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July 07, 2012


Fox News Headlines, July 6, 2012: "Researchers Develop Marijuana Without the High".:

"Israeli researchers may have found a way to keep healthy people from abusing medical marijuana: take away the high."

Wow... talk about reinventing the wheel! Scientists actually spent money and time growing marijuana and perfecting it so that it contained no THC? God already did that... it's called wild cannabis, or hemp; "dirtweed" by many.. It used to grow wild all over America. Birds and animals loved it. love to eat the leaves and seeds. The plant can yield hundreds of seeds, so one plant is a lot of food; our government however destroyed,  eliminated, over 90% of it. You might draw a parallel to the Passenger Pigeon. Read up on thier fate, their population. They went from many millions to zero by the early 20th century. You want Reefer Madness??? You couldn't get stoned or high on it, but they destroyed it anyways. A veritable cornucopia for wildlife.

Oh, and did you know, without hemp fiber, we'd be far less advanced than we are; which probaly isn't all that advanced anyways. Scientists are doing their jobs, as are many of the professions; my big concern is government. It's literally acting as if it's from the stone-age.

Well, these ingenious scientists call the new highless marijuana: "Avidekel, (it) is beefed up with 15.8% cannabidiol, or CBD", the chemical in cannabis that is related to it's anti-inflamatory, anti-cancer, pain-relief properties.

In general, cannabis is comprised of up to 48% CBD anyways, the chemical that doesn't get you high, but interacts with the THC to make the experience more relaxing and pleasurable. Pure THC has been shown to make a person very depressed and uncomfortable... the CBD in cannabis enhances the effects of the plant to make the use of cannabis desirable. When it comes to taking your "medicine", one would expect that making that a more enjoyable experience would be desirable.

In other words, who would want to smoke marijuana without the "high"? Actually, some people would. But many wouldn't. And in fact, THC itself in combination with CBD is more than likely the combination that makes the plant valuable in treating PTSD and OCD, along with other neurological problems. Or, to be quite frank, at the end of a long hard day at work, many people would prefer inhaling cannabis with the THC rather than drinking alcohol, to unwind.

For example, for those of you who have a glass of wine, or a couple of beers at the end of the day, how does a non-alcoholic beer or wine (grape-juice) sound to you? Sure, some might like to compare cannabis to tobacco and say how would you like a cigarette without the nicotine? Who would want the cigarette? No one. Cannabis however is unlike both alcohol or tobacco, and it's best that it is.

Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years, and safely. In the past 75+ years that it has been illegal, it's still used as a relatively safe plant. The harm now are mostly from the penalties in the laws making it's use and possession illegal. These harms include forfeiture of property, criminal arrest and costly legal fees, imprisonment with dangerous people, loss of your children to a state agency, loss of your job, and a crippling buffer against future employment.  All of this danger inherent in a plant used safely for over a thousand years is ludicrous and insane.

The article goes on to say, but if "Avidekel" is used to replace current marijuana, how would law-enforcement know the difference between the stuff that gets one high and  Avidekel?

Good question, but one that only makes me ask, why is marijuana use and possession even a crime? Why involve law-enforcement at all??? Marijuana use itself harms no one. Compared to alcohol, the violence associated with cannabis use is minimal, by comparison. And we learned during alcohol prohibition that if you back a human against a wall over a substance, they'll get angry. 

So, why doesn't our government force us to drink grape-juice and near-beer instead of beer and wine? Alcohol is a drug, in spite of the false belief that it's just alcohol and not a drug. It gets people high! 

What is it about cannabis that in and of itself causes politicians to foam at the mouth? When these same politicians think nothing of having beers on public television? Do those people realize the message that sends to kids? It's okay to drink, but not okay to get stoned? Why?

Isn't it that in the world of politics and law, our federal government has made several huge mistakes with regards to cannabis, starting in 1937? And now they feel they're bound by their mistakes despite the huge cost to society, by continuing what's called "The War On Drugs".

The only two reasons cannabis was renamed marijuana and made illegal in 1937 are:

1) Yellow Journalism; illegal immigration from Mexico and anger from southern states about it; and the fact that Mexicans brought with them what they called marijuana (we called it ganja or cannabis); and to try to stop illegal immigration, southern states forced the hand of Congress to pass the Marihuana Tax Act ("marijuana" being  blatantly mis-spelled as it is today, as law-makers didn't even know what they were signing into law). Their hope (southern states) was by busting Mexicans for marijuana they could keep them back in Mexico; same old problem we have today. It never went away. Immigration reform anyone???

2) Yellow Journalism, and mixed race relationships. Quite simply... it turned the stomach and made the white-mind churn to see a black male with a white female. This happened noticeably among black-man blues and jazz musicians. "Reefer Madness", the movie and ideology was born, to be carried like a torch forevermore. 

Prejudice feelings can be hidden, but they don't go away simply by hiding them. The majority of non-violent offenders in US prisons are Black-Americans. This is not a simple correlation between Blacks and non-Black Whites, as to criminal behavior. Just as many whites indulge in the same behavior as Black Americans do. The torch continues to be carried...

Marijuana prohibition is that torch. Born of racial hatred and prejudice. It lives on today in the form of strict marijuana laws. It is the symbol for politicians to use to prove they're "being tough on crime"!

It is the job of law-enforcement to enforce the laws. So we, the cannabis loving American - millions of us, are collateral damage, caught up in a last gasp fire-storm of immigration and prejudice that people just won't face and reform.

The following article by CNN Special Correspondent, Lisa Bloom, "When Will The US Stop Mass Incarcerations"? is quite sobering, or should be. " (CNN) -- The United States leads the world in the rate of incarcerating its own citizens. We imprison more of our own people than any other country on earth, including China". 60% of our prison population are considered "non-violent offenders", in for drugs. Compared to the 1970's the author goes on to say that if we were to go back to standards established then, 4 out of 5 inmates would be released. The cost of the War on Drugs is staggering! The harm to society is catastrophic.

Inventing "dirt-weed" in a lab is not science! It is not helping people. It is a waste of time. It does not stop the hurt!

Please: Stop the Hurt!!!

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