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October 09, 2013


I apologize for having no new posts during Sept. 2013.

I've been going through something of a transition...  not a sex change.

I have several posts in the works, but they're proving difficult... difficult as maybe there is or are issues with our 1st and 4th Amendment Rights these days. Software is available to law enforcement, and we're not talking NSA, to tag any social media website. To log the IP and keywords and locate the source of tag words sent through the internet.

You're discussing the hit series, "Breaking Bad", and you type "meth"... you're tagged!!!

Schools are making use of more and more software to spy on what students post online or Twitter.

Some of this is good, as cyber-bullies and terrorists are not good... but when you're Moe Smith and your friend says stop by for some weed, and LE is listening to tag words for "weed", what in the name of freedom is that???

Busted and a year in jail going to Moe's for some marijuana. Wow, that is freaky!

So the Federal Gov't is shut down, more than a week now. That should actually be rather good news, as it sounds to me like Ma and Pa are away for awhile...

Does that mean Pres. Obama isn't in charge of this country right now? We're over a week... so what's new...? Well, from what I've picked up on the news recently everything from finding lost hikers, to Amber Alerts being down to dolphins and a pandemic that is killing them has halted! No research not already funded at the CDC is possible. Soldiers families not receiving compensation/death benefits to 100's of thousands civilian federal workers without a paycheck... although Congress did approve back-pay when the Government reopens.

But wait...

The DEA is fully funded! - and you can be reassured no door will be left un-kicked in by DEA because of the Shut-Down. The DEA is vital as is Homeland Security, and ATF.

Stopping YOU from using/attaining marijuana is a top-level priority for public safety - but about helping dolphins or lost hikers - not approved.

The facts...

It appears that a law passed by Congress in the 1870's called the Antideficiency Act is what most affects business on a federal level during the "shut-down".

NBC NEWS reports: The law is the Antideficiency Act, passed by Congress in 1870 (and amended several times), which prohibits the government from incurring any monetary obligation for which Congress has not appropriated funds.

Based upon this law there are restrictions as to what kinds of business the federal government can conduct during a shut-down. What's permitted are, "emergencies involving the safety of human life or the protection of property."

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew cited the law when saying, "For the duration of this impasse, as required by the Antideficiency Act and directed by OMB, the Department will be required to operate with only the minimal staffing level necessary to execute only certain legally exempted activities."

Minimal staffing... ?

If we accept that the DEA, ATF and HS are essential, and that is what is meant by the term: "Public Safety", then great. But myself personally? Save the dolphins and rescue people in trouble. Stop kicking down doors unless there's a serial killer inside.

And I don't mean "Dexter".

Stop the Hurt!

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