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December 17, 2009

Pet's death leads to drug bust in Boscawen, NH

Information courtesy of the NH Union Leader, DEC. 16, 2009: Click the title of this post for a link to the Union Leader, at the upper left select DEC. 16, 2009.

** In my own words my take on this story:

Two citizen residents of the town of Boscawen, NH had a very sad start to their day.  Their dog, was outside, strayed into the road and was hit and killed by a motorist. The police arrived, appeantly called by the motorist, and apparently came to the dog's owner informing them of the bad news. The officers entered the dog owner's house, and after the fact, according to the news article, say they smelled marijuana.

The short news is the two citizens are now under arrest, felony charges of "manufacturing marijuana" and "possession of firearms while committing a crime".

The police, having said "they smelled marijuana" got a judge to issue a search warrant, and so later that day the police returned to the house, en masse' no doubt, and searched the house. They found what appeared to be a personal growing operation - a refrigerator made into a grow lab, and other assorted personal growing equipment. They found 9 bags of marijuana, which could have been 9 bags containing a gram each, or 9 lbs, they don't say. Nor do they say the couple was in the act of selling drugs, but rather claim they suspect they were. They also found the owners had legal firearms - a shotgun and two handguns.

I suppose the same is true, given our fair legal system, that if a firearm is found during any criminal offense, be it DWI, an underage drinking party where parents of teens own guns, that guns are treated by the law as a criminal offense since they are in the area of the crime that has allegedly been committed.

This would be good, no?

I'm told every second someone in the US is a victim of a violent crime, and police are often strapped as to finding sufficient resources in giving such crimes the attention they need, so when I read about the time and the resources spent on this petty marijuana bust, I have to ask how does this pot bust make us safer and more secure?

As always - I don't encourage nor endorse the use of any drugs, be it cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, etc. I just wanted to share my friend John's message.

John Miller responded to the Union Leader story where I read this story and I wanted to share with you his comments:

If growing a plant like cannabis is considered "manufacturing drugs", then God is in big trouble. Ironically a certain Brig. General in Afghanistan admitted on the news tonight he's growing (aka, manufacturing) an opium poppy plant right in his office. I assume it's in a US military base, and like everything else, if you've got the power or money - you too can do it. Talk about guns!!! Lots of those around! He even laughed about it... and another generl asked if he dould take it to the states... so I have to ask, what kind of message is that sending for children?

Yes, as one commenter pointed out, cannabis/aka, marijuana is illegal because it's illegal, not because it's dangerous if used responsibly, which is much easier to accomplish than it is to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco responsibly.

Just like not everyone who uses cannabis are good, neither are all cops bad or to be mistrusted. Check out LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

My condolences for the death of your pet dog, and the consequences. I'm told there is a leash law in that town, so you might want to adopt a cat.

The politics of cannabis prohibition are ludicrous!

- John Miller, Bristol

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