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November 17, 2011

CRITICAL THINKING 101 - Aliaa Magda Elmady - Egyptian Rebel

You'll notice a new addition to my "Favorite Blog List"... Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, a 20 year old Egyptian woman, a rebel. To be honest I'd been putting off writing a post about the "Petition The White-House", and the 76,000 signatures that went into a petition by NORML to legalize cannabis or explain why not. The President rebuffed the most popular petition, sending it to the ONDCP to be answered, that's the "Office of National Drug Control Policy". They're paid by us tax-payers to lie to us, if you don't believe me refer to my "Favorite Media" section.
That is still to come, before you can graduate from "Critical Thinking 101", but right now, about Aliaa...
WARNING: This Post is for Adults Only as it contains nudity.
Aliaa published a nude photo of herself on her blog to protest oppression in Egypt. Female nudity in Egypt is akin to cannabis in this country. And there are plenty who would like to see Aliaa arrested for posting the nude picture of herself. Some reports say there were 8 nudes, but there was only one, but in addition to her nude art, she posted nude art from several other sources.
In Egypt women are by law required to live in the shadows, covered up, and their femininity never revealed. '' I read an article today where the "Public Decency Police" are to arrest women in Saudi Arabia who have sexy eyes if they are not covered. Speak about Machismo... Egyptian men are expected to sow their seed, and women, are to become shadows.
Due to Aliaa's blog... there is a good chance she will be arrested, heavily fined, and flogged in public, naked I expect.
Aliaa has beautiful eyes, don't you think? Can you see her being arrested... ?
Additional Links:
Do I need to expose myself smoking a joint, or eating a pot-brownie, to get recognition for the reality that exists in this country? Oppression exists? In our own homes. And it shouldn't have ever come to this.
[Both alcohol and tobacco are manufactured drugs. Alcohol should be obvious, but with tobacco, try smoking organic tobacco... very alkaline, noxious to inhale, unlike tobacco cigarettes today which are created expressly to bring pleasure and addiction to it's user.]
Cannabis, like a nude Egyptian woman are both natural. No amount of "manufacturing" can change that reality. That human nudity in an artful form is wrong, not a "a human right", is wrong. Just as it's wrong to arrest people for cannabis.
You decide - should we stone Aliaa, or sit with her and smoke some cannabis?

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