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February 03, 2013


The Aurora Colorado shooter, James Holmes never watched the movie The DARK KNIGHT RISING... if he had... he wouldn't have murdered so many people in a pseudo-Joker, pseudo Batman inspired melee.

President Obama has signed into law 18 decrees designed to limit the rights of American citizens and gun ownership. We are to commend him in light of the massacre at an elementary school in Sandy hook CT.  He is pressing Congress for additional gun control legislation as is Senator Dianne Feinstein. 

People want to protect our children... and frankly, I can't blame them. My mission is to "Stop the Hurt"... however further gun control won't accomplish that end. Unless of course the White House plans on an all out war confiscating all firearms owned by American Citizens. Short of that, there is no way, as Vice President Biden admitted, to prevent future mass shootings based solely on new federal gun regulations.

What do James Holmes, Jared Loughner and other mass killers have in common?

If James Holmes had watched the Dark Knight Rising... I doubt very much he would have massacred dozens of people in a movie theater. I recently watched the movie and it's message is anything but a massacre. And these Mass Killers seem oblivious to the reality behind a movie, especially movies they don't even watch, or books they don't read. What they have in common is a separation from humanity. They live in a world of their own design. There's a lot of that around; Neo-Nazis and their zen for hatred of non Aryan people; The Assad government in Syria and the murders of countless thousands they call terrorists, when we call them rebels; Antisemitism or denial of the Holocaust; Churches who condone or look the other way when it's members or leaders violate children - as if the destruction of a child's childhood is something God would approve of or tolerate.

If there is a case for innocent by plea of insanity, James Holmes is it. Nothing about what he did would have been done by a sane person. The same with Jared Loughtner and the shooting of AZ Senator Gabby Giffords, and others, and Adam Lanza and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school. These people are not playing with a full deck of cards. There's a difference between plotting to kill someone based on jealousy, or robbing a bank for money... these are human-like deviance. You get drunk, get into a car and drive, have an accident and kill someone - that is stupidity and shows a profound lack of judgement or self-control. These people do commit crimes and should be locked up in prisons. To commit mass murder based on a fictional idealism, like the Assad government in Syria; or indirectly a country contributes to mass murders in Mexico, for example, because the US Gov't maintains a strict and intrusive prohibition of certain plants that Americans want, and rather than resolve the issue through science and common-sense, they indirectly promote the growth of murderous gangs; this is insanity...

After Sandy Hook, millions of America citizens demanded a solution. And they should!

President Obama elected VP Joe Biden to find that solution. The solution he arrived at is gun control. A very broad subject that reaches deep into America's society. It fondles and gropes the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.   An American citizens right to bear arms... upheld recently by the US Supreme Court.

What we don't need is wallpaper and window dressings... the President intends to ban what are called "military assault weapons"... a misnomer as no one in America without going through extreme regulatory action gets to own a military assault weapon.  They are automatic weapons, with precision far exceeding any American owned facsimile. There are many people just hanging on in America, out of work with children going to bed hungry. However since Sandy Hook and other high profile shootings, the country is buying guns and ammunition in record numbers. How are people affording these purchases? Credit cards? But the facts behind this surge in buying guns is a threat to our 2nd Amendment rights. Why? Because our government has shown it likes enacting prohibitions and Zero tolerance regulations. It get's into being a government, like government is an entity onto itself. Within days after the Sandy Hook massacre the federal government was grappling for a solution, but rather than use science and common-sense to find a solution it quickly decides guns are the problem, just as it did after the 9/11 terrorist's attacks when it decided a Patriot Act was necessary - and expanded intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans was warranted. Soon we will have military and police drones flying overhead to watch our every move, and drones the size of dragon-flies hovering outside or inside our windows. George Orwell was correct - though off by a few decades.

New regulations would make it illegal to give your gun to a family member or friend without a universal background check. Prior to that happening requires federal registration of all currently owned guns. An FID must be required to identify all gun owners and their weapons. Further, anyone diagnosed with a mental health issue, or anyone who uses cannabis even when legal under state law cannot own a firearm. Enforcement of this prohibition would mean that 70% or more of Americans would be stripped of their right to own a firearm. It would put the 20% black-market criminal element in charge of the streets, against the 10% who are authorized to protect us. 

Many are striving to burn a paper dragon... and a lot of smoke and mirrors is what they'll get in return.

Guns can kill, and everyday someone dies from gun violence. Everyday thousands die from use of tobacco or in motor vehicle accidents. The most common way to die is to trip, fall and break your neck. It is to be a victim of depression and to kill yourself, or to let yourself die, often through alcoholism.

