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November 23, 2010


Part One is HERE

I ended Part One as a "Black Hole". Literally. That's what happens to some stars when they burn out, go nova.

The thing I'm curious about is,  what causes some stars to become black holes, and others to become red dwarfs. My science here may not be exact, but hope you get my point.

I ended Part One ahead of myself. I'm still here... not the black hole quite yet. Not the thousand year old mummy, buried with pounds of cannabis in what was once known as the state of NH, in the once great country - the USA.

Sure, time WILL change things. Already has and is... the rate of change is exponentially multiplying at a rate that only machine will be able to understand. Humans will simply guide and relate to machines. The machines will build themselves, with the help of humans. We will become symbiants. It's already happened.

I heard tonight on my way home from work, on the radio, the technology is here to "PRINT" 3-D objects. 30,000 such printers already exist and they'll "print" actual objects. 3-D functional objects. In the future, there will be no US Mail, no UPS or Fed-Ex... no stores, malls, or work-places. You'll download and print what you want, be it clothes, be it subsistence, be it a house. The tech is here, now. And as a techie, I assure you, the technology we will witness, in the coming years will blow your socks off! It is going to go way beyond anything humankind ever imagined or dreamed about.

The new reality will not only include sophisticated printers, but a new reality - a Global Web. It will include robotic dolls, that men or women can buy as mates. No more need to date, play games and risk STD's. They exist already, rather expensive though, and not particularly bright just yet with the latest AI. But that'll change real soon. Too bad I don't feel optimistic about seeing it... living long enough to enjoy the possibilities.

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