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July 13, 2010

"REEFER MADNESS - 2010" : } The Dangers Of Marijuana : } Introduction

"Reefer Madness 2010":

Enough is enough already! It's like Orson Wells, "War of the Worlds", never went away. A myth that lingers... but a myth that hurts many people in so many ways. Marijuana Prohibition hurts people. And that's the one moral I believe in. "Do Not Hurt Others".

I believe the laws against cannabis are, to be blunt, completely "BOGUS." The laws prohibiting use and it's status as a "stepping stone to harder drugs", are anecdotal, and not based on any sound scientific research. In fact, what genuine research has actually shown, has produced a far different medicinal/recreational case than what many claim, calling it the "demon weed".


The next few posts will conclude my "Cannabis Series"... I need to go back to the "History of cannabis' post, which is unfinished, but within these final few posts I will explore in, a literary sense, the dangers of marijuana, as seen today in 2010 - approximately 75 years since ganja/cannabis got renamed "marijuana", as an affront to Mexican immigrants, legal or not, in my opinion.


This fall, Californian voters will cast ballots to determine whether cannabis should be legal for personal use. The surveys say, a majority of Californians support legalization. Most recently, despite threats from the state government, Massachusetts reduced possession of under an ounce of cannabis to the same as a traffic fine, and I read recently, the police usually let the people keep their weed.

Several states have legalized cannabis to some extent. But there is still a lot of misunderstanding as to what cannabis is, how it can be a a legitimate Federal Schedule One drug, and yet have obvious medical value; why exactly is it considered dangerous enough to authorize SWAT raids on families with children present? When the only crime committed is possession and use by adults in the privacy of their home.

I hope to address these questions and issues in the following posts.


I know some may view this subject as being adult in nature, but may I suggest it's much more than that? When federal and state governments use the claim that cannabis prohibition is just and reasonable, because legalization will send the wrong message to those underage, and promote the use; not only of cannabis, but all other "street drugs", the message is wrong. A article I read a year or so ago actually found tobacco was the "stepping stone drug", but it gained no real attention, except to myself. 

The subject is one of teaching about drugs, legal or not. I almost died from alcohol poisoning at age 16... I had no idea how dangerous it could be. I got hooked on tobacco at age 14. Still am, and have quit countless times, for as long as 3 years, over the past 40 years since then.

Alcohol, as the 18th amendment proved, is non-prohibitive, which means, it can't be outlawed as it's a virtual impossibility. 100 years of Temperance movements beginning in the 1840's, and ultimately, it was total failure... Tobacco, which contains the narcotic drug: nicotine, would be equally non-prohibitive. Add in the societal acceptance of said drugs, and their popularity, you can see why they are rarely the topic of danger that street drugs are. Except for the "canned warnings" on the bottles and packs, we largely ignore them.


Cannabis continues to this day to inspire so many people... and movies - think "Harold and Kumar" , and so many books. People, from everyday stoners, to Olympic Greats, like Michael Phelps, stars like Willy Nelson, Woody Harrelson, Sarah Silverman and Bob Dylan. Millions of Americans enjoy cannabis... and many have nothing to do with "hard drugs".

Based on my own survey (bottom of this blog), not only do the majority wish it were legal, but they prefer it to alcohol. According to research available at , 99% of cannabis users have no interest in hard drugs.


There is a vibrant, rich and hilarious history behind marijuana prohibition, beginning during the 1930's. That's interesting to consider. There is also a great tragedy that's been unfolding since then, and despite the best scientific and logical minds, we can't seem to get past the stereotypes. The harm suffered by American citizens due to "marijuana prohibition" is far, far greater than the alleged harm your average user is accused of causing. Yes, there are dangers with cannabis... as with everything, including drinking too much water. But with cannabis, it all begins with:

William Randolph Hearst, the magazine mogul, who was very active in promoting the anti-marijuana sentiment back in the 1930's. The reason: alleged prejudice towards Blacks and Mexican (illegal) immigrants. Modern DVD's can be found like the following, where you can see the fine art of anti-marijuana propaganda from back in the 30's. The reality is anything but what you'll see. And in my following posts I will attempt to clarify what the dangers of cannabis truly are. I provide a primer, below the following image.



#1) The premise and reality that law enforcement in many parts of the country are "addicted to marijuana"... to the drug enforcement money provided by the federal government. Without this money, law enforcement would crumble. That according to the two articles/links that follow. And the average cannabis user, is caught in the "cross-fire", is LE's favorite target, with a huge disparity between Blacks and Whites incarcerated and in trouble with the law because of this feeding frenzy. I'm not making this up... Read about it below:

Law Enforcement Addicted to Marijuana: FOX NEWS, and here: The WALL STREET JOURNAL


To be continued...


  1. On the Fox News article was a head-scratcher for me when I read it. Following the money is unfortunately all too common in all walks of life.

  2. They should legally tax it instead, like they do alcohol and tobacco. To perpetuate this madness is insane! That law enforcement is addicted to the pursuit of money by depending on marijuana enforcement is wrong, in my opinion.

    Thanks for your comment Slam!