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March 10, 2011

Gaddafi; The Libyan Revolution - 2011

Generally I just take world news in stride. Libya is the exception. Gaddafi in particular.

There are many photos of the fighting going on in Libya right now and the past few weeks. There are excellent maps of the conflict areas, who holds them, pro or rebel, yet I hear often "little news is getting out".

Maybe Julian Assange could do a better job! Fact is, Gaddafi is a nutcase. He claims many things:

1) The youth are on drugs provided by Al Quida. Hallucinogens. Terrorist are at our doorstep... deluding the children, that must be "silenced", lest they enlighten "my faithful". Gaddafi madness, but not so different than other historical events that claimed "drugs were distorting the people's sight". Gaddafi's delusion sheds light on our own paranoia that "drugs are to blame". Sometimes they are. The question is, what do you think - rebels high on drugs, or are they revolutionaries who could use our help???

2) His country is as Gaddafi puts it: is a "government of the people", "no leader but the people"... the same people he's murdering, the rebels - who are the people telling him to GO!!!

3) Recent evidence strongly alleges a connection betwee Gaddafi and terrorist acts. If true, a bounty should be put on his head, ASAP.

4) It's being called a civil war... but the Libyans aren't fighting against each other, but rather, the rebels are fighting Gaddafi "loyalists", making him something of a king, or so he's pretending.

Civil War I vote we stay out of it.

Revolution: I vote we assist the rebels with everything we have, like the French did to help us win our Revolution against Great Briton.

We need to act NOW.

Libya could become the stabilizing force in the Middle East. There's no question but that Libyan rebels have done something extraordinary - they need help.

The alternative is a Libya with a "Madman as King".

1 comment:

  1. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. That dictator seems like he has the upperhand now though.

    Thanks for the kind words over at my place Bob.