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March 28, 2010

NH Constitution, Article 83: Encouragement of Literature, Trades, Etc.

Established October 31, 1783 Effective June 2, 1784 As Subsequently Amended and in Force January 2007
[Article] 83. [Encouragement of Literature, etc.; Control of Corporations, Monopolies, etc.]

Knowledge and learning, generally diffused through a community, being essential to the preservation of a free government; and spreading the opportunities and advantages of education through the various parts of the country, being highly conducive to promote this end; it shall be the duty of the legislators and magistrates, in all future periods of this government, to cherish the interest of literature and the sciences, and all seminaries and public schools, to encourage private and public institutions, rewards, and immunities for the promotion of agriculture, arts, sciences, commerce, trades, manufactures, and natural history of the country; to countenance and inculcate the principles of humanity and general benevolence, public and private charity, industry and economy, honesty and punctuality, sincerity, sobriety, and all social affections, and generous sentiments, among the people: Provided, nevertheless, that no money raised by taxation shall ever be granted or applied for the use of the schools of institutions of any religious sect or denomination. Free and fair competition in the trades and industries is an inherent and essential right of t he people and should be protected against all monopolies and conspiracies which tend to hinder or destroy it. The size and functions of all corporations should be so limited and regulated as to prohibit fictitious capitalization and provision should be made for the supervision and government thereof. Therefore, all just power possessed by the state is hereby granted to the general court to enact laws to prevent the operations within the state of all persons and associations, and all trusts and corporations, foreign or domestic, and the officers thereof, who endeavor to raise the price of any article of commerce or to destroy free and fair competition in the trades and industries through combination, conspiracy, monopoly, or any other unfair means; to control and regulate the acts of all such persons, associations, corporations, trusts, and officials doing business within the state; to prevent fictitious capitalization; and to authorize civil and criminal proceedings in respect to all the wrongs herein declared against.
June 2, 1784
Amended 1877 prohibiting tax money from being applied to schools of religious denominations.
Amended 1903 permitting the general court to regulate trusts and monopolies restraining free trade.

Personal interpretation and how I feel it affects me:

I have the right to discuss, disseminate information deemed relevant to my truth, encourage discussion, inform, educate, and promote legalization of cannabis/ganja, aka marijuana for personal use including right to grow the plant and/or recreational and medicinal use. I am legally permitted to pursue this objective given 35 + years of personal experience and an educational background that provides me the critical skills to interpret my experiences and knowledge.

Further, any infringement on my rights herein, and beyond which attempt to violate my rights under the NH Constitution, are hereby seen as a direct violation my rights. These rights are similar to those enjoyed by credit card companies who use the laws of South Dakota to charge extravagant interest rates on credit cards issued by businesses involved in issuing credit based in that state.

I further maintain that provided my rights under NH, Art. 83, I propose I am technically exempt from state laws that in fact I suggest violate, said constitutional right to promote agriculture and education, to grow cannabis and use for educational purposes. Not that I am exercising those rights, but rather, I am simply stating for the record, that I should be able to exercise those rights.

Further, I claim, any future impositions or incidents involving NH law enforcement in which I'm expected to remember and regurgitate a stupid incident way back around 1985, involving an empty pipe, in a state other than my own, used to smoke ganja at a wedding, of which I paid my dues, with a $100 fine, is construed by me to be a violation of my state rights in that it's irrelevant   and a thing long past, it was a "learning experience".

Is it right to prosecute me and hold a moral "gun" to my head for the rest of my life because of something harmless that happened more than 25 years ogo??? Is it justified to consider me a "criminal"? Is it justified that potential employers can require me to disclose an incident that is virtually ludicrous, and unconstitutional, whose only place of disclosure would be an episode of "Saturday Night Live"? No, it's not.

My blog has made clear that any past use or suggestion of use of cannabis has been for educational purposes.

My message to NH Government Lynch is simple - Don't Tread On Me! And stop being a hypocrite! If you were really concerned about drug use in this state you would and should make tobacco and alcohol illegal in this state. That they are legal is contrary to your logic about recreational drugs, shows a lack of judgement and concern for the citizens of this state. Marijuana is safer. And you don't seem to recognize nor accept that basic fact, after nearly 70+ years of evidence and research. No one even remotely suggests legalizing cannabis for children, any more than they would propose legalizing alcohol, tobacco and gambling to those under an adult age.

Regarding the federal government and it's laws, status and regulations regarding cannabis... time to grow up and smell the roses. Federal laws prohibiting cannabis use and personal growing of are unconstitutional, as no direct harm or threat to civilian use or growing of cannabis has been even remotely confirmed.

The consequences of prohibition against cannabis has caused far more damage and cost to human life and freedom, than any actual threat. Alcohol and tobacco are far more addictive and dangerous than cannabis.

I demand redress of these laws from my government. I oppose any laws currently in effect that prohibit use or growing of cannabis. Any such laws violate my constitutional rights, and any punishments for use thereof are far in excess of any harm suggested, which in 99.999% of the cases no harm is committed.

Current laws also violate my constitutional rights to pursue benevolent research in societal benefits derived from cannabis commerce, research, growth and benefit from commercial and educational investment in cannabis culture, use, education and sale to promote economic growth of a potentially lucrative industry. Being thus limited by current laws I can state clearly and without hesitation that my current career and economic issues that I may have are in many ways a direct result of excessive, prejudicial and constitutional infringement of my rights under the Constitution of the state of NH where I have been a citizen for over 20 years.

Until said grievances are addressed by my state government, I declare, my rights under article 83 of the NH Constitution are violated.  Governor Lynch is hereby being informed by a citizen of NH that continued opposition to legalizing cannabis/ganja, aka marijuana is a violation of my rights, not only as a citizen of NH, but a citizen of the USA. If I'm subject to credit card regulations based on the laws and regulations of the state of SD, I'm certainly within my right, to invoke my protections granted under NH, Article 83; and other articles, amendments to the state constitution; and other basic human rights including my rights as an American Citizen.

Current laws and regulations with regards to cannabis create an environment in which millions of persons who would otherwise be law-abiding, productive citizens, are instead criminals. They are criminals whether or not they are discovered.

The year is 2010... our oceans have perhaps 100 years at most to survive, due to the imminent death of coral reefs around the world. Once the oceans become toxic cesspools, there won't be a world for us to call beautiful. This is because my government spends more tax dollars keeping people from using drugs like cannabis, than they do, to make this world a better place.

"Live Free or Die"

That is my truth...



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