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April 19, 2013


Once again it's April 20th, this year 2013...

Two states have now legalized cannabis and prepare to market it like alcohol. The federal government has yet to make any statement, other than the Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske - HERE in this 420 Article.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of the fortunate millions of persons able to be a happy toker... which is why I'm happy to simply be a 420 blogger, guess you might say. Looking forwards to the day when being old doesn't make one an outsider in the cannabis community!

To ALL a HAPPY 420!!!

Having lived in the Boston area back in the 1980's my heart goes out to all the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings... and at the two individuals who are suspects in the bombings and killings, it is a mystery to me, as is the War on Drugs, how they felt they were agents promoting a good cause?

Having lived in Boston I also know that most people in the area cannot buy a gun to protect themselves against such idiots. I had to get a FID (Firearms Identification Card) just to own a BB-gun when I lived there, or to buy mace. The two suspects I'm assuming got neither a FID nor a permit to carry a firearm to make bombs and arm themselves. That is the way of the black-market that prohibition creates. I doubt very much they purchased anything at a gun show or anywhere near legal, or that any recently failed bills in Washington would have prevented had they passed.

Massachusetts has as stringent a set of laws against legally owning firearms as does NY and CT, and just like a sign in front of a mall, proclaiming, "No Firearms Allowed", it's simply an invitation to the bad guys and terrorists that you are free to sow whatever harm you wish. It's a message that our state is defenseless.

Some or many of you may disagree with me. But the fact remains that most of the serious crimes involving guns are in states or places forbidding law abiding citizens, and by that I mean, commonly decent and caring people, from owning a gun.

It is ironic I think that in states with legalized cannabis that those citizens are barred by federal law to own guns, when in those same states an alcoholic without a criminal record or seriously recognized mental health problem can own a gun. Ironic as most cannabis users don't want to own a gun anyways... but if they did, I doubt they'd be so eager to use it. Anymore than they feel like driving 90 miles per hour down a road only to lose control.

The majority of mass killers don't use any drugs which includes alcohol. The exception is Charles Manson, and as with anything there will be exceptions. But to condemn a whole sub-culture based on make-believe bogeyman theories is ludicrous.

It's time we all sit down as the human-race and determine what reality really is, and to stop the perpetual lies that simply cause millions of human-beings a lot of pain and suffering.

I welcome your comments as always... tell me I'm wrong or tell me you think I'm correct, just don't tell me I'm right or left!

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