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December 05, 2010


What gets you high?

NOTE: When I say "comprehensive" I mean it. This topic will include all the various ways adults get high. Some clarification of what I mean when I say "adult". To use tobacco, model nude, view adult nudes one must be 18 years of age or older. To consume alcoholic products one must be 21 or older. To commit murder, rape, or any kind of assault to get off - get high on hurting others, and be considered an adult, you would generally be age 18 or older. To be an "adult" you are therefore between the ages of 18-21, or older.

When comparing cats and humans, getting high is vastly different. A cat gets high hunting prey that it instinctively eats, or they get high from catnip, or that tasty morsel of chicken or tuna you may provide to them. A black cat for example does not get off on crossing your path and scaring you because you're superstitious... they have no idea they're scaring you. 

Humans get off, or high, on a myriad of various activities, some legal, some not. The human mind itself is essentially a high. Waking up in the morning can get one high... and consider that our own bodies manufacture THC, the chemically controversial psychoactive chemical found in cannabis that is a high to many politicians and the DEA. Yes, our own bodies manufacture THC... look it up yourself - it is an essential part of our existence. 

When I say this is a comprehensive list of human highs, I mean the following will examine all of them. I will also attempt to describe the reasons why they are a high to humans. 

The list is not in alphabetic order, nor in order of legality, harm, risk or any other type of sorting. This is a blog, not a dissertation. I will attempt to be as organized and objective as possible. I figure to cover all the various ways human-beings get high will take around 5 posts. So get yourself prepared for everything you always wanted to know about getting high, but never dared to ask!

If there ever was a topic that could be considered a "can of worms", this is it. There should be little doubt there are those persons that get off hurting others, dominating others, threatening others. There are bullies... there are those who truly believe they are superior to others, that believe their influences and control of others is just. And they get high from it. To further explore this high, or understand it would require a single post alone. For now I'm going to simply going to list it. Other sub-categories exist, which I may deal with independently, such as "sexual intimidation". This type of high is very complex and insidious; essentially it is a consequence of the societies belief that "man dominates women". It has Christian origins in that in the Bible, in Genesis, Eve seduced Adam, and Eve was double-cursed by God, thereby making Eve subservient to man, and subject to his control. But that is hardly the whole picture, as other religions have similar histories, validating man's control over women. There is little in the way of controversy as to man getting off on the domination of women, and the reasons that validate this control. The fact is, no amount of validation justifies man's dominion over women, nor harmful acts towards women. 

2)  Being of superior race, family, ideology.
The obvious root of this high comes from the believe that "whites are superior to blacks", that again, "men are superior to women", that wealthy and politically elite are superior to the average person. It's a "high" that needs further investigation. It is evident in the fact that certain government agencies get off on the fact they have "powers" beyond established law and often in violation of an individuals personal rights. Again, an entire post could be devoted to this high.

3) Laws are Made to be Broken
This is a topic of ironic proportions. Simply put... individuals decide what laws to obey and what to break. The most obvious is exceeding the speed-limit on the road, talking on a cell-phone where such an act is illegal, not wearing a seat-belt when the state law requires it. People get "high" breaking such laws... I commute 3 and 1/2 hours a day M-F and I see it all. Few people conform to laws they feel are conditional, and speeding with a object weighing in at one ton or over is not considered a crime... they get high driving at a speed they enjoy.

4) Executives involved in safe-guarding and protecting the investments of client.
Yes, I talking about Wall St., corporate executives, and banks. They get high ripping off their consumers. Credit card companies, pay day lenders, get high charging excessive rates for credit, and encouraging and enticing consumers to fall prey to their predatory acts. Example: I got a deal with a credit card company with a 2% percent balance transfer option. I have good credit, that's why it was offered to me. To make a purchase however is in the range of 16.9%. So I have simply not made any purchases, but rather have been paying off my balance transfer. Recently I received a invitation to use the credit to make purchases at the 16% rate and earn "cash-back" when using the card to make purchases. The catch - it's 1% cash back until I charge over $4000 in purchases, at which point my cash-back jumps to 4%. 

No thank-you!!! I'm sure the credit card company would get a rush if I charged up that much money... but I surely wouldn't. 

Part One Conclusion: 

Maybe you thought "THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO ADULT HIGHS" would be about "drugs". Sorry if I initially disappoint you. The key here is "comprehensive..."

There are many ways adults get "high".

Getting stoned on cannabis is the least of the highs.

Next time: Wait and see...

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