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January 17, 2010


Today we meet Twearth... not his real name, but he prefers his privacy. So "Twearth" is my other cat. A brown-nose tabby.

His furry rings remind me of an echo... an echo in time... of multiple dimensions... multiple choices. In his eyes are things to see. Things that go "bump in the night".

I adopted Twearth from the local SPCA a few years ago... he is a great mouser... we don't have a rodent problem now - did at one time. He's a big cat, 15 lbs. Out where I live, that, plus the fact he's in great physical shape, means he's likely to survive.

Out here we have predators: Owls, coyotes, fox, bobcats... if anyone can defend himself, it's Twearth. I hope.

We have other members of family, like this chicken:

This photo is for real... Twearth and a very fancy chicken... they get along fine.

Of course it's not like Twearth doesn't think about playing with our chickens, as seen here, he's waiting for his chance to play:

But when it all comes down to the opportunities in life... it's frustrating:

We never quite know what we'll get...

A nap in the sun...


  1. Beautiful coat on your cat.

    I am thinking a chicken and a cat playing would be a good entry in one of those funny video contests.

  2. If only I could get "Twearth" to cooperate... he just doesn't get the idea of Youtube and fame. Certainly is star material in my eyes... we'll see. He does have a beautiful coat...

    Thanks Slam

  3. Adorable both Twearth and very fancy chicken.

  4. Thanks Mary :)

    I added a bonus pic...