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February 27, 2010


On my commute home this past Friday, once again NPR (National Public Radio) provided a story with chilling effect! Having a lot of experience on college campuses, both as a student and an employee, I found this topic of rape and justice to be most disturbing. The story is here:

Campus Rape and the Law

Our legal system is flawed. When I say that, and maybe you didn't quite hear what I said, what I said was - "OUR LEGAL SYSTEM IS FLAWED!"

Lady Justice is holding a scale that's tilted... why?

The story on NPR was about a young college student, female, who had a bit too much to drink one night. She stumbled home to her dorm, went to her room... as the story goes, a male living nearby, followed her into her room. He admits to having sex with her, the problem is the female student says she said "no". He claims it was consensual. She claimed it was rape. The university  sees it as a "learning experience"; our criminal justice system sees it as a crime, a serious crime.

Essentially no criminal justice system policies cover campus rape. The man was not arrested. He did not go to court and face any charges, didn't have to hire an attorney, and basically, was "sentenced by the university" to take the summer off - as a suspension/punishment.

How can this be???

Rape is tolerated as a learning experience, according to the article on NPR.
"On a college campus, this isn't a formal legal process like a court of law. Instead it fell to two campus administrators to sort out the truth, simply by asking the accused and the accuser for their sides of the story" NPR Source: Rape On College Campus

In my own experience while employed once at a college, and another time a public school, I witnessed first hand the way the laws are enforced. In 1976 I caught two youths while they were stealing electronics and other college equipment around midnight... I called the police who arrived finding their car full of stolen goods. The college gave me a commendation, and didn't press charges on the youths.

In the second case, early 1990's, I witnessed two youths suspiciously eying the grade school I worked at. I pointed the peculiar  pair out to my co-worker. We called the police. We told them we were concerned the pair had plans for later that night - which they did... they broke in and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of public property. The youths were caught, but the district didn't press any charges. Neither the school officials or police talked to my co-worker or myself about it.  It was swept under the carpet. Forgotten.

On the other hand, students found possessing drugs like marijuana, are subject to permanent expulsion, and serious criminal charges.

This is JUSTICE???

Well, find me another world to live in, please.

Our country is in crisis, and the emperors have no idea what's going on. Well, I'll tell you what's going on... INJUSTICE. Our laws need reform, big time, and until such time as that happens we will continue to see injustice and infringement on our personal liberties. A person has the right to say no to sex, and yes maybe  to marijuana, or vice versa... both are natural... both should be a choice under our system of right and wrong. What hurts society is when laws enable people to be hurt. Our laws enable that. Wake up!


  1. Good article and discussion topic Bob.

    The debate over at the NPR link is interesting, and argue the college's side well.

    I am in the opinion that it puts the campus execs in a difficult position--since the accused was not convicted, they can proceed with university discipline on the charge of rape, but have to look at other aspects of the incident that can be determined.

    In this case, the police would have not been the only one to review the incident--a district attorney would have had to exam the facts and decide not to pursue charges as well.

    I think that criminal justice system policies cover campus rape in the same way that they apply to victims anywhere--just the nature of the lifestyles of students make it more difficult to substantiate some of the cases.

  2. Bob:

    If you accept blogging awards, I left you a couple (you are welcome to take both, one or none) on today's post .

  3. I couldn't figure out how to accept an award... new to the Blogisphere :-