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May 20, 2013


Before I embark on my next series of posts I thought I would share some statistics with you. I know some of you out there love statistics!

I have been blogging since around 2009... and to be honest I never thought I'd be a blogger. Sure, 15 years ago when the internet was still relatively young I had my own website, which I put a lot of work into... I lost it all when I changed ISP providers a few years after that and then lost it all when a hard-drive crashed and burned.

In my list of Favorite Bloggers is a fellow blogger called SlamDunks. He's been on a "Vacation Hiatus" now for several months but had an extremely interesting blog that at one time I was a guest writer for him. It's a long story, but suffice to say that is when I got interested in blogging - in setting up my own blog.

I don't know that it would be accurate to say I expected to become an overnight success, or if I even expected to become the go-to guy for extraordinary and intriguing stories... I guess, yeah, I secretly dreamed of such a thing, but realistically I also realized the WWW is a very BIG place.

Well, I've been at it now for around four years and if comments and followers to my blog are any indication, I'm a dismal failure. I have 9 followers and maybe 20 - 30 comments over that time. Quite disappointing, I might say, but years ago I wrote a post about "Why Blog?" and noted that the reason's to blog included more than how many followers one had, or how often people posted comments. It was a goal... something personal... something I did to communicate with the world.

I publish the following so that for those who wonder why I do it, what have I achieved, and why would I encourage anyone else to start a blog of their own, given the work involved and the rewards can see that although my topics may be considered fringe elementals, like cannabis reform and legalization, personal rights and freedom, stopping the hurt and the infringement of government on Constitutional Rights that if you judge a book simply by it's cover - the number of followers and comments you may be sorely deceived.

Thank-you to all who have paid a visit to my blog... I hope I have provided enlightenment, or at least encouraged you to ask questions.

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