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June 26, 2010


Sarah Silverman...

Someone survived. Wow...

What I mean by that... Sarah was refreshing, sincere, genuine, smart, bright and funny... she can tell it like it is, and she knows how it is. She's a comedian who knows the truth...

I completed her 5 CD Audiobook, "The BedWetter", published by this year. I spread it out over a week during my commute home in the evening. I love her voice, so the hard-cover version would be a reference - the only way to hear Sarah's story is on the audio CD.

I highly recommend it to anyone feeling down in the dumps... if you're feeling alone, feeling oppressed, feeling this weight from your right pressing down on you to behave in an orderly fashion, or if you simply feel weirded out by all the catastrophies of late... oh, and you're not offended by four letter words... I highly recommend her book.

Now I am an addict.

I researched her on Wikipedia:

Sarah Silverman - Link from Wikipedia:

Sarah Silverman

I read on another site where one critic's view was that she "never grew up".

I can identify with that kind of criticism. Seemed number one in my family. The whole idea of "growing up" is so abstract though. What does "growing up mean?" We all grow-up. We don't all "measure up".  Is that the difference?

To measure up requires a ruler, something history teachers loved to use in high school, back in my day. Why did they have to make history so painful? I guess those in Texas will soon find out... it's because history is prescribed, not taught, in many cases.

Sarah Silverman's biography on CD reopened a person huddled in a protective cocoon. The person was essentially letting go... becoming a lemming. Experience taught him - too many games, too many expectations, too many rules... it's a sacrifice alone having to work 40 hours a week for a strange company, who pays you so you can survive, and holds it over your head. We can take solace in the fact WE bailed out the corporations that caused it the 2nd Depression... because they have few rules, or did....

Sarah Silverman is a comic with exquisite insight into what makes us tick... some of us, that is. She has no qualms with using four letter words, nor speaking openly about religion, sex, politics, and farts... and that's... why she's unique. Normally there are ways to "make people grow up". Sarah is a survivor... she's retained her humanity.

I like this picture of her, courtesy of her father, Donald Silverman, and the LINK he provided, a "thank-you, in a comment he posted to my original Sarah Silverman post.

Sarah Silverman with Pres. Bill Clinton

Yes, my Netflix cue is loading up.... I'm hooked!

And Sarah, I agree totally that "PEE" is far better than "Pee Pee". What were they thinking???

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