James Holmes never saw "The Dark Knight Rising", if he had he'd know that the movie was about hope, saving people and heroes... not villains.

The federal government wastes it's time and resources battling wars against which it has no business doing so, and often very little public support.  Hundreds of thousands of sworn law enforcement officers routinely hunt down drug users, poker players and prostitutes. They put spies in our schools called "narcs' and johns on the streets to capture deviant people. They encourage commercials that make the person playing a computer game or online poker a dangerous deviant... a loner. Paper dragons.

Since the early 1980's there has been an push to "Just Say No". For Zero Tolerance policies. Extreme control like it's some sort of made for TV reality show. School children are arrested for paper guns, and one child's interest in bombs is rewarded while another goes to prison. Has anyone considered the possibility that our society is extremely regulated and much is prohibited? Since the tragic events of 9/11 the FAA feels it has the right to conduct intrusive body searches, and schools have a right to detain and search students, and those with misdemeanor convictions need not apply for a job. In Gotham City that means you work for the mob.

Not without reservations, given the opinion of a fellow blogger, but I do believe for now anyways, the place for law enforcement is at our public schools... on a street corner. The guy making the bomb? Let's find out if they are simply a future Einstein or a danger to society? It's time to stop Zero Tolerance and bigotry and try being human.

The answer isn't a new prohibition, like gun control, or increased public scrutiny and drones outside our windows; alienating those with mental health issues - as the most dangerous freaks know how to escape detection. The solution is letting go... becoming neighborly, getting involved, sitting on your front porch again... coming out of the closet... gays, pot users, and poker players. It's about seeking treatment if you are suffering from an addiction, or you like children for sex, or you feel the urge to kill. It's opening up resources for people who need them and letting the rest of us do the best we can with what we have.

Time to end Puritanical America and live in a Free America. It's time America live based on science and knowledge, common-sense and our Constitution.

Gun control will not stop the next Sandy Hook massacre... A Free America will.


  1. I better stop agreeing with you Bob or this is going to continue to make my comment contributions boring.

    I have not seen the movie, but I agree that gun control is not the answer as government involvement in just about anything has shown to create more problems than solve.

    Did you see the story today on the spiraling increases in the number of inmates being held in Federal prisons? It was something like 25,000 in the early 1980s and I think is close to 300,000 now. The Feds and prisons are operated in stark contrast to what local and state officials have been doing--as prison populations have been on the decline for the last several years.

    So gun control efforts would only add to that total of federal inmates--and will we be safer? I don't think so.

    I hope you are able to stay out of the big snowfall up that way.

  2. No luck staying out of Mother nature's snowfall, nor I predict the Federal Gov'ts attempt at what amounts to a shadow and mirrors approach to preventing future Sandy Hook gun violence. Just like prohibition of cannabis, the Federal Gov't plans to dupe the public into believing it has societies interests at heart, when in fact it is spinning yet another web of deceit.

    Your contributions here are never boring, and although you may feel at times like you're alone making those contributions, you're not. An average post of mine brings in hundreds of views... however the subject matter leaves many hesitant to comment. That is about to change.

    It's time our elected officials take responsibility for their actions. That doesn't mean they take action based on their own personal preferences. Unfortunately, you will see, that is exactly what they do.

    Whether it's new regulations based on the murders at Sandy Hook, or Reefer Madness, circa 1937, our elected officials either act based on personal interests or special interests.

    Hey... I'm all for corporations and their success; what I'm opposed to is when those corporations trump the rights of American citizens. Anyone with the least amount of brains can see that whether it's Reefer Madness or Gun Control, the image in the mirror they wish to project is far more important than the truth of the matter.

    When prison incarcerations show that 9 out of 10 inmates are Black or Hispanic and for drugs, not violent crimes, one has to ask - WTF???

    When my life and career is derailed because i was busted with a pipe in or around 1985 - because it didn't contain tobacco, but rather had been used to smoke cannabis at my sister's wedding, one needs to ask the question, just what the fuck is the government doing to promote the US Constitution or individual state Constitutions?

    In my next post you'll see evidence that it has nothing at all to do with the truth, the preferences of citizens or scientific studies. It has everything to do with politics and ramming it up Batman's ass... literally.

    Smoke and Mirrors... anyone thinks otherwise, then tell me why the Federal Gov't has a patent on cannabis/THC, when the Federal Gov't has prohibited research on cannabis for the past 75 years; and yet, like guns, has prohibited research on a federal level into the reality of cannabis use as well as gun violence?

    Game of politics anyone?