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May 16, 2012


Fox News Headlines - "Longtime Airport Security Supervisor Arrested At NJ Airport  For Using Dead Man's ID".

Whaat??? Yeah, 2 a's!

OK, so this guy, Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewole, aka Jerry Thomas had been working at the NJ airport for about 20 years ... an illegal immigrant from Nigeria, he worked his way up in the ranks of airport security - the Port Authority of NY and NJ, towering above all other people who may have striven for that title... Bimbo oversaw TSA agents in fact, although apparently, not directly, according to the new's article, which you can find here: ARTICLE.

According to it he was mostly responsible for a crew of non-TSA agents who did after hours security. After hours???

I didn't even know there was such a thing as "after-hours", at an airport like Newark's International, in NJ.


As for the ID he was using - that of a homicide victim in NYC -1992. A cold, unsolved case of murder. Investigators in NY have apparently not made a statement as to how Bimbo came to use the victim's ID, but what is known is Bimbo managed to pass multiple background checks over the years which included running his fingerprints through state of the art computer - well you know - terrorist grade threat detection software systems. And PASSED!!!

For 20 freaking years!!!

Wow, do I feel safe or what???

But here's the frosting on the cake: NJ State Police spokesperson, Stephen Jones (fake name maybe?) said in the article:

"A candidate is disqualified if he or she has a conviction for a fourth-degree offense or higher or a drug offense of any level, Jones said. Oyewole, as Thomas, was certified under SORA".

What's SORA? - actually I don't even want to know. Suffice it to say, having been busted with a marijuana pipe over 25 years ago, I can't get SORA approved, nor can I work for a school, hospital, gov't job or well, anything meaningful, yet Bimbo could. He was only getting away with using a homicide victim's ID.

Security? What security???

When people ask me why I don't strive for higher ideals, promotions or a better job... now I can admit that people like Bimbo are far more desirable than a pot-pipe busted loser like me. Then again, maybe I should get a new identity... like a homicide victim. Yeah... NOT!!!

America, you've been doped!!!

Drug offense of any level, my ass! Get real!!!

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