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April 21, 2015

Missed 420 by 1 Day... so what's New With That?

I celebrated 420 on FB... had hopes that day.

Ran out in fact and use it to treat my PTSD. Bummer :(

Well what we should know as Americans. A Federal Judge in CA ruled against our Constitutional right to use cannabis. The judge stated that Congress has a right to pass laws that are meant to protect public health and safety. The laws don't need to be validated by science, rational or based upon lucid experience in general.  The judge further stated that "experts disagree".

So let's put this into perspective.

Congress could pas a law tomorrow making it a serious crime to fart, even in your own home. They could claim it's a public health and safety issue. Experts would disagree. farting would become a federal offense,  the penalties steep. Trafficking likely would stay low, unless you farted at the border ... that would constitute interstate transfer of a dangerous fart.

Okay, enough with the farts...

When do experts not disagree? Seriously, that's rare. Isn't there a point at which the obvious facts become quite apparent and reasonable?

People are not jumping out of buildings in WA, CO and AK, not to forget several cities where cannabis is legal. You might read where crime has escalted, the truth is easy to find and the opposite is true.

Truth: people are experiencing medical relief from symptoms previously unsuccessful with chemical/pharmaceutical drugs.Several prominent doctors have come in support of cannabis.

Fallacy: marijuana makes one drunk. Marijuana is not alcohol. Period. There is no comparison, except one is safer - proven by many peer-reviewed studies.

Based on the can of beer I have it would appear alcohol is safer as the logo states: " for the camp,Lake, BBQ,mountain, hike, picnic, beach, cooler, backpack, ... golf course..."


Only thing missing is car or truck.

So society and the federal gov't want to support that it's okay to bring alcohol to all these places but not marijuana? Experts do disagree... true... but there becomes a propensity of information, studies and personal experience where certain crimes are deemed obsolete.

I hope you'll agree the time is now.