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January 07, 2013


Yeah, okay.. another fizzled plan.

So, yeah, here unexpectedly... given I thought it was The END:

Happy New Year from BobKat!

I just woke up... actually.

So gone is 2012. President Obama got his 2nd term, wow. So did we, hmmm? Well, given the alternative, ex-governor of Massachusetts, where I lived for 6 years in and around Boston, Mitt Romney, to me it was a slam-dunk; wouldn't you agree:>? Well, so maybe not... but for me I could not figure out what skills or benefits he might reap on us pheasant Americans. He passed a Health Care Law, yeah, and turned around and put down his own law!? Disowned it essentially.  So what's up with that?

Well it's history, and speaking of history, 2012 brought about a rather surprising and encouraging new set of laws. No, prostitution isn't legal in New York, a nod to Elliot Spitzer. But cannabis is legal in Washington State and Colorado. Recreational Cannabis!!!

Ahem; by recreational I don't mean to imply Reefer Madness has set in and those states lost all control over governance or sanity. Before I continue with a post I consider to be light hearted,  considering past violent acts that have shaken the nation, and the fact that a little fun right now might actually be good medicine, I should take a moment to put myself in the shoes of many people who have never tried cannabis, or know it's street-name is marijuana. Educators have been telling the public for years, since 1982, to "Just Say NO!" A highly ingenious phrase first coined by then, First Lady, Nancy Reagan.

Facts First: Abusing "DRUGS" can be very bad for your health and well-being! But the"Just Say No" approach was honestly pointed and directed at the wrong drug. The believe was, and is still believed by many that marijuana, a Mexican term for cannabis, is the stepping stone to hard drugs like heroin and crack cocaine. There is absolutely no evidence for this claim.

Granted the laws in many states and the federal government place access to any of these substances all together... as they're all illegal. One buys them, whether as an adult or a kid, from similar sources, all black-market. If tobacco were illegal that's where people would be buying it, and as it is seriously addictive, to which I can attest, it is legal and taxed.

Cannabis is nowhere near as addictive as tobacco, and hardly as dangerous, in practical terms as most other "drugs". It does have disadvantages for some people, like a potential link to schizophrenia in some individuals and some people just seem to want to smoke a lot of it, but the thing is, unlike alcohol, one doesn't keep getting higher and higher. They just want to smoke a lot. The tars in cannabis are not the tars found in tobacco. No comparisons can be drawn. It's been said one "joint" (cannabis cigarette) is equal to 20 tobacco cigarettes; this is the kind of scientific information that discredits true scientific people. They are two totally different plants. Carbon monoxide is present in both, if smoked, as is any substance that's burned. Cannabis can be consumed where tobacco cannot - as the latter is actually toxic.

And there's actually a counter component in cannabis to those suffering schizophrenia; it is (WIKIPEDIA LINK): cannabidiol. The higher the ratio of it to THC the less the user will likely incur problems and they may actually benefit. The science and medical profession are still at odds on this, and I'm no expert. That's just what I've learned in the past 40 years of research into cannabis, there is a balance a user would like to achieve. With alcohol that is difficult, with tobacco impossible, in most cases.

Cannabis is as unique as having a beer, only safer. You might read a recent book by Steve Fox, Paul Armentano, Mason Tvert, entitled: "Marijuana is Safer, So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?" It really is insane, in my opinion, the misinformation and propaganda surrounding cannabis use. The most preposterous is there is zero medical value, and is so addictive as to warrant it classification as a Federal Schedule One drug. The worst of the worst. And yet way to many people know that's not true, yet the official stance is that it is. Stubborn. Yet two states have said enough and over 15 have said there's enough medical evidence ascribed to cannabis that it's legal as a medicine.
For those of you shaking your heads and thinking it's the beginning of the end, consider that no one has ever died as a result of cannabis use, and most violent crimes are comitted by drunks and straight people.

Cannabis users simply enjoy unwinding at the end of the day with a small amount of weed (cannabis). Recreation to them is more likely eating junk food
and watching TV, or having a serious, philosophical discussion about Mars.They're not plotting the destruction of the world, or other terrible things.

Maybe fried eggs: 

Hello 2013... 
If you want to have some fun, learn more, peruse some cannabis stories, enjoy the following link:

Happy New Year to YOU!



  1. I think investors of Cheetos and similar snack foods will be scoring big in CO and WA. I should look into that...

  2. Good idea Slam! We might all look into that. If cannabis had been legal Twinkies might not have gone out of business. In fact, many companies might not have failed, and many that never were might have been.

    If you, well not you, but in general, if you, the general lower 50% of the population which includes most politicians want to consider the impact of cannabis prohibition, consider prohibition of the more harmful stuff - alcohol, tobacco, sugar and coffee (caffeine). What if they were outlawed too for the same reasons cannabis is outlawed? What kind of society would we be living in?

    It's a damn good question, as now we consider the impact of each drug and banning it from within society.

    Oh, I forgot salt...

    Lest you think cannabis is different, consider that hemp won us the revolutionary war as we grew it here, and it was used for making rope for our battleships. Clothes for our soldiers.

    Medicine for our troops. It's the way it was until 1937... 25 years after the federal government identified the dangerous and addictive drugs legal in society - ie, cocaine and opium.

    How ironic that DuPont was developing synthetic nylon and ropes, while Ford was developing fuel from hemp, and Big Oil was flooding the market.

    When any natural substance is banned there's usually a special interest behind it. 80% of us know that cannabis is safer... and our government holds a patent on THC... though it prefers to vomit claims that there are no medicinal values with cannabis.

    Is that so? Why don't I believe you???