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May 31, 2010

UNDER THE RUG... Memorial Day BobKat

Memorial Day Greetings...

It's obvious, our "spill in the Gulf of Mexico" is a disaster of epic proportions... and what makes it worse, is many of us saw it coming and happening while those "in charge" insisted it was being taken care of... a "legitimate costs" would be paid.

"Top Hat" is forgotten, and now the one 70% solution "Top Kill" is dead... didn't work... the disaster continues!!! All the greatest scientific minds in the USA have failed - or have not been listened to. Who the F*** knows??? The feds are so busy harassing people wanting to be happy, whatever that may mean - getting fresh air (can't at the moment), getting drunk, getting high, getting spiritual... watching tv... writing a blog post... pursuit of happiness... all I'm saying.

Meanwhile the hill I live on in the White Mountains is inundated with smoke from a forest fire in Quebec, Canada.

Hard to breath... all the smoke. I called 911, and they told me it was a fire in Canada... we have to be 150 - 250 miles from Canada. But like the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico, (well protected by federal gov laws), I'm fine too.

Speaking of breath... wow, that life on that deserted island was great... all 36 hours of it... I came back to life... actually started thinking creatively again... smoked some ganja and got to work... built myself a shelter, cut wood, for a night-time fire...

By the time SWAT arrived to "rescue" me... I already had setup a camp, gone fishing - caught fish, and was successful foraging... smoked some of the good bud, and was relaxed. Had a good nights sleep.

In the morning I got up and ate a great breakfast, smoked a little more bud, and hiked... explored, enjoyed myself.

I said "36-hours"... yeah, well, the Coast gurad arrived, and DDA hellocopters... within seconds I was swept off the island and landed back in the USSR... I meant the USA... sorry.

I was charged with "possession of pirated goods" and "narcotics". I explained I was on vacation - doctors orders, my sail-boat was seized... I escaped, yes, with a ton of cannabis onboard, but I needed a source of rope if I was to survive... did they think I'd get that from tobacco???

Anyway I'm back... charges dropped... I was given a bottle of whiskey, and a pack of cigarettes, courtesy  of the federal government when ship-wreaked and a survivor. Geez... I thought I was doing pretty well???

I think it's time we RETHINK our science.

Back to work tomorrow... It's slavery, that's what it is, only under a different name and including many more people. We hardly question it. Sheep in a field with fox to "protect us"!!!


  1. I want to accomplish you and really admire you for your, successfully articles.

  2. Thanks Prtitim!

    My "articles" are very difficult to write, because they're controversial.

    Your message tells me maybe written English isn't easy for you. I'm hoping for both of us we find success, - admiration tells me I am accomplishing... something you also say.

    So thanks! I appreciate it.