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March 22, 2016


Another year of a Feb. 09 and March 19th have passed. With no indication to explain how two women just vanished, within a month of each other, under extremely mysterious circumstances, roughly 50 miles apart, in 2004.

Maura Murray vanished around 6:45 PM Feb. 09, 2004 in North Haverhill NH.

Brianna Maitland vanished less than a month later from Montgomery VT, around 11:45PM, Friday, March 19th, 2004.

In March of 2004 I read the story about Brianna, how she had disappeared, saw picture of "the accident" and heard the media say police believed her disappearance was likely related to drug abuse, that she was a child runaway.

Maura Murray, oddly, similar outcome. Police allegedly believe she wanted to disappear, made the plans, and carried them out. Former AG Kelly Ayotte, from the intel I have, also denounced Maura's disappearance as a crime. She gave the family back everything of Maura's they had, then abruptly turned around and took it all back, computer included, but were shy of saying they believed there was any foul play.

The only person to have seen Maura Murray that Feb. 09 was a bus driver and local nearby home-owner. He drove the school-bus, and was returning home that night, just after "the accident" happened. He spoke with her. Offered to help and says she refused.

Locals believe she was determined to disappear on her own. Other's are none too sure.

A few years ago NH formed a Cold Case Division and despite Maura Murray still not being classified as foul play, was added to the division's list of cold cases, based on media reports I've read.

Well, here we are 12 years later.

Brianna Maitland Update News - WCAX

To me it reads like an epitaph. Regarding Brianna Maitland they agree there was foul play, that the drug abuse theories were a stretch, and they may never solve her case, though they're still working on it.

BS as I know there are there who know what happened to Brianna that night! I can tell you I know because as a volunteer I arranged for her father to meet a person some thought was involved; I did this through personal channels I developed. 

The meeting didn't happen, but something else did. There was a young, dar-haired, well-toned guy in the front of the house when the father and I arrived. I got out of the truck. The guy asked me "what business do you have here?" I said "We would like to talk with..." 

"About what", he asked?

"Brianna Maitland", I answered.

He had a hissy fit, damning Brianna, telling us she got what she deserved, and said to tell her father exactly that...""

Well as her father was in the truck, he acknowledged he got the message!


In a lot of ways we as humans take the easy route to satisfy ourselves. For example I just ordered a pizza, to be delivered. Why, so I don't have to leave my house. I give the driver a $5 tip and pay $20 for the large pizza. Pretty good deal it would seem.

Anything goes wrong for humans and in the short run we don't forget; in the long we might tend to let it slide.

So what was going on that day for Brianna?

She was going shopping with her mother. She had to work two jobs. She got notice she'd passed her GED in the mail - YAY! She met someone shopping who warned her about going to work that night. As she went to work instead of staying home it tells me it was easier for her to face someone than call in. She left a note for her housemate whom she didn't know was gone for a few days saying she'd be home after work that night. She wasn't. 

What's this tell? 

On the surface she was aware of a problem. Three weeks earlier she got beaten up in a fight with a friend, and had recently filed charges - had a friend Shauna with her at the time. 

We know of rumors of a man who tried to kill himself leaving a note which told of his involvement. 

We know of a man who threatened three other women that he'd make them disappear like he had Brianna. 

All these people knew each other, though they all come from very different backgrounds in relationship to Brianna. None of the 3 is a suspect. But there are plenty of those.

In the post above, Major Hall of the VTSP claims they still don't know if Brianna disappeared at the hands of a stranger or someone she knew. I'd say there's nothing mysterious about circumstance. The circumstance being how there are so many of the people she's knows claiming here and there they know what happened. That is no coincidence. 

And you've got Mr. hothead blowing a gasket when I and Brianna's father stop by to visit with one of Bri's friends. 

Stranger abduction? Unlikely as too many known players in the field. 

As it turns out there are several theories, some pretty strong like the one where she was abducted and taken to a party, where for 3 days she smoked crack until she died. Why the hell abduct someone to have a party??? Think back-woods Vermont, not Hollywood!

Dutchburn Place after Dark (Simulation)

Think simple... 

The revenge theory is somehow gone by the wayside, the fight with the friend 3 weeks earlier. I'm not sure I agree.

That she owed money for drugs like crack and couldn't pay up, so was murdered? Doesn't add up with uncashed paychecks in her car - two of them. Why two?? But still, she had money and drug dealers who are owned money, would want it. There are those that would murder you for one dollar!

Elaborate traps to catch her have been theorized. I mean what a perfect place to car-jack someone! A deserted old house along the main drag outside of town. But why?? Remember, this isn't Hollywood. Only those who knew her would have had an idea of what time she would be done working - somewhere between 11:00 PM to midnight. Whoever was involved had to have had patience.

