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April 07, 2016


The latest WCAX news story paints a pretty grim picture to me. I believe at one point (see my last post) it describes VTSP as throwing up their arms in frustration. A fractured case, one that now appears to be in part, hung on law enforcement mistakes from the beginning.

There's no making up for what is in the past however.

It's what it is.

Thing is, there are people who know things. Myself included. VTSP know things, PI's know things, journalist know things - one contacted me a couple weeks ago and knew a lot about the case, fishing for more, and of course her family knows things, along with Bri's friends.

12 years have passed and for about 4 years I was actively assisting the Maitlands. In the eight years that have followed certain facts seem apparent. That at least 4-6 people know what happened to Brianna that night Friday night, March 19, 2004.

I base this on the following.

1) Jorge S. aka the Joker has bragged many times about being involved.

2) A former boyfriends friend posted a comment, on where both of us wrote about Brianna's disappearance back around 2009. The commenter insisted the ex-boyfriend was torn apart with grief knowing what had happened, and the commenter claimed no one would listen. Slam and I got her in contact with the people who could help most. He wasn't believed.

3) An alleged close compatriot of Jorge S', a Donald S., is rumored to have committed suicide after being pulled over by VTSP shortly after Bri vanished.

4) Though perhaps rumor only, several persons have heard the story of another acquaintance of Bri's who failed to commit suicide but tried and left a note implicating himself.

5) Her mother reported that Bri seemed visibly shaken after shopping at a local mall, and again rumor has it that she was given some kind of warning by a "friend" that day.

6) While with Brianna's father we sought interview one of Bri's friend only to be accosted and threatened with death, with a multitude of derogatory comments being made by a tenant of the farm where police originally excavated a manure pit.

These are but 6 examples of anecdotal or better reason to believe more than one person, and not a stranger knew what was going on. But getting much that is solid is what I suppose VTSP is experiencing.

With reward of $20,000 expiring in 2017, it appears no one at present gets the reward, and all those in the know will carry this burden to their grave.

What possible motivation is behind no one speaking up is puzzling to me. To be quit frank, though a certain tenant called her a slut and a whore Brianna was anything but. She was a woman with dreams, aspirations, a urge to bond with others and live a good life. She proved concern for others with a letter to a previous boyfriend that she was concerned about his drinking. She was a teenager who had become a woman, in an isolated area where friends meant everything. What surprises me now is how few of her friends are still there, and how perhaps 4-6 otherwise friends can say nothing.

Those 12 years found many of us older... 48 hours may have passed and even a year or two. Even 12 years. Doesn't change the fact that there are those younger, those who won't forget, that knew Bri and who will continue, won't stop.

The truth is out there and I believe if it was one person responsible,  I would give up. Stop.

How do I describe it other than if one person was responsible, there is way too much energy flowing though the area, arcing the truth.

There are several out there who know and I ask you to speak up. Please.


  1. Thank you for posting this update, it clarifies certain things for me and adds up well with what I was able to gather thus far. I will never stop looking, the truth will come out one way or another and hopefully soon enough. My thoughts are with the Maitlands.

  2. My thoughts are with Brianna, justice and bringing her home. Glad you liked my post.

    1. Thank you so much for keeping her memory alive. I can promise you that I will never stop looking myself, we will eventually get to the bottom of this one way or another.