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November 19, 2009



I'll get to the legal/Constitutional stuff soon, but for now, this recent news article caught my attention

This story boggles my mind... much like other things that I advocate for reform do. 

I don't know much of the details, but I've read two articles updating me on this story... the state is Arkansas. 

Now I'm sure based on what I have read that the mother was NOT HAPPY that her daughter didn't want to bathe. It's like when they don't want to brush their teeth, or do their homework. Parents get stressed. Pursuit of Happiness, you know. Mother unhappy... calls police because as i read it the girl wouldn't take a shower...  

An officer arrives at the house and the mother apparently explains the situation. 

I have to assume there is a law in Arkansas where children MUST BATHE when a parent says so, as the girl was tasered when, after the mother gave permission to the officer that he could, and because the girl was "kicking and screaming", a hit to his gonads didn't help, so in order to "control" the situation , the officer did taser her. 

Well excuse me... thinking back to when i was ten, I might have, not saying I would have, but I might just have a tantrum. Hmmm...

Well, for those who believe such a law exists, you'll be happy to hear the girl is now safely confined to a juvenile detention center, where I'm sure she'll get her lawfully required bath. I might hope her mother is happy, but
I'm not.

So much for "saying NO!"


  1. Most police agencies have clear policies on when "Tasers" can be used--as they are a high-liability tool. The child's mother giving consent to the officer should not have had anything to do with his decision-making process to use the taser.

  2. Exactly!!! Do parents taser instead of spank their child when they don't do what they're told? No. At least I hope not.

    The officer is reportedly on a paid 7 day suspension, but not because he tasered a 10 year old girl. He wasn't recording it with the required cam that officers are required to have on when doing this sort of thing.

    There's much more to this story I'm sure... my gripe is just because we have technology to spy, subdue and torture people, it doesn't mean those in authority with that equipment have the license 007 has. We the people do... and that 10 year old girl has rights too... tasered... unbelievable.

  3. I can't imagine calling the cops for such a reason I would think the police shouldn't have been involved in this at all they aren't here to raise our children. They should have taken the mother away for incompetence.

  4. Just as an update: the officer involved was fired yesterday: .