Again, what would they want? Worth being patient for? To abduct her to bring her to a party?? Get revenge - kill her? So why not there and then? 

Instead we find a car crashed mysteriously backwards into a house - backed up fast enough to break free a newly installed plywood panel. 

Yet we find signs of a party perhaps... a lime on the back of her car and empty drink containers. Did she plan to meet someone there? 

A warning during the day, worked two jobs, left note for housemate she'd be home... must have been pretty important meeting there at the Dutchburn place at 11:30 PM and ending up smashing the car, off it's rear wheel into the house.

Party gone bad?

Some party. Yeah!


Followed from work and run off the road, forced to put the car in reverse with dire consequences, sign of a struggle outside the car... 

Two checks left uncashed tells me it wasn't for money. Invite to a party? Doubtful... in VT people aren't kidnapped to parties. 

So what??

Well of the several months I sent helping the family the encounter with the blow-fish keeps me coming back. Mr. Hothead that gave myself and Brianna's father a load of his opinion. And what do you know... I find out through sources Mr. Blowfish was there the night Brianna was abducted and it wasn't for a party.

Appears brianna set herself up as independent and set her own terms. That didn't make someone happy. There is plenty of history of murders occurring for less... several pertaining to jealousy. 

But regardless... sit Mr. Blowfish down and I'm fairly convinced he'll tell you what happened to her. I filed a complaint that day to VTSP through Brianna's father - how we were threatened with bodily harm. 

Two of the major suspects in my mind are gone from the area, for good it would appear, and yet the coverup continues. One of Brianna's ex-boyfriends confessed to knowing everything, and where she's buried. This was passed on to VTSP. 

The reward money to find Brianna runs out 2017... didn't know reward money did that, but it will. Before that happens talk to the lil' Blowfish - or his ex-wife. Have a sense that he can tell you all you need to know.

My condolences to her parents, brother, family and friends.  


  1. Hi Bobkat,
    I just wanted to say you have done a great job keeping this tragic story in the spotlight over the years. Over the last few days I have read everything I could find regarding the case and it was great being able to read your work over at slamdunk. As a true crime fan It is rare to hear so much good information from someone involved in the case and I really appreciate your effort. This case really cuts me up and frustrates me especially as I come from a rural area myself made up of many small towns and I understand that people tend to hold onto these types of secrets but I thought by now someone would do the right thing and speak up.
    I, like yourself am the sort of person that would help out in this situation and I sincerely wish I could contribute in some way but I live a long way from Vermont.
    Please keep doing what you are doing, I will continue to check in.
    Do you still maintain contact with the Maitlands?
    Cheers, Brendon.

  2. I watched this for the first time today (show called disappeared). So sad. I'm curious about a few things:
    1. The girl that broke Brianna's nose, when asked about her case she seemed to already know that she would get off. Is there a chance that she knows more about Brianna’s disappearance? The local police clearing her means nothing to me based on their handling of the case. Who was the girl?...2. The note that Brianna left for Jullian- is that normal for her to leave a note saying that she will be back? every day? She had been staying with Jullian and her father for 3 weeks at that point...4. Did Brianna really write that note? 5. Were Jullian and her father questioned? Perhaps her leaving town should be looked at. Was Jullian friends with the girl that broke Brianna’s nose? How long had the items been in the trunk? Whose is this ‘girlfriend’ and why did Brianna have to hold her stuff? Why didn’t she move it into Jullians home instead of keeping it in the car. I wonder whether the police when through those items 6. Why was all of that stuff in the Trunk of the car? Brianna’s mom described it as “the belongings of her girlfriend, her treasures that Brianna was keeping and Briannas items from her childhood.” 7. Any fingerprints pulled from the steering wheel, door, Dna from water bottle--nevermind, just read that the police didnt finger print the car even though it was impounded for MONTHS. Good grief - those "Investigators". 8. Is there a chance she was asked to meet the ‘girlfriend’ to return the items. 9. Odd that her Ex boyfriend drove past that scene thinking it might be her car but didn’t stop. 10 any boyfriends? 11. What area did the cadaver dogs check? Did they check way out there by the trees?

    I think its time for a fresh set of eyes on the case. The local police really messed this one up right from the beginning.

  3. Just a thought as I am watching the case on Disappeared on ID, there are 2 young very pretty girls in close area missing, no bodies, has anyone considered human trafficking?

    That would explain no bodies found and there are sick people out there who would think nothing of selling two pretty girls for money