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March 30, 2014


Society is so complex. It's said "you're simply a cog in a giant machine".

So imagine; you've finished work for the day and you're home. Maybe you have family, maybe not - so maybe you're home alone (with animal companion [?]). Depending on your mood and habits, maybe you sit down to watch some TV, or Netflix, or any number of other mediums out there.

I'm the "home alone type with companion cat" and the first thing I do after greeting my companion is to break open a beer. I hop online and respond to and write e-mails, read suggested links and then maybe watch a movie or TV series. I used to play video games alot, but have gotten side-tracked by the excellent productions in TV and Movies out there and available, often streaming which means hardly any wait time.

There are many Wow's in my garden of favorite shows. I like Sci-Fi, Historic stuff, Detective stuff, Mysteries... sometimes one has to let go of one's resistance to perceived reality to enjoy the show. Other times the show is mystical but believable.

But imagine you start to see a pattern. An unrealistic pattern. That's what this post is about.

Most like a good James Bond thriller. It's action packed, thrilling, on the edge of the chair or wishing the sex scene involved you.  The odd thing is, without even being aware of it, James Bond is, based on studies, an alcoholic which by realistic interpretation should be dead by age 56 based upon alcohol consumption and least of all, able to pull off the action hero he portrays. USA TODAY - James Bond - Dead at 56.

Or NY POST - Cover Story - Bond an Alcoholic

James Bond is not alone and worse, how realistic are the movies and TV we watch?

Many of us, at least those over 40 or 50 have heard comical (now) stories about censorship on TV and in movies. How in "I Dream of Jeannie", 1965 - 1970, censor originally place strong limits on her costume which involved no showing of her navel.

Or "Leave It To Beaver", 1957 -1963. In the first ever series premier it appears filmmakers already ran into censorship problems. According to recent news, The Beaver and his bother Wally decide to buy a pet alligator. They plan to keep it in the toilet, yes, rather odd; the problem is it was against Public Broadcasting rules to show a toilet, let alone a bathroom in film! A compromise was established where the scene would be allowed if shot from behind the toilet facing out of the bathroom.

There are many odd, moralistic and seemingly unrealistic rules out there with regards to TV and movies. Whole books have most likely been published by that alone.

Considering how disgusted my grandmother was of Beatle's music, and the fact that many books by famous authors were banned for sale in the US from the early 1920's because of articulated sex scenes until about 1964, it is not surprising there were strict laws or regulations imposed upon words, actors and substance - meaning the story.

Rarely was it "all the truth, nothing but the truth..." except in courts. Those that watched shows like "I Dream of Jeannie", "Leave It To Beaver", "Lassie", or "Gun Smoke", were literally smoked. With the invention of wireless radio, came the invention of "doctored media" called censorship.

Censorship has been broadly discussed in topics regarding the original Star Trek TV series, or "The Fugitive" Starring David Janssen - 1963 to 1967. The guilty party could never escape Justice, and the fugitive endured 4 years of TV wandering until the final episode where he was able to prove his innocence. I myself watched the entire 4 years live, as in waiting each week for a new episode. It seems like along time ago. Based on a true story, the real Dr, Rich Kimble didn't have such a successful conclusion.

Times have changed, haven't they? We can see nudity in movies and more. But oddly, rules still apply based on a report I read from a mainstream cable movie icon that the amount of nakedness exposure in movies or TV need be limited to 5 seconds, as any longer and the general population gets distressed.

Now where are the rules more complicated when it comes to drug use?

Yes, there are some movies where drug use is prevalent, but when narrowing this drug use down to the 3 most popular recreational forms of drug use an odd picture emerges. The top three recreational drugs based on current research are alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

Alcohol Use: The number One drug of choice on TV or in movies. It's use is so common as to make it insidious when considering research conducted using (previous discussed) studies based upon James Bond movies.

But sadly, my two most popular modern TV shows that I loved have one big flaw. Use of alcohol is beyond human endurance... the amounts of alcohol consumed are beyond comprehension.

Understand, the following shows are great entertainment and fun to watch:

1) Battlestar Galactica; 2003 - 2009
2) Saving Grace; 2007 - 2010
3) Lost Girl; 2010 - PRESENT

However, the alcohol consumed is totally unrealistic!. It's actually treated like it's water, which in the show it probably is, but seriously, there is a limit!

Tobacco use used to be common in TV and in Movies; but for the past 20 years far less common, if not missing entirely. Oddly, public use although it's said public use has declined, it appears to me to be as common as it ever was. Perhaps the survey's are flawed.

Marijuana use virtually was non-existent in mainstream TV and movies unless used to denote a questionable character, often a disturbed character, and generally a teenager. The exceptions began in the 1960's and especially 1970's.Movies like Weeds, Cheech and Chong, Omar and Kumar.

In virtually every other TV or movie out there the use of marijuana is marginalized to include characters with emotional or psychological problems, or at risk teens. Almost never does one see marijuana being used in an everyday setting, during a friendly party, a wedding reception, or a casual everyday sit down among friends. Yet everyday, all across America, 25 million casual users sit down, talk while routinely enjoying the marijuana experience. The unfortunate reality is that there is very scant existence of that in TV or Movies.

Everything on TV is assumed to be based on reality, yet not. It's exactly what entertainment was designed to be, with some real good and many others are plain old bad.

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