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July 01, 2010


I'm going to post a short Intermission...

After "Getting Stoned on Sarah Silverman", I have to admit to having had a rebirth experience. I felt myself in my 20's again, but I know I'm not that. The experience nonetheless was rewarding. Imagine - a world of politicians, and no Sarah Silverman's... or Mary Janes... yeah... tough world... but Sarah is here... and Single... ahhh - to dream is to hope.

Expect more humor and satire in my next posts.... I've been thinking...

In the meantime... until then...

Here's a picture of George (yes, I called him Twearth previously, and he's not named after G. Bush, Jr.; he's named after George Harrison, the Beatle).

George is now around 7 yo, loves the outdoors, and is the perfect home and barn-yard cat...  he oversees two - three dozen free-range chickens... keeping the farm rodent free. He's received several medals (treats) already, and one big scare... one where I thought he was a goner.

But we found him, as dusk crept down in a pouring, cold rain... after an hour or more of searching in the nearby woods, with what seemed like a faint "meow" coming from what seemed, another dimension...  I narrowed him down to a certain area; my house-mate was searching elsewhere nearby.

It was really hard to look up... but I forced myself, trying to look up into hundreds of branches. The rain blurred my vision, my eye-glasses useless. But I saw him... So small up there on a branch... a15 pound cat, looking like a 5 pound drenched cat. He was perched at least 15 - 20 feet up tree, too scared to move.

We had to go to the barn, get a ladder and stretch up to reach him, and avoid getting ripped to shreds - he was scared. We figure a local predator like a bobcat, coyote, or fox scared him up the tree. The good news - much nature-smarter now... a very good cat.

George; 7 yo; 18lb; Adopted from the SPCA 2008
Paid to sleep on the job... when not protecting our property from rodents.
George is doing a Good Job!

My kind of work...

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