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July 27, 2012


Is Batman dead? I ask, as I'm shaking my head, as I'm sure most of us are, as to why the massacre last Friday in the Aurora CO. Cinema happened. What would motivate someone to do such a thing as murder 12 innocent people and wound 58 others?

The question here is "what would motivate"? And the suspect was apparently seeing a professional psychiatrist, who I'm sure by now has an attorney. The suspect apparently sent a notebook to her and speculation is he detailed his plan to murder people. The fact is, the notebook is protected under doctor-patient protection.

But what about the rest of the nation?

Gun sales are off the charts, again, as they always are after a tragic event like this. And people and politicians are again calling for stricter gun laws. Ted Nugent today came out and said it - "the AR15 used is one of the most popular hunting rifles in America." The killer used it as a assault rifle, but he goes onto say, he believes, the shotgun is the more dangerous weapon. And I believe him.

But none of that is really the issue. The issue are the victims, who lay in hospitals with medical bills in the millions of dollars. And the injured, and those in that theater that night! How insane to sit down and enjoy a movie and have a madman go berserk?  It's a worst nightmare. I find myself wondering, doesn't a movie theater have insurance for this sort of thing, couldn't the movie industry donate the medical costs to these poor people who have been in hell?

But that only leads me to the real tragedy yet to come. As happened after the September 11, 2001 tragedy, the federal government enacted measures for national security, on a permanent basis, that almost overnight began stripping Americans of their personal rights, freedom and dignity. Muslim Americans became the new suspect. And now, gun owners of America.

Why make more victims. Stricter gun laws won't stop these people from hurting others. The majority of Americans are responsible.

We deserve respect. We deserve logical, scientific and sound decisions to be made when it comes to public safety, not frenzied reactions.

Chicago's Children's hospital canceled the appearance of a Batman entertainer that tries to help many people. THE STORY IS HERE. Understandably the hospital is concerned. But I'm concerned that just as happened after the 9/11 tragedy, we're letting the villain win. We're succumbing to fear, and not letting ourselves get back on the horse. I'm afraid one of the most American Super heroes is Dead! 

I came out with a spontaneous joke this more during a discussion with  a someone. I was given an appointment for Oct. 31. I commented, "well, that's Halloween", to which the person replied, "yes, are you going to dress in a costume?" And I replied, "yes, but not as batman."

Later I had concerns it was a "poor joke", or in bad taste, and a co-worker made the obligatory, he agreed. 

So, when, if ever, can we joke about Batman? Admire Batman. That is the question. And if we can't, why? 

What are we really doing as a society to stop the hurt? Controlling the masses, based on the actions of a few is futile. To control the masses we would need to become a Totalitarian governed society. Is that America?

To President Obama... get your weapons straight - the killer used an AR-15, not an AK-47.Not that it matters much. As I already said, if someone wants to harm others, they can do so without guns. Prohibition and excessive control over the masses yields resistance... both intimidate and tread on the basic principals this Country values as a free nation. 

Batman must live, for us to live on. No Joker can stop Batman... Batman must/will rise again.

My sincere condolences to the victims of the Aurora CO. cinema massacre. 

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