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July 20, 2013


EVERYDAY is a sorry day in America.

On September 11, 2001 terrorist flew planes into both the World Trade Center buildings in NYC, as well as the Pentagon. Another plane hijacked by terrorists crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers overwhelmed the terrorists, only to die trying.

Americans died, and most of America felt pain so acute as to make them stop what they were doing, and their lives were changed forever.

The consequences of that day that will forever resound in America was a crackdown by our federal government on the rights and freedoms of all. Yes, my opinion, but it appears obvious that rather than bring about healing, or accept the sympathies of other nations around the world, our government decided to seek revenge, to retaliate and to suck the American people into a Rage War unlike anything we'd experienced before.

We attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan, we attacked Iraq and brought down a dictator we'd accused of having WMD. We were wrong, but we didn't stop. Congress proceeded to approve the Patriot Act that in effect struck down 30% or more of our rights under the US Constitution. They blamed Mexico, though the terrorists came in through the US and Canada, and we now have our own Berlin Wall dividing US and Mexico. The DOJ infiltrates journalists and charges them with espionage, the IRS targets critics of US policy, and the Dept. of Homeland Security urges all Americans to be suspicious of others... anyone wearing a hoodie, who acts suspicious, who's walking after dark.

“If You See Something, Say Something™” (White House Link).

The NSA monitors our phone calls, our e-mail and our web-sites and blogs! Especially of interest are those exercising their First Amendment rights and those opposed to the status quo. Many states have legalized marijuana, and although technically a drug controlled under DEA Schedule One, these states have enough data, research and smarts to know that prohibition of cannabis is not the answer. The federal government promised to address the nation months ago as to it's stance on cannabis legalization and federal law. Still we wait while federal authorities harass and cause to shut down many state legal clinics that provide legal cannabis.

Incarceration and murder rates of Black Americans is so disproportionate to White Americans as to cause extraordinary concern for all Americans. And yet, we do nothing.

President Obama recently spoke out after a teenager in Florida was killed in a case of a "neighborhood watch volunteers" assertion that said Black teenager was a immediate, dangerous threat to the community, and this volunteer was forced to kill this person in self-defense. President Obama asks that the findings of the trial be honored, yet the President also admits that could have been himself 35 years ago. He talks about the overall national attitude towards Black Americans... the fear and paranoia Black people can cause.

Remarks by the President on Trayvon Martin - July 19, 2013

Bob Dylan: 

On May 29, 2012 the President awarded Bob Dylan, iconic musician, the National Medal of Freedom

It's so ironic as Bob Dylan seems to stand against everything our federal government stands for... and yet he is awarded the Medal of Freedom! The fact is, Americans respect individuality, as much as they fight the individual. It's something of a contradiction. One can be an individual targeted and tracked as a left wing radical who has hurt no one, and yet be awarded medals.

In principal, yes, our government stands for providing Americans their full rights as human beings and protections provided under the US Constitution. However in practice, not only do we now have our own Russian gulags in the form of Guantanamo Bay, but again our government has failed to adapt to the voice majority of Americans who want an end to the War on Drugs and those who simply want to play a game of online poker.

The true irony isn't so much how the federal government turned a critical injury to Americans into a War onto Itself, but how in essence the federal government turned us against ourselves. A kid in school that makes the caricature of a gun with his hand and fingers gets arrested these days. When a madman shoots up a movie theater or school licensed gun owners names are suddenly reported in the news, our Vice President urges us "to buy a shotgun" and our Second Amendment rights are viciously attacked.

Why is it that injury to Americans results in our being treated like children, en masse? New laws, more regulations? It's gotten to the point where we can walk the streets at night.

A couple years ago Bob Dylan was in New Jersey for a concert. He likes to walk the streets and he often wears a hoodie. He was arrested when concerned NJ citizens called 911 describing a "crazy man" walking the street. The arresting officer arrived on the scene and asked Bob Dylan for his license, called it in not knowing who he was. And does it matter? Is walking the streets a crime now too?

You can read the story here:

NJ Homeowner Calls the Police on Bob Dylan - ABC News

We can't smoke pot, we can't walk the streets, we can't fart in the wind!

Or blow in the wind...

Watch your neighbor, your co-worker, your friends! That's a public service message courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Homeland Security representative.  Everyone is watching you... and monitoring every activity you pursue!

Welcome to the 21ST Century in America.

Oh, and if you seek mental health therapy, the status quo is, to consider you, sick in the head!

Isn't it time we embrace Mental Health therapy in America? Isn't it time we stop the shame and condemnation for those who wish to heal their minds? Isn't it time to stop believing that only mentally ill people seek therapy? Fact is, you don't have to feel stigmatized to seek therapy... it doesn't mean you're sick. It means you're being good to yourself. That you care.

It was President Ronald Reagan that stood in Germany, fist raised as they were tearing down the Berlin Wall, as he shouted out - "Tear It Down!"

There are many walls that need tearing down before America can be free.  And many walls being built that shouldn't be. Walls don't protect us. The truth - that will set you free!

America... be free..."The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind..." and I suggest you listen, to the wind, as it is much more honest than our leaders... money has always bought power, and corrupts; in America we are free to vote, and although we may not think our vote counts for much, it does.

By now President Obama should have addressed the  issue of legalized cannabis, yet he hasn't. He should have addressed walls between US and Mexico, and he hasn't. It's not so much that I question pres. Obama's dedication to pledges he made or doing what is right, hell, I voted for him at his first run for President. No, it's more what he doesn't do that concerns me... and I'll leave it at that.

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