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April 21, 2010


The NH House voted down passage of the "expanded gambling" bill today by a wide margin. It's the latest in a multi-year effort by special interest groups and certain politicians to open casinos in NH.

Gov. Lynch promised to veto it anyways if it reached his desk.

One supporter described the failure of the NH House to pass the bill said, simply, "they've condemned an airliner, that's run out of gas..."

My thought? That airliner should have planned more in advance. Apparently my elected officials, some of them, have been putting all their eggs in one basket. No surprise it's the NH Senate. They voted down the 1/4 oz bill that would have legalized cannabis.

What's ironic to me is, not only did the NH House vote in favor to legalize small amounts of cannabis, but they did so WITHOUT the influence of the highly paid lobbyists and big business interests that the gambling proponents employed.

Commonsense in politics - my hat off to the NH House!

That being said, gambling, like cannabis are a waste of time for my government to be taking up it's time with. Article 83 of the NH Constitution makes it clear that commerce and the arts are to be encouraged, and not restricted.

Personally, I have only scant interest in going to a casino near me. I do play online Texas hold'em, but I'm not playing against "a House", I'm playing pennies against other people with like interest. Casinos, my sister and her husband have one nearby... they go often. They win big sometimes, but they lose even bigger. Me... I've been to casinos, and it's addictive. Compared to at most $50 that often lasts a couple of months or more to play poker, casinos easily get that, X3, out of me in one visit. Some enjoy it, I don't.

Gambling, Cannabis, even Prostitution should be legal and regulated. Like our two closest neighbors, alcohol and tobacco.

For the state to want a cut of taxation riches by creating an instant highway to riches through "legalized slots" is ludicrous and irresponsible. That it's "illegal" at present is ridiculous.

It's sad really, that logic and common sense can't be a part of the law-making process. There seems to be a "what's in it for me" mentality in government. It's not a wonder to me that trust in the Federal government, and state governments are at an all time low? I don't fault President Obama... I saw the same thing when Jimmy Carter was President in the 70's...

If people want to gamble in a casino in NH, why not??? Why can't a town, county, or city make it's own decisions in the matter?

Who would have guessed that the 200 year old+ "DONT TREAD ON ME" motto would be so significant in the year 2010?


Don't Tread on Me

The history of the Gadsden flag and how the rattlesnake became a symbol of American independence

1 comment:

  1. Interesting topic Bob. In most states, when the economy tanks and revenues are below projections, things like gambling become more appealing to politicians Surprised of that outcome.