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December 14, 2011



It's come to that.

The FDA has determined your gonads are factories, "manufacturing cells"... and as such, the FDA believes that what your gonads produce/manufacture is a controlled substance. Under their control. Imagine that while it's pending. The goal of the FDA is your well-being, naturally; I suspect that may not be true. Decide for yourself...


Originally this topic was going to be an interlude, a break for a bit before I tackled a more difficult topic... it was to be light-hearted satire to warn against the encroachment of government on human freedom. A humorous topic, I thought!


Seriously. The FDA has declared a "war on semen"...

Case in point:

Trent Arsenault:

Tim has his own blog where he advertises free "donor sperm". He runs it as a business, a not-for profit business. He provides full medical disclosure to potential clients. He's fathered 14 children, and the FDA recently raided his home, and attempted to ... they, the FDA is conducting some kind of investigation... determining what crimes Trent committed. Odd thing is, semen is in high demand. Who would have guessed? Click the image for the story or here:

CBS San Francisco News - "FDA Cracks Down On Fremont Man’s Sperm Donations".

Trent is not alone.

Here's a link to a forum Post-It Board where anyone can ask for, or advertise, they're seeking, or willing to donate sperm:



I simply never thought of myself as a "factory".


I'll bet the ex-AL politician who was running a private sperm donation clinic didn't think of himself as a factory. The irony with the case of Bill Johnson, 52 of Alabama is that #1, his age. #2, he's married and his wife didn't know. #3, He donated mostly to lesbian women, yet was opposed as a politician to gay rights. In New Zealand, Bill felt generous, and fathered at least 4 children.


What really convinced me to take this topic seriously was when reading that Jennifer Aniston's former agent encouraged her to ask Brad Pitt for some of his semen, before he left for good. The story is here: Agent Urged Jen Aniston To Ask for Brad Pitt's Sperm Post-Split; Published December 23, 2011;


There's the story of the Texas man who found out he was the father of twins. He always used a condom with his previous girlfriend who gave birth to his children. She stole his sperm in the condoms he used and deposited the sperm in a sperm bank. He's suing.

Story Here: "A New York man was stunned to find out that his four-year-old twins were not an accidental pregnancy after all — but that his desperate girlfriend secretly stashed away his sperm..."


Here's an account of what it's like to donate sperm at a "government approved facility"... THE GENIUS FACTORY, by David Plotz.


And to conclude an in-depth news report entitled: "You Got Your Sperm Where?" This last article goes way into the reality of donated sperm. College student can make $1200/donation, I've heard. Gosh, wish I'd known!!!

But as the article begins, one can see that all is not well being a sperm donor:

The Daily Beast: ""


That's enough...

It's bad enough when the government tells me what plants I may have and use. It's another when it tells me my "sperm is manufactured in a factory"! My own personal factory. So, the FDA is thinking of regulating my sperm.


What is it about government that as an elected entity it believes it can decide plants and semen are manufactured, and therefore, subject to government regulation? That it believes it can regulate and even prohibit certain naturally occurring substances? Taking this mindset to semen is taking it way too far. If a guy wants to donate his sperm, when has it been the government's business to interfere? We're talking about SEX. Since when has the government had the right to tell a man where he can plant his seeds? Especially since we're talking about consenting adults.


I'm thinking 2012 should be especially interesting...

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