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September 19, 2010


Welcome to GENESIS and "The Temple of Time".



Over the years I have collected books. Historical books in particular. The image posted above is from a book called "Universal History", by Emma Willard, 1855. I have no idea who Emma Willard was... have not had the chance to research her yet. 

It sets the date in history of CREATION, at 4004 BC. In the image above that is the centerpiece of the Temple and at the very back of the temple. It's the answer to the argument by today's creationists. Her book is divided into three separate eras: "Ancient, Middle, and Modern". It's priceless in it's understanding of the world before Darwin.

I wondered for years why dinosaurs mattered... why I asked my Sunday school teacher about them. There's a lot I didn't understand until my early twenties. The primary reason was I didn't feel comfortable questioning things. I believed life and society were organized, and to question that organization was inappropriate. Yet, I did question things, and the mystery of how dinosaurs and man began, and historically could coexist, was a burning question. 

My Sunday school teacher, Joel, wasn't completely wrong when he answered my question, and told me dinosaurs were from when the world was a dark void. It's obvious to me now that at age 8, I have some idea that Creation happened after the dinosaurs. Somehow, this notion that Creation happened, say 4004 BC, was  a fact I believed in my subconscious. Yet I knew dinosaurs roamed the Earth long before... 

According to the most recent understanding of the origins of a modern people, it's estimated they left Africa between 120,000 years to 75,000 years ago. Long prior to 4004 BC.

I also understand now that GOD "created plants and animals and creepy things" long before humankind..That the Creation did take place, over millions of years, and I believe it did take 7 days... 7 very long days... days that lasted billions of years.

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth long before man, and God made it so according to the Book of Genesis. Plants came before the dinosaurs. Plants like cannabis, which I can't resist but admire, and highlight. All prior to the existence of humankind, and "God saw that it was good". 

The origins of who we are go back millions of years, but there was a time ignorance was bliss, and we were akin to animals. There also came the time of the first "self-aware" human being. We can take it from the Bible that first self-aware human was named Eve. And she influenced Adam. 

We can add the mystery of the snake in the Garden of Eden, and the existence of other humans, like Lillith, described in details in books the Catholic church chose to expunge from "The Bible" in the 14th century.

Next time... "The Original Sin and the Original Penalty..."

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