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July 28, 2011

The Tea-Party; The Fed. Debt Crisis; Casey Anthony and, US Patent # 6,630,507 - PART TWO

D-DAY - MONDAY@MIDNIGHT! As IF Mondays aren't bad enough.

The Circus that is our Federal Government right now is simply ludicrous and unacceptable. Recently elected Republican House Reps are making good on their loyalty to the "Tea-Party". Now I understand that the tea-party is based on the principal of lowering gov't spending, reducing the debt, and reigning in gov't handouts in the form of social services; however; there exists no clear and true charter to any such party; no clear recognition or definition of just what the tea-party is; nor are they apparently playing with a full deck!

So, as I understand it, the basic principles and demands of the House republicans, aka, tea-party elected Republicans is, with regards to what's created the so-called Debt Crisis is, reduced spending equal to the increase to the debt ceiling. So how hard is that? Hard perhaps since the $$$ they want cut have already been approved and spent. Hard in that zero tolerance is vowed towards any new tax revenue. Hard in that no new tax revenue equals no end to ex-Pres. Bushes tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, many who openly want to contribute more. Hard because what the tea-party republicans will and want cut are social programs, to Medicare, Social-Security, Food-Stamps, Unemployment benefits, public health programs, etc. Essentially, a smaller gov't but a more robust one when it comes to supporting Wall-Street, Big Oil, Corporations, the Military, DEA, ICE (with regards to illegal immigration, not human slavery), an end to all social services and a government that is cutting edge that cuts the throats of average and poor Americans. These are the people, the politicians bringing us to the first ever, artificially, pre-meditated murder of the American Dollar.


There may be some people out there who don't know who Casey Anthony is, and those same people never heard of O.J. Simpson. Casey Anthony for those people, of to clarify who I'm writing about was arrested for 1st degree murder of her young daughter, Caylee Anthony. She was found "Not Guilty" of the crime, but found guilty of a lesser crime, "lying to the police".

The death/murder of a little girl is repulsive and extremely tragic. I can't understand how such a thing can happen, or how any person can take another person's life and think it's justified. The recent mass murders in Norway are a prime example. But there are many examples... Ted Bundy, Whitey Bulger, The Green River killer, Charles Manson, Dru Sjodin, Fort Hood Massacre, the list is endless...

Justice is not always a victor, when often additional murders occur when violent persons are paroled, as in the Dru Sjodin case. Often, the wrong person is found guilty of the crime. Sometimes those most served by a life sentence in prison are put to death instead... like the recent case in Texas. Or people are put to death when all options for Justice have not been met, as in the other execution in Texas recently of the Mexican National.

But Justice is blind... it is an ideal that we as Americans value as much as we value family, honest government, the Constitution. In the case of Casey Anthony, Justice was done. A jury of twelve sequestered jurors heard the case as presented by the prosecution, and her defense. It cost a lot of money, the trial, but the alleged crime was serious enough to make it worth it to the state. Unfortunately several things happened that ultimately upset the American public, and why did it upset the American public? Because it was a Nationally Televised Event, 24 hour coverage for several weeks, more air time than even the O.J. Simpson case, and in the end it wasn't the fact that the glove didn't fit, it was a case where the prosecution had failed in proving 1st degree murder. They didn't have the evidence.

It should have never been televised... for several weeks it was a staple of Nancy Grace and CNN, FOX and NBC... I read the news but to watch the circus on TV, no thank-you! It was one thing to watch the O.J. Simpson trial on TV; he was a celebrity. But to watch Casey Anthony LIVE for the alleged murder of her daughter Caylee, to hear about scandalous family issues like incest, rape and abuse... it should have never been televised. It was not public fodder this case. And all it created was a lynch mob, a mob completely angered by the verdict. Well that verdict is what we call Justice.

Fortunately for the Not Guilty Casey, the following scandals and crises' happened... Murdock and the World News, The Federal Debt Crisis, and the massacre of over 70 in Norway by a right-wing extremist.

No one knows where Casey is today, and no one even cares anymore. But the money still follows her... just today I read where a latex mask of her face sold for One Million Dollars ($999,900 to be exact) on E-Bay: STORY HERE The person selling it described it the "scariest face in the world", or something like that. Ahhh, I think not... plenty scarier; like House Speaker Boehner (pronounced bane-err); or Michele Bachmann, aka Queen Bee of the Tea-Party; or Michele Leonhart, Director of the DEA (more on her in the next and final post/conclusion).

We will never know what happened to Caylee Anthony, but to make the whole case a Reality TV Show was plain wrong. We as a nation should have more common sense when it comes to matters of Justice, as well as matters such as the current fabricated Debt Crisis that is likely to spin this country in ways Homeland Security should already be preparing for. To have our Congress playing Russian Roulette with the power invested in them by the American people is a travesty; it is just cause to enact a national vote of No-Confidence; to seriously question whether certain newly elected representatives are acting in the best interests of the American People, or fulfilling oaths to unrecognized/fringe parties with their own self-interests?

Think Casey Anthony is scary? Look at the circus in Washington!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, we are soon to pay for all of our spending: military, wars (your personal fav), social programs, and other.

    The politicians continue to try to put it off so it won't happen on their watch, but it is just going to make the fall that much harder. It could be rather humorous if it was not so sad.