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April 23, 2016


Updated: 4/29/16

Mysteries are intriguing, aren't they? Until you get too close.

Raised on books about mysteries it's no wonder I developed an interest in true crime genre. Being a sensitive, emphatic person it's no wonder I would want to help, in any way I could. Leave it to me to be the kind of person who can talk to most anyone and have a broad experience with many different people.

I have a BA in English and consider myself a journalist. I invoke my 1st Amendment rights. A technicality :)

After an interest in several murder cases, via books, going online, I ended up reading one day where a woman had disappeared in Haverhill. Initially I was thinking Haverhill MA, which I knew somewhat about at the time. It turned out it was Haverhill NH, totally different scenario. Rural, isolated area in the White Mountains. All I knew at the time was a young woman had an accident, early evening in Haverhill NH. She had been seen, but then walked away and disappeared. Feb. 9, 2004.

A month later on March 19th another young woman would disappear under mysterious circumstances. Brianna Maitland, 17 years old.

Initially virtually nothing happened for weeks or months in either case. It was a good five days before the car Brianna was driving, which had been found smashed/backed into a house in rural Vermont, registered in her mother's name, was acted upon. 

By acted upon, that was essentially left in her father's hands, along with her mother, Bri's brother and whomever else cared. VTSP ruled it a "run-away due to the person missing as being of questionable character and history of drug abuse".

Ironically, Maura Murray who disappeared in Haverhill NH, was deemed of questionable character also, as "a lot of booze was found in her car" and when assistance was offered by a local resident, a school bus driver, she refused. He claimed she smelled of booze, though he admits she was seated in her car and he was talking to here seated in the driver's seat of the bus. That was after she ran straight into a snow-drift (as shown in the following 3 images), that set off her air-bag and likely gave her a bad head-ache, along with shock and possibly a concussion.

The air bag deployed. Yet in the last image is evidence of something hitting the top of the driver's side windshield. Maura's head?

Shortly after the accident, a school bus driver was returning home - a big guy who had driven youths to a ski trip and was just returning. By his account Maura was in the car, he pulled up next to her in the school bus, opened the entry doors, Maura apparently rolled down her window, as he asked her if she was okay? He claims she had said she was fine and was calling triple A. The bus-driver, who has since passed away after moving to Florida, called the police.

The police arrived, and near as I can tell, or recall, a considerable amount of alcohol was found both contained and splattered about her car, like wine - yet the images of her car don't show that. Again, near as I can gather the police decided she was on the run. A "drunk driver who'd had an accident". Allegedly the officer and the bus driver when driving up the same road claiming to look for her. Foot prints leading from her car go just beyond the bus driver's house. Then vanish. No coordinated search for her took place for at least two weeks. 

Maura Murray is still missing. Despite assertions by then Attorney General of NH, Kelly Ayotte, that Maura Murray disappeared by her own hand", it is now among the cold cases a new branch of the NHSP have formed. Maura Murray is now considered to have fallen victim to foul play.

Consider the following video of a 72 year old woman lost for two weeks... the amount of time it took to start looking for Maura - Maura would have been far away or maybe not, by the time searches took place.

Meanwhile, it would be at least 5 days before the concerned parent's of Brianna Maitland filed a missing person's report with VTSP, and the rogue car that crashed oddly into an abandoned house, would click, as the "owner of the abandoned car" was - Mom, filing the report.

That wasn't until the following Tuesday or Wed. that family and friends found out something had happened to Brianna.  

Law enforcement, based on the video I posted,  two back, admit they initially dropped the ball. 

That's also where I come in.

No, not as a super hero. No, simply was sitting at work browsing the news. Months after the disappearance. And I read an article about it. I said before, as an person experienced using a metal detector, I called the family whom I looked up online, offered to find Brianna's missing car keys. 

After the search, which included a 3+ hour drive to the Dutchburn place, and a good 6 hours detecting, her father invited me to a local tavern for something to eat and drink. We talked. We agreed - he asked me essentially to become Brianna's advocate. Assist in a coordinated effort to find out the truth. Which at the time law enforcement was unconcerned about.

Almost immediately, a person calling himself "The Joker", by the name of Jorge, claimed responsibility. And there were the rumors of a crack overdose, dissolving her body in acid, etc.

VTSP believed she'd run away - owed a drug debt.  

In my last post I suggested at least 6 people are in the know. I could add another 7 probably. Let's try Ryan, Debbie, Ellen, Ligia (herself murdered a month after Brianna disappeared), Darrell, Sean, Timothy and Moses.

Over time it became obvious something bad had happened to Brianna. It wasn't just the fight she was in three weeks prior, though to me, jealousy is a powerful motivation. 

Yeah, that's Brianna three weeks prior to when she disappeared. Initially attention was directed towards the woman who did that to her. At the present time it would appear that was a red herring... that bigger fish were involved. What is known is Brianna simply wanted peace and to live a life with friends and lovers.

She never got the chance. And based on what I have for information, what happened to her was not good. One might say the only Manson is not locked up yet. 

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The Truth Is Out There!

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