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May 02, 2012


Thank-you to fellow blogger and friend, Slam Dunks, for revealing my true identity. I was caught quite by surprise. I'm in the midst of my "Doping of America" posts. I guess it was meant to be.

But, the questions escalate...

Are you heterosexual or homosexual?
Are you Republican or Democrat?
You're not a Libertarian, are you?

Do you support tax wavers to the wealthy and those politically connected? Do you believe America has a drug problem?

Wow... such questions for someone like me.

I'll take the fifth on this...

Credit; Slam Dunks for fingering me...

So, Yes, I'm Ralph Hunter, AKA BobKat...

The feds are following me, the DEA (Dream Enforcement Administration), the ONDCP, and Atom Ant...

I continue to evade them, esp. Atom Ant...

Seriously, all I ever wanted was a chance at a fair life. A chance to be me. To live my life. A life I learned growing up, and in college. I was led to believe that by age 25, I would make my own choices... that starting at 18 when leaving home your life is your own.

Someone forgot to impress upon me the trial of conformity and tradition. By age 25 I can say, I wasn't doing very well.

It was the mid-hippie culture had met it's mark, and people were in general, laid-back.It was a few years after the Shafer Commission's recommendation that cannabis be deregulated and legalized; a Blue Ribbon committee assembled by President Richard (Tricky Dick) Nixon in 1970, it's findings were largely ignored, and completely dismissed by Pres. Nixon who declared and got, the "War on Drugs"; the devil in the details,  marijuana. That was when Reefer Madness truly got a face.

We were cool back then, back-to-nature types then, frequented natural food stores known as a Food Coop. It's where I got the herbs for the Witch-Doctor concoctions I brewed up back then. The closest thing to a freedom I've ever experienced, nothing like today. It was the birthplace of organic foods. I brewing herbal teas long before Celestial seasonings came along.

There was a brief 4-5 years during which a totally sane - within reason - society existed. Life was reasonably good, other than the reported drug-busts in a college community. Yet we had a president, Jimmy Carter who seems to this day to have had a true eye on Democracy... best President ever. During his term he legalized home-brewed wine, beer and cannabis. The first two were overlooked when the 18th Amendment was overturned by the 21st. The latter, well the DEA cried foul, and struck down the law. Wow. Just like that.

Overall, all I feel I got was a .22 rifle aimed at me (figuratively speaking). And for many of the unfortunate ones of US, we rest in peace. Ironically, Peace is all we ever wanted.

So, yeah... I love cannabis seeds... yum yum...

So do I and millions of others like me.

I love freedom and the First Amendment... but would like my seeds too.



  1. Bob, I am shocked. How could you not disclose to me how sharp of a fashion guy that you are.

    I could have tapped your brain and been less of a clothing outcast.

    Now that the secret is out, Ralph, you may get more color coordination emails from me.

  2. Lay it on me Slam...

    Quick to fashion, eh?