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October 12, 2009

Acts of "Civil Disobedience" - Pot Protest's Live in NH

The following really surprised me when I heard about it.
I listen to NHPR on my commute home each night... an hour and 45 minute drive.
What I heard the other day on NHPR was news of a protest in a public park in Keene NH. The protesters were "smoking marijuana". The police say otherwise, but everyone agrees they were and are there "protesting laws against cannabis".
A couple days ago the Concord Monitor published a new story of "Pot Protesters Light Up Everyday", in Manchester NH.
The comments I left are under the pseudonym, "John Miller".
Happy 4:20...
I truly believe the worst danger from use of cannabis/marijuana among adults are the laws against it. I beleieve they are harmful to our society, and contribute a great deal to trajedy that could be avoided if we take a rational approach to drug use - similar perhaps to the way we regulate two very dangerous drugs: alcohol and tobacco.
With a rational approach we are not adding more fuel to the fire, we are containing it. It's called "harm reduction" in the Netherlands. In this country it's called "drug control", and "war".
A War!
I say the best alternative to what we have now is outlaw all drugs except by prescription. Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, aspirin, power drings, all herbs and especially, catnip.
I am positive my cat won't act strange like he does, if I take away his catnip. Then again. I like my cat the way he is.
Even a group made up of current and former law enforcement personnel agree; the link to LEAP - "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition" is here:

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