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December 30, 2010


"DICHOTOMY" - Either/Or...

Black or White...

Good or Bad...

Right or Wrong...

Republican or Democrat...

Left or Right...

Moral or Immoral...

Conformist, Non-Conformist...




Of God/Not of God...

Need I go on...? Need I stop?

Let's face it... "You're either one of us or you're not!"

It's called "Dichotomy"...

Blessed or damned...

Accepted, Not accepted...

Either part of the solution, or part of the problem?


My topic, "Rite of Passage" begins with Sex and Suicide... not a savory combination of actions... but give me a chance here, because I'm about to introduce you to the best part.

For some reason beyond my understanding, our society is stuck on dichotomy... two choices in life. That's what it means.

Example... on the back of all US Money is the phrase - "In God We Trust". This was added around 1949. It doesn't mean we accept the God of all nations, despite our commitment to "Freedom of Religion". No question, it refers to the God, Christ, Jesus... none other. Sure, we "tolerate and do what we can to accept other religious beliefs, but fact is, the USA is or became a Christian Country.

We're not exactly Catholic... we don't like the "no condom" rite of sex... nor do we seem to abide by rules, like marriage vows, or loyalty to country. There's a good measure of radical to being an American. Something you'd think other countries would respect about Americans - our Wild West Rebellious side... but they don't. All PR... (Public Relations). It's like all Americans are either good or bad, for or against, open or closed.

The reality couldn't be further from the PR.

One only needs to go back to the 1960's and 70's to see that Americans are free... to a point... a point poised at your eyeball...

The great thing about Americans are that we are individualized. We have in many ways learned to cooperate. Which means I can communicate with with most Americans - being a spiritualist I can connect with a Christian, or Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim... to that extent "we are free".

Where we're not free is the PR about us, or US. Since the late 1800's we became a two party political system... prior to that, "party" meant "cause"... and since news traveled slowly, multiple parties in politics was a way for all sides to lobby for their form of government. Of course, all that changed... and now, today, you're either Republican or Democrat or Other...

Others don't really count, just so you know.

We are however a "Democracy". On paper.

I say on paper as a lot of political effort goes into maintaining the two-party system of government.

The problem with that is reality is gray and colors... not black and white.

Sure, two parties, right and wrong, good or bad, for or against is easy to comprehend.

At age 20 I ran full, blunt force into the dichotomy.... I grew up believing I was free... I found myself at 20 years old in 1976. There was no dichotomy then... not that we recognized.

It wasn't anarchy, but rather, our believe to "question reality". "Question Authority".

From 1974 to 1981 i held a public job... and I can tell you with a 100% certainty that 80% of the public used marijuana, at least once. 80% of the public were criminals, and today, they pretend they never touched the stuff. Yet 50% will get drunk, or smoke tobacco, and that's okay. 60% will favor big business over the average American worker, and that's okay. 70% will turn a blind eye to the fact that "Made in USA" means it was manufactured in a foreign country, but the label "Made in America" is fictionally applied - being as an American company produced the goods.

In 1975, I didn't know it then, but success meant choosing box A or Box B. Call me stupid as I found Box C... and that wasn't the plan. Fact is, most people my age during the 1970's should be rounded up are charged with nonconformity... as well as those during the 1960's...

Fact is... dichotomy didn't settle well with us, or US. One way to solve the current hangover from the Great recession, that was actually and still is a Depression, is to round up all "others" and execute us. Most of us used illicit drugs. most of us questioned authority. Most of us were dissidents. Rebels. Non-conformists.

Put me out of my misery when I say, quite forthright, that cannabis is far better than your friggin alcohol!!!That not for a second do I believe my government has just-cause to ban one while taxing and legitimizing the other.

The world is not black and white... it's not a dichotomy!!!

Just so you know... American Citizens are Not Free... and in New Hampshire that means it's better to be Dead!

Live Free or Die... how far did we sell ourselves to exactly what we tried to avoid.... ?

Obama, King of England/USA... what promises have you delivered??? Seems to me... politics as usual... what's worst, you laugh at people that would prefer cannabis to alcohol.

Oh yeah, cannabis is dangerous alright... when compared to legal alternatives like alcohol and tobacco which aren't even comparable the risk factor is cannabis 1, to tobacco75 to alcohol the rest. And with ALL YOUR SCIENCE you promised to bring to Washington... you've brought nothing.

2012 doesn't even matter anymore... you don't matter. What matters is you laugh in the face of science and human rights.

Rite of Passage... "Welcome to the Real World - where Myth is Master to Reality".

Good New Year to All...


  1. We are not actually living in a democracy - we are a representative republic . . . just thought you should know.

  2. Lucky for me a coworker has a degree in political science. And it's TRUE, we don't live in a "democracy". He explained a "representative republic" is "representative, as in we vote for/put our trust in those we chose to elect; and we are a country of states.

    I asked my coworker, "have we ever been a democracy?" He said "no." In 1776 a true democracy wouldn't work, in fact, it only works in places like New England with town meetings, and in CA, where it's tended to cause many more problems than solutions.

    The best modern form of a type of democracy called "proportional"... as in a proportional republic, is where, like is done in Germany, the people's vote creates seats in government. That way, if the Green Party got 10% of the vote, they'd also get 10% of the seats.

    That seems fair(er), and thank-you to anonymous for the comment.