse-stables converted into apartments. The college campus is my back-yard. I sell my car, and my life begins...

I am working at the time towards an Associates degree, at the local community college; that was begun while I still lived at home with my parents. I'd had two girlfriends by then... the first, in 8th grade, lasting a full week that seemed like years, her name was Brenda. Then, around 17, I was introduced to Diane. We lasted 3 years or so, but it wasn't great in any respect. I was still a virgin. I lost that with a woman, a total stranger, at a NY State Park while several of us male friends went camping... interesting in that it happened that way... tragic in that it wasn't with a woman I knew, that if I know what I know now, we could have had a much better experience. But the fact is... in our society, sex is taboo...


At 20 my family expected I'd get married soon. It was also expected I'd graduate from the community college and get a job teaching, or go on and get a higher degree. I did neither.

I got a job as a custodian at the community college; I dumped Diane; and I met Sue. The job as a custodian at the community college was the best thing that ever happened... in my Favorite Books Section of my blog, I list "R is for Rocket"... it's because of this book, the short story called "Frost and Fire", that I went this route. It was a most unique turn of events...

Unfortunately... I was about to face my roots... where "blood is thicker than water..." Family is suppose to come first... and as the now adult bird takes flight... to experience the world... the family has a surprise.

Next time... "Family dinner, two o'clock... this Sunday"... be there.

Image source:

January 23, 2010


L'Amoureux Tarot Card

If "Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus"... then I have a question.



I really don't "fit in". I don't.  Oh, but it's not what you may be thinking... that I have typical issues with women, relationships, etc. I don't. Or I do, but that's to be seen... I do share and recognize most of the typical issues that men and women have, but I am fortunate in that I have a unique experience to share.


The basics: Physically, it's generally easy to identify males from females by their physical appearance. I do find it fascinating that historically men and women have gone to unusual lengths to disguise themselves as their opposite sex. This was most notable during the period of the American Civil War and before... cases of women posing as men to become sea-faring pirates, for example. Women joining the ranks of the Confederate or Union soldiers... But psychologically, it's not at all that simple. There are vast variables in what makes a man and a woman...

To add fuel to the debate, unlike racial issues, sexual identity is one of the most complicated identity issues we face... when considering the simple fact that women didn't have the right to vote until August 26, 1920, which was granted in the Nineteenth Amendment, it's no surprise we are still confused about the battle between the sexes. It's a futile battle, in many ways, one that I doubt will ever be resolved... unlike skin color, religion, national origin, our sex that we are born with is a "fixture". Some can restart their lives with a sex-change to a more natural preference, but many can't.

And many of us feel we are exactly who we are... and that it is a fact, that essentially. men and women are from different planets. That the stereotypes, that we often take for granted, are correct. "Men are all "pigs" and women are "sugar and spice and all things nice".


I hate to shatter your reality, but the truth is far different. In the upcoming posts, I will show you why. And why will I do this? Well it's a long story... the story of my life in fact.

The catalyst is women I know, often remark about how odd it is I've never been married, have no children... that I'd make a great husband and father.  And I think I would, have, maybe will, still...

But the fact is, there's a price to pay when "thinking outside the box"... that price is to be "different". Some call it living at the "fringe". The theory... life is all in black and white - round peg/square peg. Lock-step. But it doesn't work... scandals such as those involving Tiger Woods; Presidential Candidate, John Edwards; President Bill Clinton; all suggest that human nature and our relationships are far more complex and complicated than what is generally summed up as a "norm".

I'm unusual... I'll grant you that... but not in the usual way...

Picture source:

January 17, 2010


Today we meet Twearth... not his real name, but he prefers his privacy. So "Twearth" is my other cat. A brown-nose tabby.

His furry rings remind me of an echo... an echo in time... of multiple dimensions... multiple choices. In his eyes are things to see. Things that go "bump in the night".

I adopted Twearth from the local SPCA a few years ago... he is a great mouser... we don't have a rodent problem now - did at one time. He's a big cat, 15 lbs. Out where I live, that, plus the fact he's in great physical shape, means he's likely to survive.

Out here we have predators: Owls, coyotes, fox, bobcats... if anyone can defend himself, it's Twearth. I hope.

We have other members of family, like this chicken:

This photo is for real... Twearth and a very fancy chicken... they get along fine.

Of course it's not like Twearth doesn't think about playing with our chickens, as seen here, he's waiting for his chance to play:

But when it all comes down to the opportunities in life... it's frustrating:

We never quite know what we'll get...

A nap in the sun...

January 05, 2010

GAY MARRAIGE - A Collision of Law and Religion

After tonight I can't avoid the subject any longer... as a Libertarian, a heterosexual person, and a person who is objective, I have an opinion and I feel compelled to speak it.

Of course what started this subject for tonight was a segment on I heard on the drive home.

Some history: Gay marriage became legal in NH as of Jan. 01, this year. It was a political/legislative/governor's signature thing. It overturned a law against person's of the same sex getting married. More specifically enabling "married gay person's" the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.

I have to admit... until this whole gay marriage thing came about - rather recently I think, I never realized how legal and political marriage is! I always thought of it as a religious thing. Well, I stand corrected.

Essentially... some citizens of NH are preparing to get referendums on ballots to overturn the new law allowing gay marriage. Great, more wasted news space, because frankly I don't see gay marriage as an issue for the state. Sure, there has to be state involvement in two people getting married. But really, isn't this a religious issue, more than it is a political one??? There shouldn't have been laws against it in the first place. It's the right of the individual, and a matter for the church.

Basically, the NH legislature and Gov. Lynch did us all a favor... those seeking to overturn the law miss the essential issue. No one is being hurt. No one is forcing you to be friends with everyone you meet. It's a church issue. Not a political one.