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April 16, 2010


"Why do I blog?"

It's the newest why BobKat... over the years, I don't know how many others out there get questioned repeatedly about why I/we do what we do. Maybe it's commonplace. But, to me, when people question me, it feels personal. The true question is 'how will I make money doing that?'

I may be particularly sensitive, when being questioned, given past experiences. And so we begin...

History aside for the moment, I do it for me, and I do it with the idea that others will find my blog interesting, maybe inspiring.

It's a learning experience, a place to exercise my mind, thoughts, and although a bit on the fringe at times express myself. Others can listen. It's what I did during the 70's when I was working at the college, I wrote all around the campus, and after work at night I wrote a the college bar nearby. Legal age for alcohol was 18.

Dung is what's left of those years... that and some great, cherished memories. Quite the combo... it isn't any wonder I write... given the next 30 years that followed... the result is a mind overloaded, and writing is in my nature, and something I need to do.

I write because I can.

Since Oct. of last year I've written 70+ posts. I have 4 followers, I have 8 votes in my opinion poll (bottom of this page), and three friends that write comments occasionally.

No, profit isn't the name of this pastime... not yet anyway.

This is a good way to experiment with my writing... it's also a great way to promote those causes I believe in.

Several new posts in the works...

George, my agent, will take any further questions :-


  1. I am thinking George will demand more posts--you better get your creative juices flowing Bob...

  2. Dear BobKat,
    Well, I love this post b/c I have had them ask everything from 'what's the money in it?' to 'irresponsible journalism'. They can just go home without a sucker.

    I do it ah, why, I believe b/c it helps me reflect on the parts of the world that interest me or confound me. Among other reasons, of course.

    All this time I was looking for an agent. Who knew I was feeding two already. Ah, and my agents are asleep WAY too often.

    Ann T.

  3. Slam... I'm trying...

    Ann T., you made me laugh and just so you know, my agent sleeps a lot too, although, he's often out hunting vermin... so I guess he deserves his catnaps. I'm glad I'm not the only one asked that question!

    Thank-you, both of you...