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March 09, 2014


I know I haven't written anything new for awhile. Part of that is simply taking time watching "things" move and change. Part of that is new medications, of which I am subject, which affects the way I interact with people.

It's "interaction" within society that is the key to how society exists. And right now society is in crisis.

To understand why this is, that requires a lot of research. I will try to insert as many links as possible to conduct that research within this post. "Knowledge is power..." well in theory.

We begin with, I present, a new writer/author, Maria Konnikova

I've ordered the book...

Wish I'd written the book myself, as I already think like Holmes. 

Stopping the Hurt! That's what this is all about.

So where to begin? 

Obviously "We The People" have a Say... however, how much when it comes to foreign policy (Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria)? Not really, do you think? What about "Obamacare"? America's new version of socialized medicine? No. Not really. Okay, Child-protection? No, but...

Wow is that a wide open subject. 

A child is a human-being aged 00.1 - 20.99 years of age, with exceptions for the right to vote at age 18, smoke tobacco and join the military, age 18.

Given what we can change, what is a single-most subject of contention that American's can voice an opinion on and bring about change?

Is it our 2nd Amendment rights? Or is it marijuana prohibition? 

There's not much I can do to add to our resolve to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. However on the subject of marijuana prohibition, I have a say.

I've watched as Colorado legalized and provided legal marijuana beginning January 01, 2014. 

Washington State is soon to follow.

Many states still working on passing medical marijuana bills. 

So what exactly is happening?

There are many Americans for whom marijuana legalization is plain wrong. They feel they have justification. 

"Reefer Madness" - isn't a phrase or event that a lot of Americans are familiar with. Reefer Madness refers to a docu-drama filmed and aired in 1937 proclaiming the ultimate evil and danger that marijuana presented to our society. A film that today is viewed as a joke, if viewed at all. By the 1940's and the advent of WWII, Reefer madness was forgotten. 

Ask someone over age 70 if they've heard about it and the answer is likely, "No".

Ask them what they think about marijuana and the response is likely to be "it's wrong". 

IT'S WRONG! Period.

Or "it's dangerous..."

As in, "marijuana is a dangerous drug".

Federal Law views marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. A S1 drug being one with ZERO Medicinal value and a very high proclivity for abuse. WIKI - SCHEDULE ONE DRUGS

So what's odd about marijuana being a Schedule One (dangerous) drug? Maybe the fact that 20 States have legalized marijuana for medical usage? Two states and a city have legalized marijuana to be regulated like alcohol... the city is Portland, ME. How can a plant deemed MOST DANGEROUS, be legal for use... ?

Obviously Federal Law is wrong. And it influences state's laws, as in the following response to a citizen of NH received from an aide to Gov. Hassan:

 Notice how the emphasis is on children and youth, not adults for which the issue is most pressing. 

The Governor of NH is opposed to legalization of marijuana... and why?

Because it would harm our young people. Nothing at all to do with freeing adults. Apparently there are no adults in NH. Rather makes the Governor of NH a Kindergarten teacher, wouldn't you maybe agree? 

Yet, our young people are already being harmed by tanning salons, tobacco, scorched meat, energy drinks, fast food, alcohol and poverty... how much more harm can marijuana cause? That is the question.

It turns out marijuana can cause a lot more harm as it's illegal and in most states seriously prosecuted... and this means SWAT TEAMS bursting into a house where marijuana is being used and machine guns pointed at a child's parent's head. Seizure of property. Loss of liberty. All because of a plant with beneficial properties. 

It's said marijuana is illegal because of the tobacco industry, Big pharma, the paper industry and chemical synthetic industries like DuPont? Okay, maybe true.

But what's really at stake here is Holmes logic and our freedom as adults to use a plant. This isn't Rocket Science or America's Most Wanted... this is about a beneficial plant, nothing more, and all the frenzy surrounding this plant. 

Hopefully the following links will enlighten/aid in your education:

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