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July 18, 2014


Well the last episode of the resurrected highly popular TV Series from FOX television, "24", aired last Monday, July 14. I watched them all looking forwards to the resurrected series near two years form when I recall first hearing about it.

This post is a review of "24". But it's more. It's a psychological profile comparing fictional "Jack Bower" to Edward Snowden - YES, I know, they are nothing alike. Or are they?

FOX'S "24" - It was really good! It was "24"...   same everything a follower of the program didn't expect was their but was - action, suspense, plot within plot, etc... I won't spoil the ending for those of you who haven't watched the newest "24" yet. But...

Heck, I will - Jack saves the world once again from WWIII. That's what Jack Bower does.

Edward Snowden, exiled and living the last I heard in Russia where he has asylum (why Russia? - that's a great question...). He had access to and leaked thousands of secret documents for the world to see. His motive as i understand it was to show the world the secrets the US Gov't had on everyone, including nearly every US citizen.

There have been arguments on both sides about Snowden. Without a doubt some leaked documents could be very harmful to our country. But I'm often discovering information from the leaks while reading the online news and interesting, thought provoking realizations about the country we live in becomes that much more transparent - and isn't that what President Obama promised US Citizens?

Here's the article: MTV: Is The NSA Laughing At Your Nude Pics?

Sounds funny, but after reading the article it is quite far from funny.

Considering the things "Jack Bower" did, and what Edward Snowden does, they are both extremely bold, calculating, ruthless and both have been considered traitors to the USA. One is prone to acts of violence the other is not.

I would like to see a new episode where the Fox production team goes to Russia and films a new "24" which includes Snowden in a short cameo appearance. That to me would be way cool...

What do you think?

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