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November 22, 2009

"CIRC the Turk": Our Family's Special Guest: for Dinner...

In memory of our dinner this Thanksgiving, I'd like to thank Circ the Turk.... yeah, it's one thing to go to a supermarket and buy a turkey, it's another to raise your own.

I got attached to Circ the Turk- our domestic turkey. It's our first year on the farm with our own livestock. I've already mentioned Henry the Feral Rooster, and we have laying Hens, lots of eggs...  and plan to do more. But as much as I imagined having livestock would be "simple to raise", it's a lot of work. I can't take credit for most of it, as I work all week and commute 3 and 1/2 hours a day. I'm not home much, but when I am it's the natural environment that rejuvenates me.

I got to know Circ... pretty well... and he was a good turkey. He'd had a rough time of it, in fact.

We have two turkey's, and there is a pen outside next to our chicken house where the two turkeys live(d).It was late May we got them settled into their home. Everything was going as expected. One morning one of us went to feed the livestock, and found Circ had somehow broken his wing - a compound fracture, with the wing-bone extruding through the skin. Fortunately we have a registered nurse living here, who reset, and bandaged/ applied a splint, to Circ's wound. We had our doubt's he would survive, moved him into the garage where we set up a pen with comfy hay and a warm light... and that's where Circ has lived for the past several months, doing fine, with a radio and "Home Prairie Companion" a constant, soothing voice for the lone turkey. He recovered completely... but today was his last day. Some photo's of Circ...



  1. I am guessing that Thanksgiving was not Circ's fav holiday.

  2. I rather doubt he was looking forwards to it! It's a humbling experience...